Mamal's Birthday party

Shared by Sarah Edenfield on August 3, 2013

In this picture i remember being there. mamal cut the cake and i was on my mommmy's lap. It was at the Lynchburg Elementary school. She said she had a lot of fun at that party. I miss her. Before she cut the cake i had went out to the playground with Dalton, and i got on the monkey bars and i could almost touch the ground because they were low. I cried because i couldn't get down. I screamed. Then Dalton came to rescue me. So after that we went in and i told mamal. She giggled. I love her so much. No one that didn't meet her will not understand how special she was. 

My beautiful Mamal

Shared by Sarah Edenfield on August 2, 2013

I remember when i was little i would always get a piece of gum from my beloved mamal during church every Sunday. And then we would all go out to eat afterwards. I miss doing that with her. The lord took her. I want too know why. But i am not going to get an answer until i meet her again in heaven. I miss her more than anything in the world! I will never get over her. :) There is a whole in my heart where she left me to go to be with the Lord. She was the most beautiful woman i had ever seen. When i look at her pictures i think to myself " When i get older, i want to look just like her. " And i hope i do. Her pretty silver hair. Can't wait to see her again.  Love you forever and always mamal!
                                                                         Your Sarahbear 

No Words

Shared by Cheryl Reeder on April 27, 2012

My mom was the light of my life. She was a loving mother, and my best friend. I counted on her,and  trusted her with my life. I thought she would always be here with us, until the Lord came back. I always just felt because she was such a obedient servant to the Lord, that he would keep her here, and use her until he was ready to come back. I was sadly mistaken. He called her home on July 31, 2008. This was the sadest day of my life.  Mom was so special in so many ways. There are just not enough words or proper words in any language to express her kindness, love, and worth to us.

My daughter Jessica summed it up with these words;" Mom, I want to tell everyone about her, and how special she was, but I know they will not understand, because they have lost people that were special to them too." There are no words to tell them and explain how special she was in a different way than anyone else they will ever meet".

My daughter Stephanie summed it up with these very true words; "She is the only person you would meet for the first time, and she would tell you she loved you...and MEAN IT ! "

I miss her every day and can't wait to see her again in heaven.


My Aunt!!

Shared by Nancy Smith on September 21, 2011

I just wanted to share a lil story about Theresa. Everyone who new her, new she was a church goin woman and loved the lord everyday of her life! I can remember when I was younger and we were goin to church, my sisters and I would fight to ride home w/ Aunt Theresa, because she would always stop at the store and by a bunch of junk or snacks whichever u would ;like to call it. She would say "Now kids there is enough of Aunt Theresa to go around, you kids will have to take turns.The ones who did not get to ride with me this time can ride the next trip!" She always kept her word!! Aunt Theresa......Ilove you!!                                                                                                 Love ,                                                                                                                        Nancy                                             

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