Her Life

Big Sis

Growing up in our house was not always easy...some days we wanted to just run away.  My Big Sis was always there for me, though.  She protected me, took care of me and I feel sorry for the kids that picked on me because she would take care of them, too!  Ha!  Always loving, always a giver. She got so much pleasure from giving gifts...she wanted to be the one to get you that one thing on your list that meant the most!  She did run away once...I stayed home and cried. I wrote her a note every day and left it on her pillow in hopes that she would read it and realize how much I missed her and she would come back home.  I'm writing this note now for her.  I can't leave it on her pillow...I can't sit and wait for her to come back home...for I know that she is home. Home in Heaven, in the arms of Jesus. His loving arms will protect her and love her and I am at peace and will rejoice in that. I know that she is watching over me and maybe she's written her own note and placed it at the gates of Heaven...

Until it's my time to go home, I will miss you.               

I love you forever, Big Sis!! <3    

~ Lil Sis