A circle of life

Shared by Valerie Tomuccio on April 21, 2020
Mr. and Mrs. I. were such an amazing, loving couple.  My husband Art, lived up the street from them as a teen and became fast friends with their son Vinny.  The family suffered and Mrs. I.'s heart was broken at the loss of her dear Tony.  Yet she carried on, becoming a rock for her family.  We would see the family gather together and enjoy how loving and welcoming they all were.  Her son, Vinny, and his wife Krissy, were best man and matron of honor at our wedding, cementing the bond that we would always feel for this wonderful family.  But that circle did not stop there.  After my father passed we found that there was another portion of the circle that connected us back to this beautiful family.   Their cousin, Georgina, was married to Giz and unbeknownst to me, they had been close friends of my father.  After losing touch for many years, they found one another again and were able to pick their friendship right back up.  So it must be a family kind of thing, that keeps each generation within the circle, because even now, our children have become friends as well.  

The memories Art and I share of the family are special.  Mrs. I., in her kind and gentle way, challenged us all to be better.  She was an amazing woman and will be deeply missed by all she touched.   

With love,  
The Tomuccio Family

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