Let the memory of THERESE be with us forever
  • 56 years old
  • Born on September 15, 1955 .
  • Passed away on September 21, 2011 .




Therese Ayuk Ashu was born on September 15, 1955 at Bachuo Ntai to Emmanuel Ashu and Regina Enokpa Takang. She started her primary school at the Basel Mission School in Bachuo Ntai but later on moved to Buea where she graduated in 1966. She later on did stenographic studies in Kumba and Limbe.

Sister Therese, as she was fondly called within the family, was a very determined person to succeed and so decided to pursue RSA Stage I and Stage II from 1974-1976. In 1979, she gained employment at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications and worked at the Yaoundé Post Office for many years. In 1984, she was transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later on sent to the Foreign Service at the Cameroon Embassy in Moscow. There, she worked for more than 20 years before being recalled in Yaoundé in 2000 where she worked until her retirement in 2006. 

Sister Therese was a very hard working, independent woman who engaged in various enterprising activities to raise money to sustain her family and to acquire earthly property. She had an incrediblu burstling energy but in 1999 she was diagnosed with diabetes that later affected the rest of her health until her demise on September 21, 2011. She conducted her life in total submission to the lord. She was a very good Christian and while in Yaoundé, she sometimes worshiped at the Presbyterian Church Nsimeyong, before becoming a “born again” Christian. Prior to her death she worshiped in various churches as she sought medical help as well as religious healing, repentance, forgiveness and spiritual revival. 

She was a very family oriented person and worked all through her life to support the progress of members of her family from both the mother and father’s side. She was kind-hearted, generous and very friendly. Her first daughter; Isabella Ashu lives in Boston, Massachusetts - USA and her only son Eric Enow Ashu is in Moscow, Russia. She had 5 grand children, one half brother and one half sister, many cousins, nieces and nephews from both families, as well as many friends in Yaoundé and abroad. She will greatly be remembered for her simplicity, hard work and care for her family and humanity.




       =>IN THE USA

Saturday October 1st 2011

Venue: 64 Wyman St

           Brockton, MA 02301

Time:   7pm-4am

7-8pm: Arrival of mourners

8:10pm: A word of welcome: Ruphous Takang

8:10-9:30pm: Religious songs

9:30-10:30pm: Reading of Scriptures- Pastor Ndansi Maurice

10:30-11:30pm: Trubutes: Isabelle Ashu, Margaret Ashu, Veronica Akwe & J. Ashu

11:30-12:30am: Refreshments

12:30-3:50am: Songs and Music

4am: Closing




Thursday Oct, 13:

2pm: Removal of Corpse from CHU Mortuary

4pm: Funeral Service

7pm: All night vigil at H44 Camp Sic Mendong

Friday Oct, 14:

2am: Departure for Mamfe in South-West Region

4pm: Arrival in Bachuo Ntai

6pm: Wake and Night Vigil

Saturday Oct,15:

10am: Funeral Service

11am: Burial

12pm: Family Rites

1pm: Reception and departure of guests

Sunday Oct,16

6am-12pm: Continuation of funeral/ customary rites and activities in Bachuo Ntai


Monday Oct,16:

Culmination of funeral rites in Bachuo Ntai

Tursday Oct, 17:

Relocation of funeral/customary rites to Besongabang

Wednesday Oct, 18


Closure and depature of friends and family members



Isabelle Ashu: 9926 8079 ( Cameroon)  617-888 0923 ( USA)

Prof James Ashu: 617-698 6591 ( USA)

Mr. Ebai Takang: 7748 2112 ( Yaounde)

Mrs Enow-Orock Bessem: 9983 0344 ( Yaounde)

Maaike Mbong: 7751 7497 ( Yaounde)

Mr. J.O Takang: 7737 4660 ( Mamfe)

Oliver Ashu: 7761 8098 ( Bachuo Ntai)

Margaret Ashu Ebai: 508-685 3154  (USA)

Mrs Ashu Arah: 7753 3735 ( Yaounde)

Ruphous Takang: 617-317 8444 ( USA)




Posted by Alfred Anabs Biyapo on December 19, 2013
We lived in same building back then in Moscow,she was a very kind caring woman n a loving mother to ma friend Eric, Rest in peace m'am,u will always b in our heart
Posted by Ruphous Takang on September 21, 2013
2nd Anniversary Message:
Sister Therese, on your 2nd anniversary of your demise, we continue to mourn, but knowing that you are resting comfortably in the arms of the LORD. You will continue to be with us and in our minds.

Ruphous Takang
Posted by Welissane Akwe on November 19, 2011
I didn't really know Aunty Therese but she was a kind woman. May GOD Bless her family and help them through this tough time.
Posted by Eleanore Akwe on October 24, 2011
Aunty Therese was a very good woman. I am one of the twins that was born in her house, and remember her so much. She was like a second mother to me and I will truly miss her.She was like family to me and I will never forget her kindnes. Aunty Therese Rest In Peace and I love you.
Posted by Ronelle Akwe on October 16, 2011
Me and my twin sister were born in your house. It is here that we grew up,until we were two years old.Auntie Therese you were like a mother to us. You showed my family so much love,and I thank you for that.Even as you have gone to rest, I love you and may you Rest In Peace!
Posted by Abunoh Akwe on October 12, 2011
You were that blazing flame that shed its light and illuminated the path of so many. You were a mountain of courage and determination. Farewell in God's kingdom
Posted by Maggie Ashu on October 1, 2011
Being a little girl at primary school and not knowing what my future would be. A thousand times We needed you. A thousand times we cried. If love alone could have saved you , you never would have died. A heart of gold stopped beating. You will always be in my heart and soul.
Posted by Ruphous Takang on September 28, 2011
"Good people never last long". Sister Therese was a good person, the lion king of the family. Thank you for your love and all the work done.Your footprints will remain with us forever.

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