A memorial to a great son, father, grandfather, husband, brother, friend, teacher, and coach.
  • 76 years old
  • Born on January 8, 1941 .
  • Passed away on July 21, 2017 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Thomas Mauro, 76, born on January 8, 1941 and passed away on July 21, 2017. Please post short tributes or longer stories of how Tom impacted you to help us remember him.

Memorial Information:
Please join his family and friends in celebration of his life on Wednesday, August 2 at St. Jude’s Catholic Church in DeWitt, MI (801 N Bridge St, Dewitt, MI 48820).  There will be a visitation at 10:30, a memorial service at 11:30, and a luncheon following. Per Tom’s wishes, in lieu of flowers please donate to the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children. Donations can be made at https://www.shrinershospitalsforchildren.org/donate.

Tom asked that any donations go to the Shriners Hospital or Special Days Camps. Shriners operated on his leg for free when he had polio, and could walk his whole life because of them. Special Days was a huge part of our family for years. Tom voluntered and donated since the mid-80's. Links are below:



Posted by Doreen Brown on 6th April 2018
Mrs Mauro & family: Mr. Mauro was a wonderful teacher and mentor who touched my heart. As his student assistant, I had an opportunity to get to know him better than my other teachers. He always had an encouraging word and often knew me better than I knew myself. I also remember you, Mrs Mauro, and your beautiful daughter, Anne, from the few times I babysat. But mostly I remember how lovingly Mr. Mauro spoke of his family,- his love for you was very evident. Jesus certainly has another angel in heaven! May your memories bring peace & comfort to your family until you are again at his side! Doreen Theroux Brown, Class of 1973
Posted by Anne Carrillo on 9th January 2018
Happy Birthday dad! (January 8th) He was always big on birthdays...always singing his famous birthday song to us and the grandkids. He just loved getting calls on his birthday (same as Elvis). Today I didn't have him to call, but many Mauro family members showed support...thank you so much! (By the way, his baby brother, John's football team-Alabama-won the National Championship today. I am sure he was watching!)
Posted by Julia Takahashi on 22nd September 2017
I never knew Mr Mauro personally but wanted to share an encouraging thought. From what I can see from the comments he truly touched many people's lives. Take comfort in knowing he's now at rest. We look forward to the time when Revelation 21:3,4 will be fulfilled when there will be no tears, pain, or death. Until that time deep sympathy-- Julia
Posted by Jennifer Reyburn on 15th August 2017
Mr. Mauro was a wonderful teacher, class advisor, coach, father and man of faith. My heart goes out to the entire Mauro family. I hope you can find comfort knowing his legacy lives on in all of you.
Posted by Amber Kasic on 2nd August 2017
Tom, my father-in-law, was truly one of the most generous people I've ever met. He would pay for groceries for strangers at the store, help pay for a student to go on a trip that otherwise couldn't, contribute to education for kids at home and abroad, and fund the parish Thanksgiving baskets, just to name a few. More than being financially generous, John's Dad made any person he was in conversation with, even total strangers, feel valued. Funny story- I met John's Dad before I even met John, and he accompanied us on part of our first date by taking us to dinner at the fish fry at his parish! I always enjoyed conversation with him. He would talk often of his life as a teacher, coach, Dad, and volunteer. His life left this world a better place and we will make sure Alex understands how important that is, with his grandpa being one great example for him to follow.
Posted by Brock Isanhart on 1st August 2017
Mr. Mauro was a special man who played a special role in my life. I remember him opening up the weight room for me and a few others my junior year early in the mornings before school. It was his way of helping kids who were willing to work a little harder (or just needed to) so they could earn a spot or keep it and get better. He believed in all of us, athletes or not. He always greeted me with a smile and wanted to know how I was doing long after high school. Looking back, I think he realized his investment in us would last far beyond our days on the playing field, and he took even greater joy and satisfaction seeing his former students and athletes enjoy success as we matured into adulthood. His investment in me made a difference. He helped me achieve some of my earliest personal goals, and reinforced for me the value of effort and sacrifice. Thank you, Mr. Mauro, for being a role model, for caring, and for investing in each and every one of us.
Posted by Paul Roberts on 1st August 2017
Rest in Peace Tom ...my prayers are with the Mauro Family . Tom ,Frank and I were at Our Lady of The Lake Seminary at the same time. I haven't seen or spoken to either one since we had left there. I just know that Tom and Frank were special friends back then and I'm sorry to hear of his passing .
Posted by Gary Gabrich on 30th July 2017
I knew Tom for 70 years, we first met in first grade at Our Lady of Hungary School and have been close friends ever since. He was in our wedding, For the last 10 years we had been extremely close talking on the phone three times a week for a hour each time, you could guess who did most of the talking! We talked about our lives, how lucky we were to have such great loving parents, church, opportunities for education, friends and the values we learned from them and especially our spouses who's love and support carried us through the trials of modern times. Tom's most outstanding trait was his passion for life. He loved and cared about everyone, not only those close to him and his students, but he had the compassion to spot the less fortunate and often bought groceries and gave money to persons he met shopping. He loved giving to charities and believed in many worthy causes. Tom was fortunate to have two interesting sets on Genes, one His Italian side which loves life made him a happy easy going person sensitive to others and his Hungarian side, a little more stubborn with a lust for Goulash, Lungalo, Kifflies and other high cholesterol stuff! Whatever he did it was with passion, Teaching, coaching, praying, camping, partying , fighting Irish, spoiling his grand kids, but compassionately, but firmly raising his three wonderful kids. Tom was a story teller and could remember small incidents that occurred many years ago to the smallest detail. He was truthful, emotional and could laugh one minute and cry the next. He was not ashamed to show his feelings. Tom, being the oldest of his siblings became the patriarch of the family holding Court at reunions, consoling others and giving advice even thou he carried his own burden the last few years. JoAnn and I offer out condolences to Terri, John, Ann & Mary, spouses and the grand kids on their loss and the rest of the Mauro Clan also. Tom sure lived the gospel with his life! Gary
Posted by Jo Ann Gabrich on 30th July 2017
To the Mauro Family, Tom was one of the first persons I met from South Bend, IN when I was dating my husband of 53 years. I was 18 years of age and Tom came to visit Gary when I dated him at the University of Cincinnati. Tom got to know my entire family in Cincinnati. When we got married in Cincinnati in 1964, Tom was in our wedding. When we moved to South Bend, IN we continued our close relationship for his whole life: his wedding, the birth of his children, and even until his death. Tom was like an Uncle to our 4 children. Tom was our dearest friend, and we will continue to remember him for the rest of our lives. An honest and faithful husband and father, devoted to his family, friends, community, etc.. He never turned anyone away. You could not find a better example of a person who was more faithful to his Lord and followed God's plan for him in life. We know that Tom is not suffering now and may he rest in peace, knowing that he accomplished God's work here on earth. May your family continue to have God's peace and continue to be a strong family together with love, peace and patience..
Posted by Jane Hegedus on 30th July 2017
Heart felt sympathy from the Hegedus family. My mother Yolanda was Tom's godmother and he was also the ring bearer in their wedding. Take comfort in the fact that he was a good person and made a difference in so many lives.
Posted by Mary Jirasek on 30th July 2017
My name is Mary, and I want to send my sympathies to the Mauro family. When I first saw the obit, I wasn't sure it was the Mr. Mauro I knew years ago. And, I thought he spelled his name Morrow. Anyway, Mr. Mauro was my seventh grade teacher at St. Patrick's grade school in South Bend. He was a happy, helpful and understanding teacher. He also coached us in volleyball and we had a great team! I remember him fondly, and will say prayers for him. Ironically, I was just at the school a week ago. I haven't been there for decades, and recalled playing volleyball outside, and his coaching us. I also remember his brother Joe, coming to see Mr. Mauro at school. I enjoyed looking at the pictures you posted. When I saw picture 56, I knew it was my 7th grade teacher! God Bless, Mary Musick Jirasek
Posted by Wayne Shooks on 29th July 2017
RIP, Tom. My sympathy goes out to Terri, Anne, John, and Mary. We conversed often in recent years and he was so proud of his family, especially the grandchildren! The world is a better place because of you, Tom.
Posted by Brooke Bovee on 29th July 2017
Mr. Mauro loved his students. Now that I'm a teacher, I know how difficult that can be. But Mr. Mauro's commitment to the youth was unwavering and unconditional--truly an inspiration to all educators. His legacy is one of compassion and dedication and love. Rest in peace, Mr. Mauro.
Posted by Roger Pline on 27th July 2017
I met Tom when he moved to DeWitt in the late 1960s. Tom came to us in the early 1970s and told us he was marrying Terry. We opened up our house to Tom and his brothers and they stayed at our house the day/night before the wedding. Tom's brothers are all hulking men--big in size and volume. We ran out of beds, but that didn't stop anyone from having a great time. In the early hours of the day of the wedding, we received a phone call from Mrs. Mauro (Tom's mom) looking for all for her sons. They were LATE! I went in to rouse the group, and you've never seen a group of men move as quickly as they did that morning!
Posted by Peggy Williams on 26th July 2017
Tom was the most caring and giving teacher at DHS., We continued our friendship after I retired and I looked forward to hearing his thoughts regarding retirement and its highs and lows. I considered him to be my friend forever and always. I will miss him!
Posted by Kristi Teter on 25th July 2017
I'm so very sorry for your loss of a great man. However, I didn't personally know him, but have worked with Anne for several years now. She is truly one of the sweetest people I know. I feel that I knew Mr. Mauro personally because Anne talks of her family and love of learning often. Anne had an outstanding role model and has always looked up to him. I know she will always be daddy's little girl! Love you, Anne. Thought and prays with you all. Kristi Teter
Posted by Megan Frayer on 24th July 2017
It was an honor to have known Mr. Mauro and to have learned Rosary making from him. I will remember him as a thoughtful man and a very proud father. I always enjoyed sitting with him making rosaries and hearing him talk about his family. Mr. Mauro was a great teacher and I will miss him.
Posted by Mike Abbott on 24th July 2017
My sincere condolences to Tom's family. He was a great teacher and coach and an even better friend and person. Tom made us all just a little better simply through his presence and gentle influence. I'll miss our phone conversations and his never-ending enthusiasm for whatever it was we were discussing. Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted by Frank Deak on 24th July 2017
My friendship with Tom began in the second grade at Our Lady of Hungary grade school in South Bend, Indiana, and continued through the eighth grade. We went to separate high schools, but renewed our friendship when he transferred to Indiana State University. At the time, my wife Liz and I were living and working in Terre Haute. Because of common interest, we became forever strong friends. When we moved to Michigan we stayed in touch, and when I was acting principal at DeWitt High School, I had the opportunity to hire an English Teacher. I hired Tom. That began a long friendship and working relationship that lasted until his passing. He was my oldest daughter Tami's godfather, and I was godfather to his youngest daughter, Mary. Tom had on several occasions, helped our children when they were in physical danger. Tami had severely cut her arm on a glass door and was bleeding profusely. Tom was nearby and came to her rescue, stopped the bleeding, and took her to the hospital. When our son Tim was eight years old, he was hit in the face with baseball bat. The park director, Tom, took him to the hospital for treatment. These are examples of how Tom dealt with everyone. He cared for the least of them. At DeWitt High School, Tom had many accomplishments. He was an outstanding teacher, just ask his former students. He would do whatever it takes to help kids. One year back in the seventies, the school did not have a cross country coach. He volunteered,even though he said he knew little about it. They won a State Championship. He only gave credit to his players, but I always knew better. It takes a good coach and good players to make a great team. Also, how many teachers would volunteer to be class sponsor? That's four years of dealing with the same students. Tom was always proud to be their leader. We all will miss Tom Mauro. His wife Terri, daughters Anne and Mary, and son John should be very proud of their husband and father. He accomplished what all of us want in life - to love and be loved. Frank and Liz Deak
Posted by Carmella (Mauro) Laderer on 24th July 2017
It has brought tears to my eyes to read all the heartfelt thoughts about Tom and his life. Tom's immediate family, his parents, siblings and his students were the most important people in his life. Growing up, Tom always pushed me to do my best. Sometimes as a little sister, I hated him for being so "mean", but deep down inside I loved him with my whole heart and soul. In our adult lives we didn't see each other as much, but we spoke at least once, sometimes twice a week. I will miss his calls, and our long talks about everything. With his passing, the love he had for his brothers and me has dimmed, but it will always shine brightly in our hearts. I love you Tom and will miss you more than anyone will ever know.
Posted by Tanya Hartmann on 24th July 2017
Oh boy! Camp memories are the best memories. It was such a joy, always, to see the Mauros arrive. What a reunion it was every August. I always thought it was the coolest thing that your dad volunteered his time. He was so easy going and there but not hovering and making kids nervous. What a great man, dad and counselor. My heart breaks for you. My prayers are with you and your family at this time. Tanya Morrison
Posted by Howard L Roberson on 24th July 2017
I coached against Tom and his teams in Cross Country at DeWitt for many years. He was a great person and got a lot out of his kids. He will be missed.
Posted by David Cole on 23rd July 2017
Mr. Mauro was a great teacher and man. Many memories most of laughing and talks at school. Remember him opening the gym early in the mornings before school for basketball plays to get some extra time in. He was always there to help with school, sports and even as a friendly ear and guidance. He had a great sense of humor even when it came to school pranks. You will be missed. RIP Mr. Mauro.
Posted by THOMAS REED on 23rd July 2017
When I met Tom Mauro in the fall of 1968, he was a new teacher at DeWitt high school, and I was a freshman on the cross-country team. He always said I was the first athlete that he coached for four years. He was my coach, teacher, and became my friend over the years. He was a kind, gentle man with a huge heart; my sincere condolences go out to Terri and family. See you on the other side, coach!
Posted by William Bupp on 23rd July 2017
Tom was always positive and upbeat. He truly cared about people and tried his best to always shine a light on the achievement of others. Although I saw him less often when moved to Kentwood, all I had to do was tune in to the "The Tim Staudt Show" to hear his voice. He was a loyal listener and frequent caller.
Posted by Rod Villarreal on 23rd July 2017
Oh goodness. I've written this twice... he's got to approve right? It was my privilege to have been his smartest (ass) student. And he shut me down EVERY TIME! God blessed me with his caliber of a teacher. Fly with the Angels Mr. Mauro!!
Posted by Andrew Backus on 23rd July 2017
Mr. Mauro wasn't only a great teacher he was a great person that cares about his students and his school. He also helped raise three great kids, he was a staple of DeWitt schools. Just for today...Go Irish!
Posted by Jeff Braman on 23rd July 2017
Just like everyone else that was lucky enough to meet Mr. Mauro, he left a direct positive impact on my life. Thank you for your influence and tremendous teaching ability. May you Rest In Peace knowing the immense number of people that are better off for having known you. My condolences to the Mauro family. We are definitely thinking of you in this difficult time.
Posted by Roland Hensley on 23rd July 2017
I would like to send my deepest sympathies to the Mauro family. I had the privilege of having Mr. Mauro for a coach. He was a amazing man. I have so many good memories of him and he will always be a chapter in my life I'll never forget. R.I.P my dear coach and friend.
Posted by Mike Travis on 23rd July 2017
I have grown up knowing Uncle Tom when my family visited him and Aunt Terese many times in Michigan. I remember one time when I was very little, he took me to his classroom because he had to talk to his students. There was so much respect for him in the room and he had such a great relationship with his students. Uncle Tom always has a smile and a funny story to share with us, and he gave great big bear hugs. I want to wish his whole family my condolences. With love, Mike.
Posted by Cori Downey on 23rd July 2017
My deepest sympathies to the entire Mauro family. Mr. Mauro always had a smile to share and a kind word. It is beautiful to see what an impact he made on so many people. I pray that these memories help bring peace to all of you during this time.
Posted by Gina Every on 23rd July 2017
Oh dear, what does one say about their all time favorite teacher. You would think by this time that emotional pain would be slight. This is the first time since Mrs Devereaux passed that I have cried for a past teacher. Mr. Mauro was one huge influence in my young life. He taught me to reach high and believe in myself, no matter how tough things can get. He believed in the ability to obtain through hard work and determination. I feel truely blessed to have been so inspired by his kindness and ability to lift one up. His light shines ever so brightly through his example. Shine on Mr Mauro.
Posted by Carl Pawluk on 23rd July 2017
Mr. Mauro was more kind than most of us deserved. Looking back, I was often more of a thorn than I care to remember. But even then he was kind and more than fair. If I remember rightly, Mr Mauro was a man of faith and would at times inject scripture into his teaching without it being obvious... Knowing what I know now, I say well done good and faithful servant.
Posted by Marcy Savage on 23rd July 2017
Mr.Mauro was a special guy to me and to my family. We have wonderful memories of him as a coach and friend. He has a very kind heart. Taking us to and from basketball practice and he would never forget my birthday. He would find me at the school and always wish me a Happy Birthday. Those are memories that I will Never forget. God Bless.
Posted by Michelle Randall on 23rd July 2017
Mr. Mauro was such a sweet and caring teacher. He was so kind to me my junior year in 1986 at DeWitt. I will always remember his kinds words to me on a very tragic day that year. He has always been on my list of teachers that I will always remember. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Posted by Alina Meier on 23rd July 2017
I would like to send my condelences to the Mauro family at this difficult time. I do hope it serves as some comfort to know their husband and father was still thought of by students 20 years plus later. Just the other day my sister and I were discussing what a patient and kind teacher he was. He is of a handful of teachers that still cross my mind today. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Posted by Emily Romblom on 23rd July 2017
Mr. Mauro was one of the nicest people you'd ever meet. And an exceptional English teacher. Being I was a student of whom had a developmental disability, he saw right past that. He could tell I had a love for poetry, reading, but most importantly writing back then. I remember one particular day in English class. I had,an Emily Dickinson poem for each of my classmates to read. Standing up at the front of the classroom, I of course was nervous. But, as he went down the line, some students were reluctant to read the poem. But him giving an , "ultimatum", I could tell right then he believed in me. Some odd years later, I had a party to honor a special occasion. Well, of course I had to invite him. In a speech I gave I honored him with the same thing he'd told me a few months before. He told me that I was his hero Well, if you look back at all he's overcome, and all that he's accomplished; that's a true hero as well. I will never forget his smile, his laugh, and all that he's done for me. Rest in peace my dear friend.

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