Innovation and creativity

Shared by Edward (po-yuan) Huang on December 27, 2018

Dear Jean and Susannah, 

We still miss Tom so much.Here was a story about Tom.

Cheng Wen-Yu and Tom at China Town in San Francisco 2014.

I remember that itwas the first time Wen-Yu had a speech as a Jungian at China town, he told about Zen and Jungian. 
I asked Tom that Zen and Jung had different traditions why you can accept the idea that compare them together? 
Tom answer me with smile, the tradition of Jungian institute of San Francisco is Innovation (creativity ).This is important to me and all of us. 

Edward Po-Yuan Huang...

The Indispensable Man

Shared by Bill Taylor on November 4, 2017

Dear Tom:

Christine graciously loaned me the DVD of your interview with Murray Stein and it was wonderful! I can't tell you how much Emily and I got out of it!  

I noted your mentioning to Murray Stein that you were not a "intellectual" as others were. It brought to mind the term applied to Washington - The Indispensable Man.  Washington was also feeling inferior to some of the other revolutionaries around him, e.g. Jefferson and Madison, who were intellectiuals and writers. But the Revolution would never have been successful without his leadership.   Perhaps a similar thing could be said about you. It seems to me that you were indispensable to the Jungian movement. 

I will forever remember your role in my life.  I shan't try to describe that here! I remember the first thing I said to you, and your response, and the dream with the little man in blue that I had that night.

You were my therapist and second parent for 34 years. Goodbye whereever you are! 



Gentle Buddha

Shared by Mary Mills (Wilmer) on October 24, 2017

Jean, David and Susannah,

I just heard the sad news of Tom's passing. I am so sorry, and so sad. I was blessed to have visited Tom at home in February. He was full of stories and what a joy it was to be in his presence for what I was sure would be the last time. I uploaded a photo from that visit. I will treasure that photo, it captures his spirit and sweet smile. My Dad said Tom was a Gentle Buddha, and so he was.

Please let me know when there will be a memorial. Deepest condolences, and thank you for sharing him with us.

Mary Wilmer Mills

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