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Josephine Abiola Sawyerr

A tribute and celebration of Tom

  The story, celebration, and tribute for Thomas Barber Abayomi Sawyerr 

   My senior brother, my father-figure, my confidant, and my friend....

Coming from the same vessel of carriage.... the womb, and from the same natural scientific elements of procreation 17 years apart , gives me the bona fide right to attribute the status of a father- figure , a confidant, and a friend to you!

Surprisingly, since the day I heard the news about your passing on to take residence with Jesus Christ I have felt some unexplained numbness in my ability to pen down some words of tribute to honour and celebrate your life.

 Here! I hold the banner to tell some of the stories.

***I pause to pray the Lord's Prayer in English, Ga, and Yoruba

   The path and journey of the Sawyerr and Ademuyiwa/Omotosho family crossed and merged together in 1941, in a community filled with peace and love, where both families lived and interacted, a city called Kotokoraba in cape coast.

Your life and being, started in this tiny city in Cape Coast in the central Region of Ghana....where in the hidden place that only God could see, he brought life to you and put his arms around you even before you knew your mother's touch.

 our mother Hannah ,kehinde omorin ,was a young beautiful ,quiet ,modest ,and gentle lady who had completed her first year in a community college in Kano the Northern Nigeria , where she was majoring in Home Economics and child welfare.

This was the area where our grandmother Rebecca Omotosho (a.k.a, iya Ibeji) for many years has started her cross boarder trading in pure undiluted cubic gold, cowrie, kola nut,cattle,and cocoa between Nigeria, Cotonou, Togo, and Ghana, whilst our grandfather Samuel Ademuyiwa stayed behind in Nigeria to tend to his 120 arced farm land in Abeokuta Ogun- State. The farm is called ( Oko Abalabi).

It is amazing to note that some of the farm workers have been working with the family for over 7 decades and on.

During the course of our grandmothers cross border trading, she eventually migrated and settled in cape coast, this time venturing into Real Estate investment in this tiny city.

Our mother and her twin brother migrated with her to this town, assisting our grandmother with the progress of these Real Estate investment....Alaafia house is one of those investments, it still exists currently as our family house in cape coast.

One of the grandchildren resides and maintain the grounds of the property 

   Our father Jacob Adekunle was equally a handsome quiet modest intelligent Career-oriented young man who had accomplished so much in his educational career as a historian and an educator in such a short time. Those achievements earned him scholarships awards which was broadcast on both the radio and newspapers (the dailies).

As an eloquent historian and educator my father got to further his masters education Abroad/overseas, after the completion of his masters degree, he got his dream job at the prestigious Adisadel college in cape coast, he served for 5 years

 My brother Thomas Barber Abayomi, this is where/ when the miracle of your birth happened. Our paternal grandmother 's father Mr Thomas Barber ( the veteran verger of Christ Church at that time) was overjoyed to welcome this precious bundle of joyful blessing to the world, thus you were named after him.

Our grandmother Lucy Barber was his only daughter. She and our grand father Lawyer Akinlapa Sawyerr and the whole family nurtured you with abundant love, care, and strong Christian values because they can see the qualities of the family exemplified in you at a very young age ( you are a gem).

******A song in Twi dialect.......I pause to honour those who have paved the way ahead for us to follow .......ADIKANFO mbo mbo mbo!!!.

  As the years moved on, you grew through live's challenges and struggles trying to navigate your position in the journey of life's platform that has been created for you by your parents.

My dearest brother Tom Abayomi, through the years of struggles to carve your own niche , you quickly realized that God has embedded in you a lot of talents and skills that demands to be utilized. You took your eyes off from the distractors and focused solely on building a strong legacy to share with the world , as you did with those who came in contact with you in your day to day interactions with mankind .

My brother Tom you are indeed a beloved creation of God sharing a spiritual kinship with everyone .

With this in mind, as you walked and climb your way through the corporate ladder your aspirations included instilling Christian values and advice to each and everyone that came in contact with you ,.....the questions are..."what does these aspirations feel and look like?

    I imagine you my brother Tom, seeing it through this lenses .....!

.."walking beside a creek of gently flowing water

I may see hundreds of stones that look alike

Yet when I looked at individual stones, I see a great variety of sizes, shapes, colours, and textures...

Each stone is unique 

I may have tended to view people as alike too,

only after appreciating the uniqueness of the individuals in the world....

did I see the incredible variety , texture , and shapes of God's creativity ,

 We are each one unique living ,and working together ,

We bring the blessings of our talents, and abilities, our goals and dreams to each new day and to one another .

there is no lack among us 

the uniqueness of each individual , contributes something of value to the whole,

As we let the spirit of God within live through us "

That's the way you viewed the living interactions with manKind!!!

I can also imagine that you took some motivations, and inspiration , from our father 's short poem written and displayed in the porch of the Acherensua Secondary school, in Brong Ahafo, where he was the headmaster from 1961-1966. 

He wrote !

• [A diamond to cut ]

"every man has a diamond to cut.

it is his to perfect , to Slight, or to shatter 

the farmer, and the builder

The artist and artisan

The doctor, the lawyer,

The merchant,the chief,the students, the teacher 

Each has his own great task

That demands the best of him

And here at Acherensua secondary school 

We too have our diamond to cut"

   ***Brother, Abayomi as I continue on with 

Celebrating your life's tribute today,

Many of your friends and some of our family members may be wondering 

With questionable curiosity about what I meant by 17 years apart between 

My brother Tom and I.

(Roy lessin)..wrote and I quote,

 You see! God has more for us than our faith could ever imagine,

And more than our heart could ever hold"

  **our parents reunited back together again in Cape-Coast 17 years later after both 

Have moved on with their separate lives........

The child of Reconciliation was born.

 I am the loving child of unity, solidly built on a platform filled with tons of joyful exploration, caring the beacon of reconciliation as an anchor to hold on to.

This relates to our father's favourite hymn song......."will your anchor hold in the storms of life". 

Brother Tom, you dedicatedly told me the story of how our paternal grandmother Lucy Barber, and the entire family were so happy, beaming, and overflowing with much joy about my birth, and how you marvelled at the thought and possibilities that you would/could have a little sister from your parents, who shares the same womb, and the natural elements of procreation with you.

****So Moving on forward, with 17years distance between us, by the time I was growing up into a little girl, my brother was already preparing his way from high school to university, following in the footsteps of our parents.

***My awareness rising of my brother Tom came to being at about the age of 3-4 years old, whilst attending the Nana Nketia day nursery/kindergarten school in Asaluym down Accra, operated by Mrs Hayford.

 I remember vividly how you tried so hard many times to teach me how to write within the lines and not above the lines. When I write the letters , it was always off the lines in a Zigzag an ambidextrous, I write with both hands..switching from left to right. My brother Tom was frustrated, stern, and concerned about how I could not grasp the concept of writing legibly within those parameters.

  At that time I wondered who you were or are to me,

however, I noted as young as I was ,that any time you were coming for a visit ,everyone seemed to be in a gala , hearty, jubilant mood ,with special foods being cooked, and everyone chatting, whispering ,and gossiping in a positive disposition about your visit...saying! Abayomi is coming on a visit!!!

through it all ...the trials, struggles to become somebody and build a strong worthy legacy, my brother Abayomi, you made your life's intentions known , which was, to share your life with the world.

" sometimes the smallest steps in the right direction

ends up being the biggest step of your life,

tiptoe if you must, but take the step "

As I grew up into a young lady , my brother, I observed and learned a lot from your steadfastness, hospitality, endurance , gratitude ,and from your career drives. This drive Has been a point of reference for me, watching you build a legacy that we all have come to embrace and admire .

And as the years went by, you travelled out of Ghana to Germany, then UK to further your education .

During this time as well , your sweetheart Christiana had also travelled to the United Kingdom to further her studies as a nurse/midwife .

Together in 1972 both of you cemented your union in the presence of friends ,families, and welwishers.

In 1976 brother Abayomi, you moved to Ghana and worked with an accounting firm called Coopers and Lybrand, Price Waterhouse . You and your family settled and lived in the newly constructed Dansoman Estate, Accra. The electricity power in that area could not power the refrigerator and stove together at the same time. None of the appliances can be put together at one single time,...that was how bad it was, and also the dusty Roads of construction, The red, red , dusty sand , construction street could paint ones skin to red if not careful .

Yet, my brother you worked hard under those circumstances, you were happy to be productive and giving back to the community that raised you. 

After a couple of years later, you moved back do United Kingdom and continued with the work that you have started before you left for Ghana .

At every step of the way you kept me posted about happenings both on the job ,and family forums in the UK , Ghana , and Nigeria.

In 1981 you discussed your interest in taking on a position on the job front in Nigeria. The name of one of my in-laws who owns a Civil Engineering construction company came up, his name is Reverend Sesan Adebajo. He is the president and executive Director of Uren Construction Limited , based in Isolo Lagos.

Both him and his secretary flew to London to interview you for the job.

You told me how the package deal on the job offer was very good, attractive and lucrative, however the company was not able to give the details of health and family insurance Coverages for your family at that time , so you declined the offer.

*****It is in our darkest times that we must focus on the light.***

Few months later you called to inform me about another job offer with Cadbury Nigeria limited. The job description was for to audit and write a 3year accounting manual for the company. This time you said the package deal offer was bountiful, it included all the necessary health insurance coverage needed for your family's well-being , this offer was loaded, with this full package,

You arrived in Lagos with High Hopes and on cloud 9, ready to work hard to the fullness of your ability. 

Your Nigerian side of the family were ecstatic about your arrival, because some have only heard about you , but do not know you in person , so it was almost like a family reunion. You had the time to visit your maternal grandfather's farm in Abeokuta ( Oko Abalabi), and the property at 16 Cemetery Street Ebute- meta.Lagos

You had the opportunity to mingle and interacted with all your mothers siblings, there were times when everyone sat around and spoke the Fanti dialect.....this intrigued those around us unique!.

Brother Tom, you enjoyed every moment and especially your shopping,

That was the first time that I noticed you were addicted to shopping and I was afraid to catch it as well .......laugh ........every weekend brother , we went with the driver to the marina to get freshly daily caught fish, including shrimp, scallops, mussels, crabs, and other sea food eat-ables.

We used the whole day on Saturday to roast these items and on Sundays after church we sat around to Eat (do justice to it) and have fun discussions , lots of jokes ,and laughter.

Your children at the time were still in school in the United Kingdom , they visited you every holiday and you vice versa .

You dedicated yourself immensely into your work and it paid off.

 In one of John Wesley's quotes he wrote 

*****"Do all the good you can

By all the means you can 

in all the ways you can 

in all the places you can 

At all the times you can

to all the people you can 

with all the zeal you can 

The as long as ever you can"

**Pause for a song by Psalmos:ft kore ( oluwa kuse)

Your mission was to support and help whoever comes your could only have done this by the grace that God has bestowed upon you.

Brother you completed the task with Cadbury Nigeria limited , and moved back to UK to continue with your private practice which has now taken off and flourishing. 

You navigated the hurdles of life magnificently , your values radiated and shone through with all who came in contact with you . 

You have acquired so much wisdom to share with the young ones .

Your parents were exceptionally proud of you for the man you have become .

You have instilled these values into your children lives, and to me. Today, I stand tall, bold , and confident because you have paved the way of steadfast endurance of which I am grateful. How did you do it brother Abayomi? You lived your life in a humble, modest way, always smiling and ready to give a hand.

In 1989 our father visited me in Lagos and during our many conversations he kept mentioning how proud he is to have you as his son, and what a wonderful, kind man ,always smiling, just like his mother , ready to help anyone in need .
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From Josephine Abiola Sawyerr.

From Lagos , dad and I visited you in the UK in the same year.

Whilst on our visit, you showed us the project you had embarked on , Wow!!,,,

that project was a huge undertaking, I remember dad asking you if and how this project was going to be completed , 

brother Abayomi, you completed and accomplished your desire on the project which has stood the test of times, and still progressing positively for over 30 years.

Your skills of multitasking in both your professional private practice as a chartered Accountant, and your family life , gives me the inspiration to do likewise.

 To be honest it hasn't been an easy road, bed of roses, or cream and pie for both of us , my brother and I suffered through struggles and hurdles to become who we are today! in that process, we have had times when we butt heads together, agreeing to disagreeing in many decisions.

In fact , there were many times when our dad had to step in to mediate some of the disagreements between you and I 

Yeah...! My brother I know what you always came up with .......hmmm, my little sister hot-head, stubborn!! you are probably laughing at this comment wherever you are now.

***our mother's favourite song....Jesu ni balogun Oko ***(Jesus is the captain of the ship, do not be afraid). Gives me a soothing balm to my broken heart at your departure.

Over the last decade brother Tom, you have dedicated and refocused your attention on interacting more with our families back home, by participating in most of the events happening within .

You also focussed on your grandchildren's education and well-being by impacting your vast experiences and wisdom into their lives. 

You explored the world around you by visiting countries of interest with your sweetheart Christiana, some of the countries included the holy city Jerusalem, it was during one of those visits that you surprised me and my son about your intention to visit us in America .

Wow! Wow! again that was a lovely memorable interactive action-packed visit.

Each time I remembered, and watched a little clip of the video which captured the events of your visit, I am so thankful to God Almighty for orchestrating the visit. 

Another historic memorable event was my visit to you in United Kingdom four years ago. We had so much fun , a lot of jokes, laughs, shopping ,and discussion on a project which is dear to both our hearts, this project is located in Ghana. 

I asked you if you could spearhead the project, after much persuasions, you agreed to look into the subject matter and give me your feedback later.

In preparation for the project to succeed,I sent one of my dearest grade-school friend who lives in the United Kingdom to obtain some information about the subject located in Ghana, he produced the information we needed to Us excellently.

  At a point in time we had to put a pause on the project because of some challenging health issues I was facing. 

My dearest brother Abayomi Thomas, you prayed fervently day and night on my behalf , you called to check on me seven days a week ,some of the times we laughed together, we cried together, we praised the Lord together, we cried some more ,and we laughed again about lives unforeseen curve balls.

We also had many discussions about your family's prayer line team which is a testament of your long hard tearful prayers , and now it has manifested right before your eyes . 

For the project back home, you went a step further by obtaining the necessary items needed for this project to come to fruition. The proposed quotations of cost involved.

My brother, you gathered all the items needed for the big project we were embarking on.

This was the last undertaking you would have completed before your departure, you did your part , you fulfilled your purpose.

****Ga song...Kashegbeyee...( Do not be afraid beloved)

Oswald Chambers wrote,

"the great note of life which is comforted of God 

is for my Lord I live , by my Lord I am strengthened , and in my Lord I am succoured" my brother rest in perfect peace !


This is my little story and tribute to celebrate your humble live journey as I knew it best. Your little sister Josephine (a.k.a Sakoora) this was our last laughing jokes before you left.

*****song...Find me at the feet of Jesus by Christy Nockels.

Posted by Oluyemi Oduwusi on April 18, 2021
Brother Abayomi Sawyer is my cousin. His mother and my father are twins. Since we were born in Cape Coast , Ghana between 1941 and 1950 ,we did not meet until when he came to work briefly in Nigeria around 1986/87.He was working in Lagos while l was in Ibadan. Brother asked about my wife when l visited him in Lagos , he took her address at lwo, which is about 230 kilometres from Lagos, went on his own alone, introduced himself as cousin of her husband and gave her gifts (they have never met before ). This behaviour showed me that brother Abayomi love his people and family. He is jovial ,cracks jokes and laughs a lot. He visited us in Nigeria about twice before he left this sinful world on 21/03/2021. I miss brother Abayomi so much but l know that he is resting at the bosom of the Lord. I pray  that God will comfort his wife and children and the family he left behind in Jesus name. Rest on brother Abayomi.
From : Joseph Adeyemi Akinlabi
Posted by Angela Agyei on April 18, 2021
Farewell my dearest Uncle Tom, your sudden passing has been a shock to all of us. But it is well, as God knows best. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, when I arrived here in London with my cousin Rowena many years ago. You’ll often check on us and have both of us in your office advicing and encouraging us to work hard and do our best. Always with a reassuring smile and jokes to make us feel at ease. May you continue to rest in the peaceful bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Until we met again.
From Angela Agyei(Mensah)
Posted by Dauda Kabba on April 13, 2021
From Mr & Mrs Dauda Kabba

Farewell to our himble Brother, Uncle. Mr Tom Sawyer, who has been very helpful to our Family . He was a man of principal, kind and committed but always ready to help when in need. We will greatly miss you brov Tom.

May your humble soul rest in perfect peace. May the Lord Almighty Allah grant you gentle fourdouz. Ameen
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 8, 2021
Mr Thomas Sawyerr. My grandad. A man of few words and major actions. He always ensured that I was provided for, never stingy or rude. A true man of God who did everything he could to provide for his family.

I had enjoyed our time together; the pleasure of going food shopping with him and unpacking food too. I even enjoyed getting him the newspapers in the mornings. We would even send each other news articles as we both held an interest in finance.

There’s many things I would have hoped for him to see, like my graduation. So much I wanted to know about him and talk to him about. The memories I have of grandad live on in my mind as I know that although he is not physically here, he will always be around spiritually.

Tameka Koranteng
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 8, 2021
My grandad, a kind, wise, loving man who always cared for his family. I shared a lot of hobbies with him mainly being football and Tottenham. He is the reason why our family supports Tottenham. He will be missed and he will forever be remembered. I remember on Friday, 2 days before he passed he told us to keep up with our studies and Persue our dreams. But we should continue to smile as we got to know him and be happy that he lived a long life of 79 years.

Zayd Sawyerr
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 8, 2021
Grandad was someone who encouraged all those around him to strive for success and excellence. One of our last conversations was about my future and what was ahead. This is something i admired, the focus on the future. Alongside our conversations on this, playing Ludo with Grandad was something ingrained in our childhood that had become a tradition. Something we all looked forward to every year. I am grateful to have experienced Grandad in my lifetime - to have been able to have conversations and have him in my life. My memories of him will be everlasting. Thank you Grandad.

Yasmeen Sawyerr
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 8, 2021
The relationship I had with my grandad is one only so many could wish for. Grandad not only taught me great skills, whether academic or leisurely but he was also one to rely on to provide good wisdom and advice on the journey of life he embarked on with such stoicism. of which I now follow. I am truly blessed to have had my Grandad in my life, and whilst he may no longer be able to provide that wisdom and advice to me as he did when he was with us, I can still have solice that the things we did during his life, has left a fertile ground to grow and continue my journey. With enduring gratitude, I can celebrate the good he has brought not just to me, but to us all.

Rafiq Sawyerr
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 8, 2021
Rosemary Emodi

Sincere condolences Ade Sawyerr and Thomas' family. I knew Thomas well many moons ago when he looked after the accounts of the Society of Black Lawyers and it's charitable arm. Thomas was a stalwart in the community. Always dependable, professional, witty and caring. How many small businesses, organisations and charities did he help? Countless! May he Rest in Eternal Peace....although knowing his character, he is probably advising the Good Lord on the rights and wrongs of his book-keeping!!
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 8, 2021

A Great Tree has fallen in the Sawyerr Family!
It is unexpected, feels tragic, yet it is an inevitable part of the human life cycle that we all have to go through!

I was introduced to Abayomi in early 1970 by Uncle Sapara Sawyerr at a family gathering here in London. He left Ghana for the UK 1967 so we hadn’t met.
Abayomi welcomed me with open arms and addressed me as ‘Ali’. Since then when I hear a voice call me ‘Ali ‘ I immediately know it’s Abayomi!

It was a small group of Sawyerr’s here in those days so we kept in touch regularly by landline or in person.

In the summer of 1972, Uncle Sapara, his wife Auntie Janice and I attended Abayomi & Christie’s wedding and joined the other Sawyerr family members present then: Papa EVO,(the best man) and Mama Diana (Abayomi’s sister). I was the youngest Sawyerr among them then. It was a memorable day for us all. We took family pictures with the bride and groom and sent them home to the rest of the family in Ghana.

By 1974 I had completed my studies here and fortunately had the opportunity to further my studies in Canada.
I informed Abayomi, he encouraged me to continue to study hard and not to let the Sawyerr family down as this was going to be my first time on my own without Uncle Sapara & Aunty Janice not keeping an eye on me.

In 1987 my family and I moved to the UK and joined a wider ‘Sawyerr bubble’.
I was now married and a working mother with 2 young children. Abayomi welcomed us, was very supportive emotionally and physically throughout that settling in period.

My children spent weekends and school holidays with Abayomi’s children at their home.
Abayomi was not just my first cousin, he was my big brother and confidant. I memorised all his business and personal telephone numbers so I could reach him at any time night or day.
I would call him late at night to unwind, ask for advice, guidance when necessary or for him to stand in for me with my children when I had to travel abroad.

When my Mum joined my family from Sierra Leone in early 1989 Abayomi would visit us regularly to make sure Mum was being well looked after.
He would always bring provisions, fruits and goodies for the whole family.

Abayomi was also there for us when my Mum passed in January 2004. I was at an all time low. The children and I had to take Mum’s body to Sierra Leone for the burial. On our return both children went back to university.
Abayomi was there for me, he would visit and sometimes take me out. I would at times drive to his office to sit and chat with him while he worked.At other times he would mimic the way I cry till I stop crying and able to drive home safely. He would not go to bed until I called to confirm I have arrived home safely.

Abayomi was compassionate, principled, forthright, kind, respectful and playful. He had a wicked sense of humour and would tease and remind me of little gaffs that I had made when I hadn’t listened to his advice.

As the eldest grandson of Lawyer Akilagpa Sawyerr, he took his leadership responsibilities seriously.

He organised us here in 1994 for late Frank Dayor Sawyerr’s (Zeus) remembrance service, and again for late Uncle Harry Sawyerr’s remembrance service in November 2013.

On a more joyous occasion, he organised Frank Nii Kwartey Sawyerr ‘s son’s out-dooring ceremony in August 2015. Which we all attended and enjoyed with Auntie Marion (Liverpool ) and cousins from the USA joining us.

Abayomi has always been a phone call away from me and my family. He will be sorely missed, but he will forever remain deep in our hearts.

We take courage accepting that he has worked very hard and his work on earth is now done.

May Abayomi’s gentle soul now rest in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 8, 2021
Tribute from Rebecca Sawyer .

The passing of my Brother came as a rude shock to me.

Brother Tom was a good man who wanted everyone to be successful. He stood in the position of a father to me, my siblings and my children. He was my advisor and mentor, he helped me to be an independent woman and hardworking in my career. He was also a great blessing to the family

I will remember my brother for his love, gentleness and deep affection he freely gave to all, and l know we shall meet again in glory in the presence of the Lord.
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 8, 2021
"Nyɛkayea nyɛtsui; nyɛhea Nyɔŋmɔ nɔ nyɛyea, ni mi hu nyɛhea minɔ nyɛyea. Shihilɛhei pii yɛ mi-Tsɛ we lɛ; jeee nakai ni kulɛ makɛɛ nyɛ akɛ miiya ni maya saa gbɛhe mato nyɛ lo? Ni kɛji mitee ni miyasaa gbɛhe mito nyɛ lɛ, mibaba ekoŋŋ ni mibaŋɔ nyɛ kɛya he ni mi diɛŋtsɛ miyɔɔ lɛ, koni he ni miyɔɔ lɛ nyɛ hu nyɛhi jɛi. Ni he ni miyaa lɛ, nyɛle, ni gbɛ lɛ hu nyɛle."
Toma kɛɛ lɛ akɛ, "Nuŋtsɔ, wɔleee he ni oyaa, ni te aaafee tɛŋŋ ni wɔɔnyɛ gbɛ lɛ wɔle hu?" Yesu kɛɛ lɛ akɛ, "Miji gbɛ lɛ kɛ anɔkwale lɛ kɛ wala lɛ; mɔ ko baaa Tsɛ lɛ ŋɔɔ, akɛ ja etsɔ minɔ.

Ade Sawyerr
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 8, 2021
I am touched by these tributes. I am sorry I never had the chance to meet Tom. Having known the great Zeus how interesting it is to know Tom and Frank were so close. One known to be quiet and unassuming and one whose presence filled a room upon entry. Yin and yang. They balanced each other on earth and are doing the same for one another.... together once again in the great beyond. One day all Sawyerrs will be together..such a privilege to be reconnected with this family. My granddad William Kofi Sawyerr, Akiligpa Sr's older brother is with Frank and Tom in the beyond and is I am sure pleased.

Celeste Bryant
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 8, 2021
I knew Tom as a quiet and unassuming gentleman, very softly spoken and who always greeted me with a smile. Tom could be seen at all major family events. He was instrumental in arranging a memorial service for Zeus in London several years ago and was present at my brother Julian's funeral in Birmingham in 2016.

Tom, you have left a big vacuum which will be difficult to fill. We shall miss you dearly.
Rest in perfect peace.

Harriet Omolola Sawyerr
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 8, 2021
✝️Uncle Tom, the story of my success in life is not complete without the steering role you played.
When I was a child and growing up in Nigeria, I have always looked up to him as an uncle, father and a role model. Indeed, he was my source of Inspiration.
The loving memory of his love, care and support lingers on forever.
When I came into the UK he and his wife Auntie Christie gave me a place to call Home.
When I appeared to be lost and in need of step to take, he encouraged me to further my university education.
He ensured that I enrolled in the University to pursue my Masters Degree.
On my Big day he travelled from London to Manchester to walk me down the aisle to the admiration of my husband and others.
It was a great honour to see him beside me playing that fatherly role in my life.
Anytime I called on him for advice he was never shy to give one. Sometimes he looked into my eyes and offered objective advise that sometimes didn't go well with me and scolded me whenever I wanted to go astray.
Uncle Tom but I usually call him 'dad' being my mum's elder brother was a pillar of support for all the family members that came to him.
How will I forget all those conversations we had on the phone, telling me how grateful he was to God that his biological children (my cousins) have accepted Christ in their lives how they have this prayer chain every morning and pray together as a family. How he was always asking about the welfare of his extended family members and what form of assistance he could render.
Our pillar of support, love and Care is Gone.
Our Patriarch has gone home to be with his maker.
We will surely miss him.
However we take solace in the fact that he is resting at the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
*Sleep On Beloved!*✝️
From Oluyemi Oduwusi
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 8, 2021
Uncle, you are deeply missed by us all.

Uncle Sawyerr was a powerful influence in my life and that of my family. I still hold dear the advice he gave me when my father the late Issac Danso sadly passed away. Whenever I sought counsel he always imparted wise words that I needed to hear.

I personally will miss him very much, he has left a legacy of love behind.

Rest in everlasting peace Uncle Sawyerr

Daniel Danso  and Family
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 8, 2021
From Mr & Mrs E.V.Amaning and Family, London.

Our dear brother-in-law and Uncle Tom...often affectionately known in our family circle as 'Primate'; (meaning chief bishop!) the same name he would use to address me (Emmanuel Victor Amaning) whenever we met. For years we addressed each other as such, followed by hearty laughter! Uncle Tom's infectious laugh and twinkling eyes! What a uniquely wonderful man Uncle Tom was. Such a humble, resourceful man, who though often quiet and unassuming, was very firm in his principles and Christian beliefs. He truly loved the Lord.

Uncle Tom was popular with the Mensah family of Accra New Town even before he married his dear wife Christiana. We were familiar with his kind spirit and personable nature for over 50 years, so his passing is indeed a great loss to us. A long time friend and family member who gave us so much of himself. He was very proud of his family and did much to support and encourage us all, both here and abroad.

Uncle Tom was a good Christian man who was a peacemaker in so many ways. We thank God for his words of wisdom and strength over the years.

An exceptional brother-in-law and Uncle that we could always rely on; a great organiser who was so jovial and approachable. We miss his regular Saturday greetings in Mitcham Town Centre! He always had time to chat and share a joke, even with his busy schedule!  Samuel has very fond memories of being in the office with Uncle Tom and his son Joel. They would be summoned after school and Uncle would always make them laugh and give them the same advice; work hard and read! His advice lives with us to this very day and memories of Uncle Tom will always make us smile.

Uncle Tom was great guy and we truly praise God for a life that blessed so many others. His sudden departure has indeed caused much pain and sorrow, for Uncle Tom has been more than brother-in-law...more than an Uncle; but we are grateful for the God-given privilege of knowing and sharing in the life of Uncle Tom. May he sing continually with the angels in the mighty Name of Jesus.
Posted by Oluyemi Oduwusi on April 7, 2021
**My soul is weary in me, As I travel down memory lane, I remember
all the words of advice given to me
by my uncle, that says** * Hold on to the Lord always and stay close to Him (Lord).***, I will always miss you and love you uncle. Rest in perfect peace in the Bosom of the Lord.

- Missionary kayode Muritala Peter suberu ( Nephew).
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 3, 2021
I know this is a hard time for all of us, just comforted knowing they have gone to glory and are indeed with the our Lord Jesus Amen

I was laughing thinking trust Uncle Tom to have gone on Sunday, the best day and I’m sure when he was asked if he wanted to stay in heaven or return to us, he gladly said he wanted to stay.

I bless God for him, he was indeed my best uncle and when I rang you to tell you about my daughter and grandsons passing , just hearing his voice started me off again.

He is so missed and we thank our God for the time we had with him.
I loved him so much, the way he just accepted me just as I am, he encouraged me so much to continue in the Labour Party and he said when it came to me going for a seat in Parliament he would come and campaign for my selection.
He was just absolutely great.
I was reminded of when grand mum died, I remember the Sprit of God showing me Habakkuk 3 verse 17 to 19

It says
Even though the fig trees have no blossoms, and there's no grapes on the vines; even though the olive crop fails and the fields lie empty and barren
Even though the flocks die in the fields and the cattle barns are empty.
19.Yet I will rejoice in the Lord.
I will be joyful in God my salvation
The sovereign Lord is my strength
He makes me sure footed as a deer, able to tread upon the heights Amen

Let’s remember God made Uncle Tom a much better off and Heaven is rejoicing as this morning be joining them..
Let’s be strong and praise God anyway! Amen

Much love: Esther Amaning
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
Farewell my dear brother-in-law. You left us so suddenly, a big shock to everyone. The ways of the Lord are beyond our understanding but as we mourn the loss of our beloved brother, husband and father we continue to trust the Lord to comfort us all in these difficult times. You always insisted the right thing was done. We miss you dearly. Rest in perfect peace in the bosom of the Lord.

From Dan Mensah and family.
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021

The news of Tom's demise left me in shock and dismay. It inevitably reminded me of the realities of life. Tom and I spent some quality time in Accra, in 2017, after the funeral of a relative in Osu. We promised each other to meet shortly thereafter, either in London or again in Accra. Little did we know that we won't be granted that luxury. Life on earth is a transit, and by God's grace, we shall meet again. Rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord.

Reggie Sawyerr
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
Tribute to Brother Sawyer as affectionately known by his Christian friends. I remember our little Christian group at Bellamy House on Garratt Lane, Tooting Broadway. Brother Sawyer and Sister Sawyer managed to hold us together in the Christian faith. I can say my Christianity grew stronger and that has me who I am today. Brother Sawyer taught me how to drive in the year 1980 and 1981. I will never forget those years when I used to drive in the old Datsun 120Y and he would sit by me and all the way from Garrat Lane to Croydon Church Street Market to buy fresh fruits and as a learner driver I used to drive slowly and Brother Sawyer would say in Ga, sister Beulah "nye nor, nye gas nor" meaning I should press on the accelerator to go faster. Oh Brother Sawyer I shall keep that in memory for ever. May you rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Sister Beulah
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
Fare thee well Uncle Abayomi "I shall see you when our paths cross again" May your soul rest in perfect peace and also guide and protect the remaining members of your family in these unfortunate times. Uncle Abayomi affectionately called Tom Sawyerr was a true gentleman and a Unifier who brought the Sawyerr family together in the United Kingdom. Personally he was very instrumental together with Uncle Adeyemi in my early years in the United Kingdom. Appreciate all the efforts made by family members during my son Nathan's naming ceremony together with the family also in the USA especially the Bryant's .            

Uncle Abayomi and I always occasionally had a lengthy chat about family back home and most of the time imparted to me the history about the family that I did not know of. Uncle Abayomi had also a really close relationship with "Zeus" of blessed memory that went beyond family.

Their memories will never be forgotten!!!          Uncle Abayomi, may you rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord. "Yaa wo Odjo gbaanccc"

Kwartey Sawyerr
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
My big brother- in-law Tommy as I usually called him suddenly passed on to glory and I first got aware of it through another family member living in Kenya because my sister Christie was in a state of shock. Later I confirmed the sudden demise with her and we prayed to God for him to have run a good race on Mother Earth. He ser ved mankind according to the Will of God and now has shed off his physical body and in his spiritual body with the Lord.   He always had a good sense of humour with a smile on his face and was never judgmental, but advised according to God's Plan and Wisdom. Tommy your good deeds on Mother Earth will be with us always and continue smiling in the arms of the Lord till we meet again. Blessed be God

Sam Van der Puije
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
My mother Marion and our family send our sincere condolences on the loss of Thomas Sawyerr.

My mom remembers fondly the time she Linda and cousin Christina spent with Thomas, Alice and family when last in London.

May God grant the family solace at knowing he is at peace.


Celeste and Marion and family
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
Let us give thanks to the Lord for he is good and his mercies endures forever. Amen. The breaking news Flash like lightning and thunder piercing stabbing our hearts.  We are appalled.  Devastated and grief stricken at the debilitating news. Rest in perfect peace. 

Caleb Sawyerr
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
I thank God for the life of Tom Abayomi whom He has called to rest. Our brother, Father, Uncle, and friend was very instrumental in all that he did, especially with regard to the Sawyerr family, he got us together, communicate with us in all that is going on with the family here and in Ghana. I was very great full with the way he handle everything. I say a big thank you and my condolences to the family and children, and may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Cousin Abayomi Yaawo ojogaa, rest in peace.

Olayomi Sawyerr
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
It is with a very heavy heart that I pay this tribute to our leader and first grandchild (“Piesse”as the Akans will say) of our late grandfather. Bro Tom as I affectionately called him was a leader par excellence. I greatly admired this quality in him. His leadership quality was in full display during family gatherings and occasions. I can particularly vividly recall how he took charge of his father and step mother’s funerals to the admiration of all us. Although he was a leader he was a gentleman, soft spoken, of quiet disposition, kind and a peace maker.
I got to know Bro Tom during my secondary school days when he and the late Zeus used to visit Miltsa Gorno to interact with my senior siblings, cousins and other family relations. We drew closer when I started working and later he became a personal friend and a confidant.

In recent years we communicated frequently and on a number of occasions he requested me to undertake certain special errands for him. We last spoke to each other on the 27th of January 2021 when he called to update me on an errand I had run for him. Alas I missed his last call on the 7th of February 2021.His death therefore came to me as shock although he had intimated to me that he was recovering from one of his bouts of illness during our last conversation.

Bro Tom your departure will leave a big vacuum in the family which may difficult to fill. Fare thee well my leader, senior brother and friend. Bro Tom rest in peace in the bosom of the lord.

Aki Sawyerr
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
In or about 1963 Tom visited me in my School with Aunty Ore Heyman. I looked him up when he was at School of Administration now University of Ghana Business School. They were on part of Achimota School Campus. The bond that tied us together went beyond cousins to very close friends. He was disciplined and very frank, and didn’t mince his words. Our leaders must seek first the best interests of the People and not their selfish interest was what he championed. Needless to say, he was most disappointed in the governance that was our lot in Africa. He set much store by family and put in all effort to rejoice with those who rejoiced, and mourn with those who mourned. His financial contribution was not found wanting on such occasions. He came down from London for the funeral of her dear Aunty Ore. As in other home comings, he made time to look us up. And when I lost my Sister in July last year, his words of consolation were most welcomed, and so was his financial assistance.

I must go back to his wedding. It was a matter of deep joy for me to have been his best man. I came down to London for a tailor to take my measurements, and on a second trip to try on the suit to see if it was well sewn. I was then studying in England. On my way from Ghana to study in the United States in 1976, I stopped over in London to spend sometime with Tom and his family. Our cousin Alice was in London and on being told by Tom of
my presence, came to see me at Tom’s flat. He always wanted the togetherness of family. I have lost a Dear Friend and so has the Sawyerr and allied families.  Christie and Family the Lord will be the husband, father and grandfather you have lost. Tom, Rest In Peace.

Victor Dankwa
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
Would have loved to have met him rest in peace Uncle Tom

Desmond Edwards, Late Uncle Feio's son
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
May his soul rest in peace...✝️

Josylna King
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
Bless Uncle Tom, may his soul rest in peace

Orlando Green
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
My deepest sympathy to the family may his soul RIP

Elizabeth Conteh
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
RIP Uncle Tom ✝️

From Andrew and Edmund Clottey
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
May he R.I.P now he is in God's arms

Victoria Clottey
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
It’s never easy to lose a First Cousin, no matter how old we are. May loving memories of our dear Abayomi, bring Christie, the Children & Grandchildren peace, comfort and strength today and always. 

May Abayomi’s gentle soul now rest in perfect peace.

Dr Alice Sawyerr
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
Once again

I am deeply sorry for the loss of what is and was a very honorable man.

Our condolences and prayers to you all

Daniel Danso and family
Posted by Quintin Sawyer on April 2, 2021
The family here at home is devastated by Tom's passing! May his soul rest in peace. And may Christie, the children and the grandchildren be comforted. Fondest love from us all, as we await news about arrangements.

Uncle George

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