Shared by Sarah Myers on March 25, 2021
My dad will be greatly missed by all of us.  He played an important role in our family and the family of God.  He devoted his life to the ministry; I mean his whole life 100% he dedicated to God’s work and the entire body of Christ.  He missed milestones throughout my life but he did what he was called for.  He ran his race to total completion while always keeping the body of Christ in his prayers and mind.  Our children have gleaned much wisdom from him over the years as well as Chris and myself. 

I will miss him and do miss him greatly. He always told us Campbell’s never give up which can apply to every family and individual.  We shouldn’t give up as he and many others never did.  

There are so many happy memories that we can keep within us and all of his stories of his life.  

We all miss you dad.  See you later alligator..
Shared by Peter Schneider on March 23, 2021
Brother Campbell was man of God who lived what he preached and believed.  I consider myself privileged to have known him and to be a recipient of the prophetic ministry God planted in him. There are many stories and many experiences that I have had as a result of the prophetic anointing that was upon his life and ministry.  His ministry impacted my life as no other.  He was a quiet man and a man of prayer.  I had known him 45 years and only broke bread with him twice.  He did not want what he knew personally and naturally to affect the Word of Knowledge that God had given him for so many.  RIP my brother.  May God keep your precious wife and children!

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