Posted by Daníel Rein Thomsen on April 6, 2021
I'm grateful for the time I had fellowship with dear brother Tom.
From him flowed the love of Christ and to Christ, not something he learned, but something he experienced and became and is a part of.
There is no doubt in my mind that there are people who become angels before their time is up in the flesh, Tom Campbell is such a testimony to me.
Now he's part of what he saw.
He was a brothers keeper through love of God through Christ.
May the Lord cover Judy and the family.
And to Tom thank you buddy so far.
Daniel Rein Thomsen.
Posted by Melissa Trotter on April 5, 2021
I remember Bro. Campbell when I was a little child in meetings in Wisconsin, where he made a joke about visiting a fellowship and he was just another "fellow in their ship"! The play on words was new to me and I remember that. I also remember him walking all over the front, as far as the microphone with a cord on it would let him go. God gave him a gift of prophecy and exhortation and I received several words from the Lord through him. I thank God that Bro. Campbell let the Lord speak through him as a vessel because those words are still an encouragement to me. His support and prayer for us when Anna was sick was astounding. He told me more than once with tears in his eyes that he imagined it as if she was one of his grand daughters and wondered how we could bear it. His compassion toward us was evident. And now he is with her in heavenly places. Bro. Campbell was a rock through my growing up years and even up to now was someone who it seemed like never changed in regard to his commitment to Christ and to sharing with the Body of Christ all over the place. It is a joy to know he is with the Lord, but we sure do miss him.
Posted by Kayode Aganna on April 4, 2021
I can remember very vividly Bro. Campbell, Sis. Judy as well as Tony come to London and visited us in our flat. Though 25 years ago, the kind words of encouragement and comfort still resonates. From time to time, we would call and Bro. Campbell and he will talk about still getting around. His ministry to the body of Christ, here on earth, will definitely be missed. Bro. Campbell has left a legacy of eternal value for all of us to live by. Praise the LORD.
Posted by Glenn Williams on April 2, 2021
When many of us reflect on our dear Brother Tom, we think of his obedience to share the prophetic gifting the Lord sent him to do, and the relentless pursuit to deliver the Word the Lord placed in his heart. These things he performed even when multiple physical, mental and spiritual challenges were against him.
Yet with all the things which we hold precious about our brother, the one thing that I, and believe many others hold above all the rest, is the Love of God that was shed abroad from his heart! This love and true friendship he shared with his family, brethren and friends. He was and will always be a true friend!

Glenn and Linda Williams
Posted by Gerald Gadwa Jr on March 27, 2021
Tom Campbell will never be forgotten by so many of us who received from the Lord through the life of such a faithful servant. Mira and I have had very specific and timely words through Tom all along in our travels. These were times when we knew that it surely was the Lord knocking on our door. Lord we are only two of the many who are so thankful to you for our brother’s life. And now Lord also we see in his passing, the close of a season and the opening up of another in your precious, fearful and mighty dealings among men. May those of us who’ve received through your faithful servant be also found faithful, fearing not the faces of men and counted worthy to live and die for the sake of your soon coming and glorious Kingship in new earth. Bless you Judy, Sara, Tony and your families with peace, comfort and the gift of faith in this new season. Jerry and Mira Gadwa
Posted by chima anyim on March 27, 2021

Brother Tom Campbell was a source of encouragement to the body of Christ. He was a true father and a true prophetic voice to the body of Christ. So many of us were blessed by his life and ministry.

He fought a good fight and kept the faith and he is now absent in the body, but present with the Lord.
It will be an understatement to say that he will be greatly missed by his wife Sister Judy, Children, and indeed the entire body of Christ
May the comfort and promises of God, console us all amen.
Potters House Fellowship,
Port Harcourt

Posted by Sarah Myers on March 25, 2021
My dad will be greatly missed by all of us. He played an important role in our family and the family of God. He devoted his life to the ministry; I mean his whole life 100% he dedicated to God’s work and the entire body of Christ. He missed milestones throughout my life but he did what he was called for. He ran his race to total completion while always keeping the body of Christ in his prayers and mind. Our children have gleaned much wisdom from him over the years as well as Chris and myself.

I will miss him and do miss him greatly. He always told us Campbell’s never give up which can apply to every family and individual. We shouldn’t give up as he and many others never did. 

There are so many happy memories that we can keep within us and all of his stories of his life. 

We all miss you dad. See you later alligator..
Posted by Pamela Coelho on March 25, 2021
Brother Campbell has been in my life since a child and has always touched my heart and life with CHRIST’S LOVE and WORDS FROM THE LORD. Brother Campbell you are truly one of GOD’S GENERALS and your precious wife Judy was and is the best companion and support anyone could hope for. We will miss you on earth but celebrate your Legacy as you partake of the Joyous Celebration of a Saint coming home. Thank you for what you imparted into my life!! Thank you Lord for sending us such a Gift in this Servant of Hope and Healing. Dear Brother Campbell I will always celebrate your life!! We love you and your household. And to you Dear Judy our family both Sonmore and Coelho are always here for you as you are family. You are welcome to come and refresh your Spirit in Hawaii with us. We love you.
Posted by Karolina Snyder on March 25, 2021
I looked up to Brother Campbell as my spiritual father. He and his personal prophecies impacted my life in a profound way. He was a true prophet of God and sincerely loved people of God. I will miss him greatly. My prayers are with Sister Judy and entire Campbell family.
Karolina Snyder
Posted by Robert Unger on March 24, 2021
Brother Tom faithfully delivered a great number of gems in public ministry that
I will never forget. That to me is a leading indicator of God's hand upon his ministry. His prophetic utterances over both my wife and I, and upon other brethren, was right on target, in my judgment. He personally reached out to me by phone on quite a number of occasions, trying to encourage me in the Lord as best as possible. And his humor--what can I say? It was impeccable and rare, but wonderful to listen to. We miss him.  Bob and Carole Unger
Posted by David Walter on March 24, 2021
Brother Campbell helped close down an era as one of the last remaining prophets that lived during the time of the latter rain movement (1948-49). In an era now where there are many self proclaimed prophets in the land, our brother remains as a true prophet of the Lord, in every sense of the word, over 6 decades, he was faithful to the very end.

Those that knew him well, knew of the heartache and suffering he went through that follows the calling. To stand alone and proclaim the word of the Lord, knowing that many will not only reject the Word, but also the servant that brought the word, is a difficult and almost impossible road for any man to pass through. As Jeremiah of old was called the weeping prophet, so was our brother. Knowing him well in his hidden life, I came to know a man that struggled and wrestled with God to finally come to a place of overcoming victory in his heart to truly love, forgive, and pray for those that rejected and even persecuted him. He often said "I have no ill will or ought in my heart towards any man." He said he could honestly stand before the Lord knowing this was true.

Those that got to know the man behind the scenes, found him to be very kind and generous, a loving husband and caring father. He loved the church, the people of God, with a passion only God could produce. He chose to remain in the background, a humble place, not wanting to take the limelight, because he knew this was the will of God for his life. He desired with his whole heart to please the Father and prayed to that end.

He was a man given to solitude. He possessed a gift seldom seen today, an ability to get alone with God for hours on end, not just for petitioning and bearing his soul, but the ability to wait upon the Lord with a listening heart to hear what God is saying. I believe he attained a true intimate friendship with the Lord. Not many in the scriptures attained unto that caliber... to be called a friend of God.

He not only carried a burden for the church, but also a heart for the lost. He would often speak about his neighbors, or the person he met on the street. With a heart of compassion, rehearsing the encounter and the words spoken, he would carry them into his closet of prayer. He was a man given to detail and picked up on what normally would go unnoticed. In his latter years as he would look out of his apartment window, he would recount the changing of seasons and then share what the Lord had just revealed to his heart.

He was a Man of the Word! He simply loved the scriptures, and passages that had been read hundreds of times, suddenly came alive with new meaning and revelation. He never tired of reading the Bible, but cherished his time there and hearing afresh what God might speak. He had a contagious fervor for the Lord which often caused others to be refreshed with a new flame and a hunger to know this adventuresome God that he spoke of!

As a true prophet of God, the words he uttered will remain alive in those that received them and live forever. Such is the building of God our brother proclaimed! As he lives on, knowing he is still serving "THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD", so shall we be forever indebted to a man that was simply and marvelously a messenger for the eternal WORD OF GOD!

David and Sandra Walter
Posted by Tom Sigwarth on March 23, 2021
“Tom served his generation by the will of God....” I could not give a higher tribute to a brother than this. Tom faithfully performed the ministry calling upon his life to the degree that his name and his prophetic gifting were synonymous. The way in which he balanced his life to maintain the purity of the prophetic word was inspiring. We send our condolences to Judy and the family. May the sweetness of your memories sustain you during this time of heavy hearts.  
Tom & Renée
Posted by Russell Blom on March 23, 2021
We were blessed to know Brother Campbell. Although our personal interactions with him were few, we recognized him to be a humble brother who exemplified the selfless life. His messages on love and forgiving one another has impacted our lives and for this we are grateful. Thank you Sister Judy for sharing him with the body of Christ.
Russell and Susan Blom.
Posted by Alade Agbabiaka on March 23, 2021
The Brethren in Nigeria will miss Brother Campbell. I first met him at one of the conferences at Mahomet over three decades ago and I immediate saw an uncanny prophetic calling in him as he was able to bring forth prophesy over me with so much precision even though he had never met me. Brother Campbell was a gift from God to the body of Christ and we were greatly enriched by the depth of his ministry but at the same time the great simplicity with which he carried this rare God-given calling .
The church has lost a General but heaven has received a saint who has now joined the cloud of Witnesses and is now watching on us to run this race with patience as we lay aside every weight and besetting sin. Adieu , great man of God .
You showed us the practical way to live this kingdom life , to carry God’s anointing and to still love , cherish and mix with the brethren in humility and simplicity. ADIEU !
Posted by Gary Sonmore on March 23, 2021
Words cannot express the love and loss we feel for our brother Tom. He was more than a friend. He was more than even a brother in Christ. He was a great spiritual father to us, our family and many hundreds of people. He was a true Prophet of God to this generation. He certainly fulfilled the call of God on his life, even through great pain and sacrifice.

Although he was a guest in my parent's home back in the 1960s, Emily and I didn’t get to know him and Judy until the 1980s. But from then until now, he has been a pillar in our lives. He was a tried and true brother and friend. He was a part of our Colorado fellowship for several years. He married our oldest daughter and son-in-law. I helped him record many of his messages. We celebrated his 90th Birthday here in Colorado a few years ago. We have many fond memories. We loved him greatly.

We want to also thank Judy and the family for their sacrifice in supporting Tom and his ministry. We know first hand the price that comes in families with those that carry a strong prophetic ministry. Many times misunderstood and rejected, yet pressed with the love and burden for people.

May this not just be a time of grief, but may it be a time of faith and action. Let us all the more, press into the words and expressions that he shared. He is now rejoicing in the heavenlies, rooting us on to apprehend and to possess that which he expressed to us. He died in faith not having received the promise, but he will not be left out. So, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Amen?  Amen.

FAITHFUL… FAITHFUL… FAITHFUL! That’s my friend and brother.

Gary & Emily
Posted by Gary Sonmore on March 21, 2021
THE TRANSITION OF A GREAT GENERAL - Our thoughts on Brother Tom Campbell.

The news of Brother Tom Campbell’s transition trickled in towards evening on Sunday the 7th of March 2021 just before we began the special prayer response meeting in Nigeria.

Brother Tom Campbell is one of the finest men of God we have met and known of. His life completely exemplified the death to self message.

He taught and lived the death to self message. He bore in his physical body the mark of the dying of Christ (death working in him), that the life of Jesus might work in us who received ministry from him. He brought forth much life and power as he stood to minister, many times in his often very frail physical body. His was indeed a rare and unique ministry.

We will continue to draw inspiration from the life he lived, and the many messages he preached.

We will miss this unique and rare ministry. May it please the Lord to raise many more Brother Tom Campbells in the house.

Our heart reaches out at this time to his immediate family, the Sonlight brethren, and indeed all the brethren across the United States and the world who have served, worked with, and received ministry from our dear brother Campbell.

May the good Lord strengthen and console the church and family he left behind.

With love and prayers from THE BRETHREN IN NIGERIA.
bro. Fred A.

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