Let the memory of Thomas be with us forever
  • 2 years old
  • Born on July 23, 1969 .
  • Passed away on April 11, 1972 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Thomas Cheever 2 years old , born on July 23, 1969 and passed away on April 11, 1972. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Mary Cassata on 23rd July 2016
Tommy, I never met you but I know how much you were loved by your mother. Today is your Birthday and although you were on this earth for such a short time, you live on forever in all our heats. I hope wherever all people who pass on go, that you are with my son and at peace. We talk about you and think about you and your probably the reason I'm still alive today and we never even met. RIP Tommy.
Posted by Stephen Jaeger on 11th April 2015
Tommy, not surprisingly, you continue to touch so many lives. This is the tribute to your soul.
Posted by Mary Cassata on 23rd July 2014
Dear Joanne, yet another year has gone by that you are away from your precious son Tommy but as I'm sure you know a mother and child are forever together in our hearts and in our souls every minute of every day. Again I'll say I can't even imagine the pain in your heart but yet, like the beautiful, caring, loving mother that you are to Hayleigh, Abbey and Jake you make it through each day and do the best you can to make sure your children are safe, loved and cherished. You are the strongest woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and you are an inspiration to all mothers who push through the pain each day and despite the heartache find a way to go on and nurture your three children so they can grow and become the beautiful, caring adults that they are. Tommy is with you and he loves you and guides you through your day to day struggles. Forever inside you is your beautiful son Tommy!
Posted by Mary Cassata on 11th April 2014
I can't even imagine how you feel or why Tommy had to be taken away from you. Life is cruel and sometimes it feels like we are living Hell on Earth. You have three beautiful children who love and adore you and we need to appreciate them every second of our day and enjoy them, no matter what they are putting us through! We will never know why horrible things like that happen to us but I believe that everyone we loved that has passed will be waiting for us when we get wherever that place is and you will hold Tommy and be the mother to him that you never got the chance to be!!
Posted by Di Mills on 26th November 2013
What a beautiful child! The word WHY is so very powerful .. is it not? So many unanswered questions we have until one day we are with our loved one and we can ask God WHY? Thoughts and prayers always for this family ..... much love, Di Mills.
Posted by Joel Cheever on 17th April 2013
I will never forget the day Tommy watched my father install a lock on the back door. My father went out and left his tools. Tommy took the lock off. Tommy loved playing with screwdrivers.
Posted by Susan Cheever on 12th April 2013
Tommy, I will never forget you. I have always loved and missed you.
Posted by Emilia Fierro on 11th April 2013
Tommy I wish I got the chance to meet you. Sorry you left this world before your time. I know your brother and sisters would've loved you a lot . For now watch over them and your mother RIP sweetie!
Posted by Abbey Meeker on 11th April 2013
Mom I love you so much! I know we have not had the easiest life with losing dad and all but you are such a strong woman. Even though your heart was breaking you still continued to raise us kids and look where we are all at now. I love you mom! Rip Tommy! He is looking over all of us! Xoxo
Posted by Scott Cheever on 11th April 2013
Wow that is powerful. I hope you have or will find peace, because you deserve it Joanne. I love you Tommy, Mike and you too Joanne.
Posted by Christopher Baione on 11th April 2013
I remember how sad of a day that was around the neighborhood.It means a lot to me that we (the Baione Family) were there to open our arms and hearts to help you through(even if just a little)some very difficult times.You are a wonderful person and Tommy is with God watching over you.God Bless his little soul .
Posted by Joanne Jaeger on 10th April 2013
I can't do this anymore.... Good night Tommy and Bruce......My heart hurts.......................... Fire tonight'''
Posted by Joanne Jaeger on 10th April 2013
it just didn't work in our favor. Tommy you have sooooooooooooooooo many Cheevers that love you but No more than I do. Tommy, you were my only love for everlasting.....My CHILD.... How do I say good-bye to you? I can't say it...I will never say good-bye........... U R inn m ...................
Posted by Joanne Jaeger on 10th April 2013
Tommy.. You and Bruce Hurvitz died together. He was trying to save you.... but it didn't work out that way,,,,I tried to save the both of you and it just didn't work out. I heard your screams for me, Mommy. I had to dive through 2 windows just to be able to breathe, Tommy. I thought that Bruce had gotten you out of the front door and we we meet each other.................. Inste
Posted by Joanne Jaeger on 10th April 2013
me when I get to Heaven..............Lve Mommy
Posted by Joanne Jaeger on 10th April 2013
Tonight is the night. You died. With Bruce that tried to save you and he died too..... Tommy, I hate April 11 th.................. But it makes me center myself and stop and remember you that night. I think about you every day and have since you died. It was a terrible night.............. I wish I could erase it all. But if I could I wouldn't be writing this. Please don't forget
Posted by Joanne Jaeger on 7th March 2013
be sure I will never let you out of my arms again. I'm sorry I couldn't save you from the fire. I tried so hard. You are my heart Tommy. My love. I will never forget the joy of your birth and the short 3 years we had together. YOU ARE IN MY SOUL FOREVER. Love Mommy
Posted by Joanne Jaeger on 7th March 2013
Dear Tommy. It's been so many years since we've been together. Not ONE day has gone by since then that I do not think about my little boy and remember the love I still have for you. I don't know why you had to leave me so soon. Maybe so you could meet your Father in Heaven that never even got to know you. I hope you found each other up there. Someday I will see you again and you can

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