In loving memory of Thomas and Rudine Cowley. May there spirit be with us forever!
  • 91 years old
  • Born on June 12, 1922 in Nampa, Idaho, United States.
  • Passed away on March 7, 2014 in Morgan Hill, California, United States.

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Posted by Stephen Cowley on 24th August 2017
Miss them both more everyday.
Posted by Tom Cowley on 17th June 2017
This note is to remind the world about two truly wonderful people. Tomorrow is Father's Day! I wish my dad were here so I could wish him a happy Father's Day. We could enjoy a piece a cake and some ice cream, though neither of us needed it. I would love to see my mom, before her illness. When she was still full of piss and vinegar… My heart should be lite but I feel pretty sad when I think of how much I missed them. Life goes on! Give as many people as possible A long hug. Take a deep breath and close your eyes while you hold them. Now imagine I'm hugging you, and I'll hold you close in my dreams…
Posted by Diane Cowley on 13th June 2016
My father in law was one my closest friends. We could easily talk about anything! I put this man on a huge pedestal. He laughed at the silliest things. What a huge heart he had. The stories he told about his life were endless. Asking him to tell about his life would bring honest pleasure, as he would talk, I listened to him every time, and never a duplicate story was told. I miss him.
Posted by Lisa Cowley on 12th June 2016
Happy Birthday Grandpa♡
Posted by Lisa Cowley on 13th June 2014
Grandma was more like a mother to me, she was there everyday after school to praise and feed me. She worked hard and taught me to do the same, "If you want the job done right, you have to do it yourself" she would say. Grandpa was the most gentle loving person I ever knew. He was not quick to anger and always had a beautiful way of teaching us good morals and lessons. He taught me to love all people as a brother or sister does. The two most inspirational people, had the most significant role in my upbringing! Forever thankful grandpa and grandma, for all your love and dedication. The world will never be the same. I would not be me if it were not for you two! Respect, honesty, integrity, dependability, they had it all. I hope I can be just like them one day.
Posted by Eric Bates on 5th June 2014
Tom was a truly amazing person and I will always feel very fortunate to have known him for almost 20 years. Tom was a gentle giant and a true gentleman. He and I played golf on many occasions and had many conversations over the years...I feel grateful and honored to have known he and Rudine. RIP, are already missed.
Posted by Dick & Dawn Meidinger on 16th April 2014
We knew Tom and Rudine about 40 years. Although we didn't see them often, we still knew them as true, down to earth, caring people. We are grateful to them both for having raised the perfect husband.for our daughter. I will remember Rudine for her warm, hospitable ways who always wanted to feed everyone who came to their house. She had a great sense of humor and could come up with the darndest sayings I ever heard. I admired her for the feisty ways she had when she knew she was right. Tom had a heart as big as the world. He was hard-working, strong, yet the softest, most gentle man you could ever meet. I will remember him for his kindness and tolerant loving ways, his ready smile, and especially for the way his eyes crinkled and sparkled when he laughed. He and Rudine will both be missed.
Posted by Thomas Cowley on 3rd April 2014
These two wonderful people will be dearly missed.

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