Let the memory of Tom be with us forever. He was the most generous and amazing dad, papa, brother, family member, and friend to us all.
  • 66 years old
  • Born on February 28, 1950 in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States.
  • Passed away on October 16, 2016 in Nevada, United States.

We lost our loving and generous Dad and Papa unexpectedly on Sunday, October 16th. He was doing what he loved, on a fly fishing road trip to Ely, Nevada. He passed away while resting and seemed to have died quickly, painlessly, and peacefully. He is with us and in our hearts everywhere now.

Our dad started his life in near St. Paul, Minnesota with his parents, brothers, and sister. After his childhood, he went on to attend college at St. Cloud State University and graduated with a degree in Management and Finance. He entered the "real" world with working at Schanno Transportation for many years and then moved on to the Gillette Company for another many years. He continued to work in the world of transportation in both Chicago and Las Vegas, Nevada. During the early years, he met our loving mom, Linda Fishcbach, whom he married in the early 1970s. He was a devoted husband for 39 years and a dedicated father of their 2 daughters. He was the most wonderful father who took his daughters all over the country so they could experience the world around them. He also traveled the country later in life to see his daughters along with doing a "little" fly fishing which he came to love later in life. He also got to be a Papa to his 2 granddaughters for 5 years which was his most favorite thing to be, a Papa. You probably have seen many photos of him with his grandkids:) He also had a special affinity for helping and supporting people with developmental disabilities and special needs. He would help anyone out in a heartbeat, especially his daughters and their families. He took great pride in filling up both his daughters' gas tanks when they came home to visit:)

He is preceded in death by his parents, Raymond and Donica Fischbach, and his brothers, Dennis and Raymond Fischbach. He is survived by his daughter, Elysia Fischbach (Jim Tabb) of Mono City, California, his daughter, Cassie Fischbach Kure (Matt Kure), and his 2 favorite little people, his granddaughters, Mallory and Kora Kure, daughters of Matt and Cassie. He is also survived by his sister, Donna Pomeroy (Mike Pomeroy), his brother, Peter Fischbach, his brother, Mark Fischbach, and his brother, Robert Fischbach (Kim Fischbach) along with numerous nephews, nieces, and cousins.

We miss him greatly and he will forever be with us in this world. We please invite you all to share your stories about Dad and with Dad here in this memorial for him. 

UPDATE 12.3.16:
Hi Everyone,
We will be having Dad's Celebration of Life Memorial on Friday, December 30th, 4-7pm, at the Farm Education Building at Dodge Nature Center, 1701 Charlton St. in W. St. Paul. Doors will open at 4pm and we will start the service at 4:30pm. We will have a few speakers for the service but mostly it will be a time to gather to share stories and memories of Dad. Food will be provided (one of Dad's and our family's favorite restaurant!). If you would like to share a story of Dad, please email me, Elysia, at eofischbach@gmail.com and we can see how to incorporate that into the service. Also, if you could RSVP, that would be greatly appreciated so we make sure that we don't have too little or too much of the yummy food, thank you! We hope to see you and your family to celebrate Dad's life!

Posted by Antoinette Morrow on 16th October 2017
May the peace of God be with you. Worked with my nephew Tom at Gillette.He was Davis supervisor in shipping. I babysit Tom and his brothers when they were little. Very rambunctious. RIP. Aunt Neddie
Posted by Tony Swaggerty on 14th December 2016
Lynn and I have known Tom for over 5 years now. The first day I met Tom we were riding together with 2 other guys, Keefe Cato & Jeff heading to Utah to our Men's Retreat Wild at Heart. We all go to Canyon Ridge Christian Church. It was an instant connection with Tom and I! We spent the week-end together in the cabin, fishing and praising the Lord! We swapped life stories. When we got back from the mountain it was the beginning of our eternal friendship. I cannot tell you how BIG his heart was. He was just shear amazing in always being there for me in every-way. Just a bit over a year after I had known him, he was there and helped me with my wedding to Lynn. My first wife (Doris) passed (taking a nap) in 2010. Lynn also became Tom's barber, she is a cosmetologist. I can go on and on about one of the best buddies I have ever had on this earth. He called from Ely the night before he got out of here and I missed his call. He was gone the next day before I could return his call. He was responding to me asking him to help someone that needed work. It was just his nature to help any and everyone. Faith he roomed with and I know how much he loved her. I seen him take a homeless man in. It was just his way to help you if you needed help. I know how much he loved his daughters and grandkids, always bringing us up to date whenever he saw us about them. I can just go on and on about Tom! I miss seeing the back of his head sitting in front of me at church and giving him a big hug when church was out. Lol. We have eaten at some best places! He took me everywhere with him trying to teach me his (logistics) biz. I failed, lol, went back to my Real Estate biz. I will miss all the times we where together alone going on Men Retreats just he and I together talking about everything under the sun. Lynn and I Loved him so much and we are going to miss him like all of you all. More important, he is PARADISE right now! We will see him again in the Almighty name of King JESUS! WE LOVE YOU TOM FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!
Posted by Mary Newton on 3rd December 2016
I'm happy to have been able to meet Tom over the past few years when he would come out to visit Elysia and Jim! He was always so generous and would bring plenty of goodies for our outings, Thanksgiving feasts, pie iron cook outs, etc. He is missed tremendously!
Posted by Jossie Millan on 4th November 2016
Tom and l meet at Canyon Ridge Church at our church singles group, Tom was very interested in learning about the Bible and he was regular attending to our classes, unfortunately our group was closed and we didn't have no group anymore, but Tom always was very faithful to God, he never give up in God, he still coming very regular to Sunday's services with his best friend his BIBLE under his left arm. My heart and my thoughts to all his family, l know we will see him., again in eternity Tom you are in a majesty place with a lot of angels and friends, RIP my friend
Posted by Lorrice Hogan on 21st October 2016
To the family of Thomas Fischbach I feel sad to hear the bad news of your Dad's passing. He will be missed very much. Prayers are with your family and friends and my heart and soul goes out to all that loved Tom
Posted by Melissa LaCasse on 21st October 2016
Wow, so many memories of Tom from the hours and hours I spent at the Fischbach household in high school, and then on through college when Elysia and I would be back home from Madison for vacation, or when he would stop in to visit with us. He was ALWAYS there to help us move from apartment to apartment, year after year. The constant memory for me is his generosity of spirit, his calm presence, and his interest in what we were all up to and where we were headed. He and Linda opened their home to me and tolerated countless sleepovers with lots of loud teenagers in the basement and swimming in the pool. Rest in peace Tom. Much love to the Fischbach family.
Posted by Ian Bogue on 21st October 2016
Tom and I met at Thanksgiving dinner at our house. He came over with Elysia and Linda, we got into a good, heated political argument, he ate all the gizzards I cooked up while I went on a fire call, then he silently wept at the dinner table when he found out his mother passed away. I realized he was one of us, and fit right in. The last time I saw him, he took the time to stop and check the progress on the house we're building, a small gesture that I greatly appreciated. In between, he helped me catch my first trout on a fly line, and I helped him get close-up pictures of a bald eagle. It is always a great pleasure to meet somone whose company you just enjoy, and I will miss him.
Posted by Stephanie Hake on 21st October 2016
Tom aka "Elysia's Dad" will always be one of the Eastside gang... I only had the pleasure of his company a handful of times, but he was frequently hanging out with his daughter in the Eastern Sierra. My memories are brief but synonymous with my good friend, Elysia! A BBQ or Pie Iron fest would be the genesis for a gathering of friends and E would note "my dad's in town". Great, one more added to the dynamics of the event. We'd show up most frequently to a spot at Lundy Lake for a Pie Iron fest and Tom would be there, 'elusively'. He would be off fishing (a passion that is deep in my families' roots), missing bocce, then show up in time for the feast! He definitely marched to his own drummer... His presence was a seamless fit and made for an interesting dimension to the eclectic group that would be in attendance. I always thought... "how wonderful to be off following your passion AND incorporating it with quality time with your daughter"! Tom, your passion for fishing, your smile, and jovial presence will live on in my memory for years to come! XO ~Stephanie
Posted by Antoinette Morrow on 20th October 2016
Dennis Tom And my brother Jack. I had to baby sit them because I was the oldest. Grandma Clara said I had to. We all grew up together being so close in age. Love Aunt Neddie
Posted by Kathy Miller on 20th October 2016
I worked for Tom at Schanno Transportation. He was the best. Then when he was with Gillette our paths crossed again when I was here in Denver working for PACE Membership Warehouse corporate offices and he was here to meet with the distribution center. Years went by and while I was working for a trucking company here, our sales manager was bringing the new salesman for the Vegas terminal around. Into my office the sales manager bring Tom to introduce to me!!! I immediately called my husband and told him we were having company for dinner! Time went by but we kept in touch through email, then Facebook. What a proud father and grandfather he was. He was such a good man.
Posted by Meg Fladager on 20th October 2016
Also, Elysia, ask your mom about the time your dad fell off the roof and what amazing results there were. I think I have that right!
Posted by Meg Fladager on 20th October 2016
Tom was our neighbor in Inver Grove Heights when we first built our home next door. From the get-go both he and Linda were welcoming and helpful. Of course as a newly built home, we had to put in a yard. Tom was very meticulous about his lawn. Once our sod took hold, it was a competition to see whose grass was looking good. He was very tolerant of our running, noisy kids. Of course when Elysia came along she and our Megan became good friends. Although we continued to see the Fischbach's after they moved to West St.Paul, the neighborhood was never the same.
Posted by Jim Donoval on 20th October 2016
Before Tom moved to Las Vegas, I and my wife Sharon spent hundreds of hours playing golf with Tom in Chicago. We went on several vacations with him and spent numerous evenings having dinner with him. You get to know a guy pretty well over that time period. But I will never forget the several days we spent hiking down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and then rafting through the bottom half of the Grand Canyon to Lake Mead with Tom. We got to know Elysia on that trip. I'll never forget Tom jumping off of a ledge about 40 feet and into a beautiful pool of water like a 15 year old kid, and then goading me to do it as well. As my Dad would have said "he was good people". Bless him and the Fischbach family.

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