His Life

Tom's Autobiography (written in 8th Grade)

'My Life'

It was a rather rainy night, very rainy, in the month of December, the fifth to be exact, when in the course of human events, I was born. I was the second of the crew, and since the first was a girl, I was probably brought up, at first, as sort of a sissy. But in time I was brought up to be more of a boy. Of course, as a child, my greatest joys were when Santa and the Easter Bunny came. My greatest ambition, the same as most young boys, was to become a fireman.

Not to brag, but my mother always tells me how cute of a baby I was, and how all the people used to make over me. (How Embarrassing)

I grew very fast and soon I was old enough to play guns without my mother around. But that was probably bad because the kids across the street watched too much T.V. and what they saw didn't help me. They thought because cowboys hit people over the head with guns, it was alright for them to. Therefore I better get bald, because of all the scars.

I was a very trouble making child, that was bad for me also because every holiday, especially Easter, I had a black eye. My childhood was full of fun and happiness as is most youngsters'. Finally I was old enough for a place called school s my mother told me. It sounded like fun at first because all she talked about was kindergarten and how you play, draw, make things, and have fun.

The year 1958 rolled around ant it was time for kindergarten. That went by very quickly and made me seem to like school a lot, because school was only for a half a day and it was fun.

The next year brought different thoughts. I was in the first grade and it lasted for a full day and wasn't as much fun. For one reason we had more work, less play, and a rather strict teacher, when she was in a bad mood.

I survived through the air pollution grade which was the second. It was called the air pollution grade for one serious reason, the teacher which was Miss Schaffer, took her shoes of in the classroom. I seemed to like the grade because we had pretty much fun. This was one of the most important years in my life for I made my First Holy Communion.

The third grade went fast and I liked it a lot because I liked my teacher. She was nice, her name was Sister Rose Ann. In that room, which was a split grade, we got out of a lot of class to go to the other third grade room so sister could teach religion for the second grader's First Communion.

The Fourth grade I didn't like for one of my best friends moved away. I liked my teacher a lot and had lots of fun in this class. My teacher, Sister Paul Marie, was very understanding and kind. She would let us out every day for drinks. (Can't you take a hint?)

The fifth grade I shouldn't talk about for I turned to be a juvenile delinquent. This was the best class of all for we had the most fun. And not learning fun, fun fun, because I remember an eraser fight we had for a solid month and then finally we got caught. But the ones that got the blame didn't deserve it all because the other fifth grade was in our room and it was one of their faults we were caught. For this reason, Jim Forist threw one piece of eraser at me and I threw one back and hit the teacher. She didn't like it and punished our class and not theirs.

The sixth grade I don't know what to start with. That was the first year I could play school sports so I went out for football and basketball and make the first team on both squads. In football we took the championship. Also during this year we had three different teachers Sister Andrew Marie, Miss Williams, and Miss Sweeney which during the year became Mrs. Sakora. The first teacher the sister was very strict and we learned the times tables because every punish lesson you got, you had to write the times tables. The next teacher only lasted for a week because that's all she could take. This teacher favored my friend Dale and I a lot for in the one week we had 9 punish lessons combined. The next teacher we had a lot of fun with because every day we had a debate on how she favored the girls. We always lost, but it was in the game of fun.

The seventh grade came soon and I was in athletic competition again. I joined the football, basketball, and this year track team. This year it meant a trophy for runners up in a basketball tournament. This year I had Sister Dominic for a teacher. I liked her very much  as did most of the boys, for most of the boys by this time were interested in sports as was sister. This year we started learning modern math and it seemed to come fairly easy for our teacher knew much about it. During the summer was one of the most thrilling events in my life. It is about baseball. This was my fifth year of playing this sport. I was on a team in B Knothole league called Frisch's. At first this seemed like it was going to be a long summer for all we did was practice. But as you know practice makes perfect (ALMOST). We played almost 45 games year and only lost 3, plus we practiced far too many times to count. You are probably wondering why the "almost" is up there. But it is true for we practiced and practiced for the last game if we could make it and we did make it but lost. It was the city championship at steak and we lost. Now you know why I say almost.

The eighth grade came next. The grade I am in now. My teacher is Sister Mildred the principal. She is rather nice when she is in a nice mood but all in all she is one of the nicest teachers I had. This year much went on and I played sports again and the football team came in first again. And not because we were big and strong in fact we were almost the littlest team in the league. But our desire and school spirit was the thing that made us win, and also it was our coach Clark Eads that did much to help us and in my words as far back as I remember he was the best coach Saint Matthew's ever had. Since the school year is not yet over I can't exactly tell you how much I like it. But so far it has been pretty much fun. This year we are getting ready for High School and at present and probably for sure I will attend Purcell. This year also brought very much unhappiness with the trouble we get into for breaking school rules but after all rules are made to be broken. 

And now I have no more to tell for I have not gone any further in life and as I sit here now writing this assignment I no longer wish to be a fireman but whatever I was made to be.

by Tom Gillespie