This tribute was added by Maria Cardella on May 15, 2020
In memory of Tom’s four year anniversary, I would like to honor his memory. Tom was a very dear friend and I will always treasure the memories I have of Tom teaching me all that I needed to know about being a Sacristan, stories he shared of his life and family, jokes that he told, and his love for St. Patrick’s Church.
Tom was a good man and good friend, and I will remember him always.
Rest peacefully Tom. I pray we will see each other again some day. ♥️
This tribute was added by Donna Iezzi on May 21, 2016
well dad this day came just a little before I anticipated and I want to first thank you for being a good grandfather to Dean ,Anthony and Natalie as they have many fond childhood memories because of you. I know in my heart you are truly at peace now because your back in the arms of your mother, sister and brother who you deeply missed for many years. And so I just wanted to let you know one last time that you were loved and will be missed by your children and grandchildren and many more. Now that tears of sadness have been shed. I will try to hold on to the tears of laughter we shed on pranks like sneaking in each others homes and rearranging furniture so when you came back you tripped coming in the doors wondering what happened or those dam gloves that were regifted around the family adding a new name tag every year.(haha) Or giving presents like pants with the pockets cut out or sewn shut and many more. But be careful up there I don't know if you can pull these shenanigans. rest in peace , love your daughter
This tribute was added by Natalie Iezzi on May 20, 2016
You promised to live until I graduated from high school, and I remember graduating you saying "I guess now I have to wait until you get married".. And maybe that's why I never saw this coming, because u never broke your promises to me.. But I know that if you did, it wasn't because you had a choice.. My heart is so broken and I miss you so much.. Thank you for spending all of your time with me, and for loving me the way you did.. My life is better for having had you in it. I'll never forget the look of fury mom gave you when she saw that we brought home a male orange cat, exactly what she asked us not get, and I'll also never forget how you shrugged your shoulders and said sorry Donna but that's my baby.. I'm going to miss our Mickey Mouse pancakes, all of the long shortcuts, taking "jimmy" to see Santa, and so many more.. Say hi to grandmom and bob for me.. I'll see you when I see you...I love you, be good up there..
This tribute was added by Anthony Iezzi on May 20, 2016
Well pop pop I don't know where to begin, i love you and miss you so much, I'll never forget our many trips down to beach hill fishing or when you would bring me to work with you in the summer. You were such a major part of my childhood and making it as special as it was. You were an awesome grandfather to dean,Nat and me. I wish you could have met your great grandson Mason because I know you would have made his child hood as special as mine like when you would take us to toys r us for our birthdays and tell us to pick what ever we wanted out. Those were some of the best times of my life, I want to thank you pop pop for making them so special. I love you and I'll catch you around, love your antman
This tribute was added by Donna Bolger on May 19, 2016
My memories of Martin's Uncle Tom was of him coming to Regina Bolger's home when Marty was about 14 yrs of age.Uncle Tom would visit and you could see in his face that it was a happy time for him, he would sit and share his stories but I really felt his joy came from seeing his nephew !!!
  I remember the day he drove up to the house in the "swankiest" car I had ever seen,l believe it was a Lincoln.Hewas so proud of that car and he had us all follow him outside to show us that you needed to use a "code" to open the door, he was so proud of that car and took such pride in that new car! He had his opinions on current events too, that was a challenge to hear! He had his humor too ,he could be a character
I do remember he had a kind heart and cared about his family and for Regina.His service to his church was apparent,today you are at peace.
This tribute was added by Pat Bolger on May 19, 2016
I will always remember Uncle Tom as a man who had love and pride for his family, religion, and heritage. He was always there to support and participate in all of my children's milestones. I will miss the interesting conversations we had and the numerous dinners we shared often ending with a piece of apple pie and a cup of tea. Love you!!! Love you!!! Love you!!!!! xoxox Pat

Uncle Tom, Thank you for being such an important part of my life and my families lives. You were like a grandfather to my kids. They all loved you so. You will be missed!!!! Thanks again for all you have done and for being such a great friend. Marty
This tribute was added by Maria Cardella on May 18, 2016
Tom was a dear sweet friend and mentor. Tom so loved St. Patrick's Church and shared so much of his time with me mentoring me on how to open the church, prepare the altar and make sure everything was in place before our priest arrived and what to do after they left in preparation for the next Mass. I know he only scratched the surface and I know I could have learned so much more, if only there was more time. I will so miss Tom and our many conversations about his time servicing our parish/church, our conversations about the Naval Yard and his job responsibilities, the best secretary he ever had-Dottie Matteo from St. Maria Gorretti, and his love for his family, niece, nephew and grand-daughter, and so much more. I wish I had more time to just let Tom know how I valued his friendship and mentoring. I know there is so much more to say, and no more time to say it, if only... Tom, thank you for your kind praise and encouragement and most of all for your friendship. I know you are now with our Lord and I hope to see you again someday. Rest peacefully, my dear friend. You will always be in my mind, in my word and in my heart.
Love, Maria

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