Let the memory of Thomas be with us forever
  • 61 years old
  • Born on September 15, 1950 .
  • Passed away on April 30, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Thomas Peck sr 61 years old , born on September 15, 1950 and passed away on April 30, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Sadie Bradehoft on 30th April 2017
It has been a long, but fast five years of your passing. Thre isn't a day that goes by were you're not thought of. I know you looking down on us but wish you were here to experience in person. Our life has been some what of a roller coaster, with some bads, but mostly goods. On those bad ones, I wish you were here to rest my head on your shoulders to get you advise. It's a little hard to express myself, but I love you and miss you so much!! You would be so proud of your grand children and who they have become. There isn't a day that goes by that they don't continue to amaze me. They are so smart and loving individuals and I wish you were here to see that. Love you dad, rest in peace and tell papa Rodney we miss him too! ❤
Posted by Ruth Bradehoft on 15th April 2017
My dearest Tom: Well it's about that time again you passed away on April 30th 2012 the day after our daughter Jannell's birthday. There has been so much that has happen. I'm still trying to keep up with everything here at the farm house, Sometimes i wounder if it's worth it any more. But then i get to thinking about you and Rodney and i just cant leave this house, I would feel as if i'm leaving you behind and i know that you'll be with me no matter were i'm at. I know that you come from time to time because i can smile you around. I sure wish that you were here to see our Sadie little girl Alli she is just like Sadie, She is a very fast learner and she is soo darn pretty with her brown eyes and fat little cheeks. She is now 2 yrs old and she is now being potting trained and she doing a good job at that. And your little Gregory isn't so little anymore he looks like his Dad and he is doing good but Sadie is so mead sometimes she needs to talk and not yell, And your little Eskimo Samantha she is also getting big you would be so proud and then there our Brenda she has become to be the bigger sister to her sibling she is so good you'll be proud of her too Dad, You know your so missed. Well Dad it's late and my legs hurt and i'm hungry and just so dam tried sometimes but i have to keep going, But there will be a day when you'll see each other again well Tom i love you and miss you so very much but i'll come on again soon it's 2 weeks and two days and it will be that 5 year mark, But i'll come back on and write to you so more again i love you and miss you so dam much see you soon. love Tillie..
Posted by Ruth Bradehoft on 2nd May 2016
Hello my dearest Tom: Well it's been 4years now sense you been gone.Well today is the anniversary of your passing and you are missed so very much, I know that your up there in heaven looking down at us every minute of your time. I'm sorry that i haven't been on your site that much but there been so much that been going on that i can't keep up with everything anymore it seems like it takes me forever to get anything done, On sunday both our girls came and spent the day with there love ones and we had a good dinner all together. Gregorio made up two garden box'es for Sadie she is going to try and have a garden this season, And Jannell is back staying with Sadie again. Well my Tom did you and Rodney finally meet up i sure hope yous did and you both are enjoying having each other, I'm not sure if you are heard about Kevin he had a stroke about a year or so ago and he last all feeling to his right side of his body, I'm not sure if he can ride anymore, Him and Deb had gotten married and there living at Kevin's trailer, And i'm not sure if you know that Bill got married too. I had gotten him back together with Lynn they went out with each other many years ago when they were about 18 or so not really sure what there ages were. He got himself into a little trouble and he doing sometime he got sometime due to that crazy Sue he was going out with when you were alive.I don't know how am making it some days i'm just so lost and there are days that i wished that i was were your at i'm soo tried at times i wounder if i'm gonna make it sometimes, Well my Tom it's is getting late and i should get some rest, I just wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know what been going on back here. Well my love i want to let you know how much i miss you and how much i miss hearing your voice and your love we had your so deeply missed my Thomas now i'll say i'll come back on soon and i miss you so very much it's very lonely here without you and without Rodney also well i'll see you soon my love hugs and kisses sent up to you,:) 4-30-2016
Posted by Ruth Bradehoft on 2nd May 2016
Hello again my Tom: I thought i would drop a few lines to you to let you no what is all going on around here. I'm sitting up in our bedroom not doing much expect thinking way to much again, I'm gonna cut more grass tomorrow you know how fast it can grow. Everyone here are all sleeping so its nice and quite around here, Plus i have t.v. on and of course there is noting on, So i hope that your doing good and that your keeping your eyes open around here for us we don't want anything to happen here for us so please keep your eyes open and to some how let us nknow when there is something up ok please and thanks, Well my love i'm gonna let you go but i'll be back on soon ok and take care and bless you my love miss you muches baby. 5-2-2016
Posted by Sadie Bradehoft on 1st May 2016
It's been a long four years dad! We miss you like crazy! I know you're looking down on us, but I wish you were still here. There is not a day that goes by where I'm not thinking about you. Rest in peace, love Sadie.
Posted by David Bock on 23rd July 2015
tom I always loved you like the Brother I never had I miss you every day thought I talk to you all the time. I think you know how I feel about you. I went to Lake Elmo the day I herd you died and it hit me so hard that I could never go any where to see you again even though we were lived next to each other,We were best friends for 65 years its so hard to take . I hope I'm with you soon Brother I miss riding Harleys with you ! You sold me my first one the 65 Sporty I love you Tommy and I always will! I'm sorry for every time I hurt you or let you down. God bless you where ever you are go softly .I love you Brother! Munchkin.
Posted by Ruth Bradehoft on 27th June 2014
Well I haven't been on this site for some time now. But I would like to Thank all yous for your tributes to Tom's memorial site. We miss and love him so very much may you rest in peace "Tom" Your gone but your never forgotten we all miss you!!!
Posted by Sam Picotte on 22nd February 2014
Dear Rugie, I'm glad you found happiness, if only for a while. God bless you and yours. S.
Posted by Sadie Bradehoft on 15th September 2013
Well today dad would have been the big 63! Happy Birthday dad. Some day we will be together. There isn't a day that goes by that you are not on my mind. Rest in Peace dad. We love and miss you! I also want to let you know that your grand kids keep talking about you and will never forget about you!
Posted by Ruth Bradehoft on 2nd August 2013
Well my Tom: As of July 30 2013,It as been a very long 15 months sense you passed away from the cancer. There been days were I didn't think I was going to make it without you here I was having a real hard time after a while I was starting to give up with life I just didn't care about any thing any more, I was giving up on myself and plus my health wasn't getting any better.
Posted by Ruth Bradehoft on 12th May 2013
Well my "Thomas" you've pass'ed a year ago now on this day of april 30 2012, You are forever miss'ed and Love'd,The days go by and your always in my thoughts,I miss you so very much!All those's little actions you had about youself and how you were so happy about when you did all those little projects how you were so happy that you did it on your self,MissYou and Love you, Your Tiilie,

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