Thomas (Tomas) Jermyn
  • 64 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 2, 1951
  • Place of birth:
    Rochester, New York, United States
  • Date of passing: Jan 5, 2016
  • Place of passing:
    Arcata, California, United States
In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. - Abraham Lincoln

Dedicated to, and in memory of, a dear loved one, Thomas Jermyn. Thomas was a sturdy, witty and lovable man; he will be dearly missed by all his friends and family. This memorial website was created as a place for all of Thomas' family and friends to share their thoughts, photographs and stories. Thomas' sisters have contributed a lovely biography that can be read under the 'His Life' tab.

Please contribute whatever reflections your heart would like, by first registering & creating a password with the website via your e-mail account, then using the 'tribute', 'photos' and 'stories' tabs on this page. Your thoughts are most welcome, many thanks..


Friends & loved ones are invited to attend a ceremony for Thomas at

12:00pm on Saturday, February 27, 2016, at the

Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 24 Fellowship Way, Bayside, Ca. 

 The ceremony will include time for folks to share their love & reflections for Thomas, & will be followed by a potluck in his honor. Please bring a song, a thought or photo, and a tasty dish to share. 

~If you have any questions or input regarding the upcoming memorial, please send an e-mail to the following address:  thomasjermyn_memorial@mail.com

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by lois jermyn on 5th January 2018

"Two years and I still miss you, perhaps even more, as every day I remember another nugget from our shared past that brings you ever closer to my heart. I missed the gingerbread houses this year - just couldn't do them without you to share with. I wish I could hug you just one more time. Okay, the tears are starting and I'm remembering that Clapton song "there will be no more tears in heaven." I sure hope not.  I love you my beloved brother. Always, Skipper"

This tribute was added by carol pridgeon on 5th January 2018

"Tears are streaming down my face.  I am happy for you...sad for me.  What a loss.  Sending streams of love into space...hoping that you catch them all.  Namaste'"

This tribute was added by Amy Jermyn on 6th January 2017

"Dearest Brother, a year has not eased my sadness that you are no longer able to walk this earth and we cannot share in one another’s lives.  Many miles separated us for most of our adult lives.  But knowing your life was filled with dear friends and good adventures was always a consolation.  Cards, letters, phone conversations, email, eventually texts, kept us in touch over the years.  But it was best when we could sit and visit face to face. Time spent together was not frequent and too often many months or even years, would pass. But often you did make it “home” for the holidays, bringing joy to your mom and sisters’ Christmases. This December I was especially sad knowing I would not see you coming up my walk and that the empty spot in front of my house would not be filled with your car.

I am glad I did not have to watch Mom suffer the sorrow of knowing you would not be here for Christmas this year.  She was so unwell on your birthday she was not able to process the sadness of marking that day with you gone.  If the afterlife grants our spirits the chance to reunite with our loved ones, it is comforting to believe you are both now  shining on in the everlasting light.  Perhaps a Gerling Christmas was in order for 2016, with Gramps and Mom ensuring a good time for family already in the hereafter.

Forever you are in my heart.  Forever you are missed."

This tribute was added by Ruby Holladay on 5th January 2017

"You are still very much missed and when I walk through the neighborhood past the house where you lived, I think of you.  I know you are happy and free from burdens now living in the light...Thank You for all the laughter and love we shared when once you walked the Earth."

This tribute was added by carol pridgeon on 5th January 2017

"Gosh, Ok, I have your picture on my wall.  As Mrs. Doubtfire.....every time I pass by the last home you lived in my heart lurches.  I often just want to  knock on the door to see if you answer.  Buddy, how loved and how missed you are by all who knew you.  Thanks for being my friend.  Namaste'"

This tribute was added by lois jermyn on 5th January 2017

"Well, it's been a year and I can't say it's gotten any easier living without you. I think of you every day and find myself wanting to hear your sage voice helping me stumble down my own road, hoping I can do it with your loving style.  I love you more every day. Love, Skipper"

This tribute was added by Emelia Berol on 5th January 2017

"In loving memory"

This tribute was added by Daniel Draskinis on 10th February 2016

"I had the pleasure of living with Tomas and our good friend Shar-Lo Kelly for an amazing fun filled 6 months, and beyond that we have had many dinner parties and amazing experiences. He has been suffering a lot these past few months, and he no longer needs to. He is with Spirit/God/Allah whatever you want to call it now. He has been a source of wisdom, guidance, and support for me on my journey. He has been a father, friend, and brother to me. The last message I got from Tomas was this: "I love you, Daniel. Just wanted to remind you." He was ready for the great transformation."

This tribute was added by Sybil Matus on 10th February 2016

"Dear, dear Thomas,  what a time we had.  You always carried the heaviest pack but, we got over the Continental Divide and slept where we could hear the glacier talk all night.  You could always start a fire when it had been raining, and raining, and raining.  No more sadness.  Happy trails.  Much love, Sybil"

This tribute was added by Emelia Berol on 6th February 2016

"Thomas, I was already missing you, and now where have you gone?
No one makes chai like you do. Those Indian dinners were good, I will watch some Bollywood in your honor. Ever since meeting you back there on Union St, when you were Bob's roommate, I have loved how patient and kind you are. It was always a treat to see you in town, but it had been awhile and now I know why. Be in Peace dear friend, you are well remembered."

This tribute was added by Suzanne Dunning on 5th February 2016

"Thomas you were such a gentle mountain. I will always miss you. Thank you for keeping your spark alive so that others could be reminded of theirs. So gentle, so generous, so gracious. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous key lime tarts with me.  Thank you for teaching me that such generosity and grounded attention exists in the world.
keep burning brightly."

This tribute was added by Ruby Holladay on 4th February 2016

You were a Gentleman in every sense of the word.  I will always remember the time I ran into you at dusk near the Vietnamese Restaurant.  You had just finished dinner and I was walking home after an errand.  You said, "Would you like me to walk you home?".  So we chatted and strolled together.  Another time during the day, we were walking side by side toward our respective homes and you said, "I'll move to the outside closest to the curb.  Such a gallant Lad you were.
Thank You for your integrity and respect.  Thank you for your wit...we had some great laughs together as a result of it.  Your "cut to the chase" communication was so refreshing.  I miss you immensely, but sometimes I feel your presence in the beauty of nature.  When the sun is shining, I have visions of you smiling down on all of us who were TRULY blessed to have met you.  I know you've got a Scrabble Parlor somewhere in the sky, my friend, and you are probably beating the pants off of all those angels clamoring to meet you.  I thank my lucky stars I had the pleasure of knowing you, Sir Thomas."

This tribute was added by Joan Dunning on 29th January 2016

"Thomas….. you had a way, because of your formality, of making time stand still for a moment with a smiled greeting.  "Hello, Joan."  I suspect that your dignity and presence awakened consciousness in others who also loved you for your warmth.  Thank you for projecting an aura of well-being, even while it was clear in your eyes that your wisdom was the product of both joy and suffering.  Rather than miss you, let's remember you here on our streets, making the day pause for a hug."

This tribute was added by Ellen Golla on 28th January 2016

"Thomas was genuinely one of the kindest people I've ever met. It was always such a happy moment, to turn a corner at the store and see his twinkling eyes and smile. But it was often hard to stop and get in a quick chat -- since everyone knew Thomas! Soon a steady stream of people would be coming by for a hug and to say hello as well. For someone who claimed to like solitude, he sure had a lot of friends who loved him. Arcata feels so much emptier now."

This tribute was added by lois jermyn on 25th January 2016

"There are no words that could ever take the place of all that you mean to me - my most beautiful brother and best friend. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I will miss you every minute of every day. You will forever be in my heart. Love you much, Skipper"

This tribute was added by Teri Daley on 22nd January 2016

"Thomas, my friend, I will sure miss seeing your smiling face. Thank you for all the hugs, warmth & laughter.. You have ventured onto another beautiful path in the woods, & while you are off exploring, your friends will keep the home fires lit & hold you close to their hearts."

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