Posted by Diana Solinas on October 15, 2014
Tom ...3 years wow... When I think of the good times we had it makes me happy..then I remember your gone and the hurts starts again..miss you old guy..don't give the Angels a hard time Up there..your still missed dearly...
Posted by Bobbie Dougert on October 8, 2014
It's hard to believe it's been three years since your smiling spirit left us for your place in the clouds. I'm sure you keep the angels smiling (or groaning!) ...
Posted by Jay Gazzier on February 4, 2014
Happy Birthday are missed by all...
Posted by Amanda Young on May 22, 2012
It has taken me this long to write because I just can't help but still miss you. You were not only like a second father and uncle, but an incredible human being to have been Blessed to know. You were an amazing friend to my father and you can never be replaced. I'm so sorry you had to leave us so soon but we will be together again in eternity with you and all the Glory. Till we meet again!
Posted by Art Zadrozny on February 3, 2012
Born on Ground Hogs Day! Somehow that seems just so Tom.

Miss you! Hope the Poker is a good where you are. Keep the cards warm, we will be with you eventually.
Posted by Melody Sills on December 3, 2011
Tom was always there with a friendly smile, helpful hand and warm laughter. You only needed to spend one afternoon with him to know that he had a big heart and a great love of life and people. The glow that he had was contagious and April, Alicia and everyone who he loved will always benefit from his life and the memories that will never leave them. Rest with the angles, my friend...
Posted by Fred Gesiorski on October 31, 2011
It was great running into Tom at work. He always had a smile and some wry observation about the state of work or life that would make me chuckle. It was a real shock to learn of his passing. He was always so full of life.
Posted by Ted Jakubowski on October 30, 2011
Tom and I go back as far as the 7th grade. We shared many good times, many laughs and a lifetime of adventures. Tom was a best friend and he will be truly missed. I was glad to have Tom as friend. God bless ! You'll always be remembered.
Posted by Cyndi Confer Koehler on October 22, 2011
I will always remember sitting at my kitchen table watching chess being played by men who thought they were masters. Mr. Novack you will be missed, you rasied beautiful daughters who are a tribute to you. You brought happiness to those around you, who could ask for more?
Posted by Leslie Yoskin on October 21, 2011
Join us on Sunday, Nov. 6th, from 2-5pm for a "celebration of life" service at the Newlin Grist Mill (219 S Cheyney Rd, Glen Mills, PA). The atmosphere will be cozy, yet rustic. Warm yourself by the fire, as we share great memories of Dad. Questions? email
Posted by Jeanne Dixon on October 20, 2011
I met Tom, April and Alicia after April joined our Scranton, PA Merrill Lynch office. I wish I could have known him longer - lots of laugh - wonderful to be around. He will be missed. With deepest sympathy for all. Fondly, Jeanne Dixon
Posted by HArold Sorgenti on October 19, 2011
Tom was great to work with and a great contributor to Arco Chemical Commpany. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends. Hal Sorgenti
Posted by Steve Katcher on October 18, 2011
I didn't know Tom really well, but every time I was around him he made me and others feel like they were his best friends. Knowing how much April loved him told me how good a human being he was and how much he would be missed. God bless Tom and his whole family.
Posted by Crystal Kirby on October 18, 2011
Tom was an extraordinary man with an extraordinary heart and kind spirit.I will forever remember the great times and laughs that we shared together. You are greatly missed my friend.
Posted by sally hodges on October 18, 2011
Tom, April and Alicia were the first friends we made when we moved to Pennsylvania. They welcomed the Texas with open arms:). Tom showed us the ropes and how to have fun and love life on the east coast. Thank you for the wonderful memories. God's speed.
Posted by David Cheak on October 18, 2011
I was so very sad to hear of Tom's passing. The Merrill Lynch Family will miss Tom very much. I can never foget the wonderful memories we had with Tom during the Galleria Complex softball competitions. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Jerry Bullano on October 17, 2011
Tom and I commued to Cenetre Square in the mid eighties.
He had a favorite saying," If you want to get to the office on time, you have to be willing to risk a fender! And he meant it! I'll miss him immensely.
Posted by Jerry Bullano on October 17, 2011
Tom lived right around the corner when he worked downtown Philly. We use to commute together before 95 was completed. His favorite saying was "if you want to get to Center Square on time, you have to be willing to risk a fender!" He was an unforgettable character.I'll miss him!
Posted by Charles Bonney on October 17, 2011
So sorry to hear of Tom's death. He was a great guy, and I really enjoyed working with him at ARCO. When I worked in the plants he was always a great support and help to us. My very best wishes and sympathy to his family. Peace and comfort in your sorrow, Charles Bonney
Posted by Bobbie Dougert on October 17, 2011
A bright and spirited candle snuffed out way too soon. You will be missed.
Posted by Jay Gazzier on October 17, 2011
Tom was full of Life and Energy...What a Great Guy to have known... God Bless you Tom!
Posted by on October 17, 2011
Tom was one of a kind. He worked hard and he played hard and he always brought laughter and smiles to those around him.
Posted by jim tarangelo on October 16, 2011
Always enjoyed working with Tom.Great guy with a very postive attitude who always got the job done.
Posted by Anthony Paul on October 16, 2011
Tom was a faithful and generous friend who could always lift your spirits with his irreverant humor. We are disconsolate at not having been able to see him in August as we had hoped. Tony and Pilly
Posted by Don Orenbuch on October 16, 2011
I will always remeber Tom's good humor and the many laughs we had together. The world needs more smiles like his.
Posted by Art Zadrozny on October 16, 2011
Thanks for being a good friend.
Posted by Toni Solinas on October 14, 2011
Hey Tom!,
I really miss you,You always kept my dad occupied and happy. You were one of the funniest people I ever met too! You were like a second dad to me. I cant wait to see you again at the gates of heaven one day. We all love you!
Posted by Diana Solinas on October 12, 2011
the solinas family will miss tom very much, tom was our best friend and a part of our family, and always will be. tom brought such joy to everyone.we will miss him dearly.
Posted by Lauren Black on October 12, 2011
We are all so sad you have left this world but we will rejoice because you are now in Heaven with peace and happiness. We love you and will always remember all the great times we shared with you! You were a wonderful man. Xo

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