Let the memory of Thomas M Bam Bam be with us forever
  • 42 years old
  • Born on February 27, 1970 in Marenisco, Michigan, United States.
  • Passed away on May 6, 2012 in Marenisco, Michigan, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Thomas M Bam Bam Charles 42 years old , born on February 27, 1970 and passed away on May 6, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Dorothy Kumma on 27th February 2016
Dear Jackie, I think of you so much and am missing you. I hope to be home this summer. Hugs for you and we all miss Bam Bam. Give Tom a hug too. Love you both
Posted by Jackie Charles on 14th July 2015
Tommy I think of you every day and can only wish that you are looking down on us and seeing the love you have left behind. You have the sweetest little Grandson. His name is Lincoln but then I guess you already know that. You are missed terribly by your dad and me. I will always love you and keep you close to my heart. I found your feather yesterday. Thank you son. Keep the pennies and feathers coming. It helps me get through the days. I love you son.
Posted by Kim Adams on 12th May 2015
Nephew, Auntie loves and misses you so much. You and Susie were and are such a big part of my life. I remember all the great family moments we all had growing up, we were lucky to grow up with so much love in our family. I think about you often and still can see you waiting for your Auntie to come to town, you are sitting at the end of your Bar, I walk in the door and you say Auntie is here, and I get one of those great bear hugs. I am so prould of all you accomplished. Your memory will live on forever. Love Aunt Kim
Posted by Dorothy Kumma on 6th May 2015
Thinking of you today. May you have a blessed day
Posted by Jackie Charles on 27th April 2015
Son I think of you every day and wish that you were here. I am always looking in the heavens to see if I can see you. You left such a big hole in all our lives. Your dad and I will always miss you and love you. I love finding penny's. They make me feel like you are thinking of me. Love you son.
Posted by Jackie Charles on 19th January 2015
Tommy, I wanted to let you know I love you and miss you so much. I hope the Angels are taking good care of you. Life just is not the same with you not here. Please Dear Lord, watch over our son. Love Mom and Dad.
Posted by Jackie Charles on 28th December 2014
Tommy another Christmas has gone by and you were missed by us. It seems so unreal that the heart will not heal. I find peace in talking with your best friend Tony.he misses you as much as we do and it's great to know of things you had planned. It would have been wonderful if it had all worked out for you. You are only a prayer away. Love you son.
Posted by Jackie Charles on 3rd November 2014
I will always love you and keep you close to my heart. I miss you son and so does your dad. God please send our blessings to our son and let him know how much we love him and miss him.
Posted by Jackie Charles on 28th October 2014
Tommy, I sure miss our rides through the woods this time of the year. I miss you so much. God bless you son and all those that love you and miss you. Love Mom
Posted by Dorothy Kumma on 27th October 2014
It is the things that we get at funny times that really matter. Keep looking they are always there. May a butterfly your way today. Hang in there Cuz
Posted by Jackie Charles on 26th October 2014
Tommy, your dad and I still miss you terribly. Life just isn't the same. The pain will forever be with us. Met with Tony yesterday and he left us with such great memories of all the great times. I pray you are in a wonderful home and you keep sending us little things so we know that you are still by our side. We will always love you and you will always be in our daily thoughts. Love Mom and Dad
Posted by Dorothy Kumma on 6th May 2014
Two years seems like forever and then just yesterday. Things are not the same for A lot us. I pray for your mother and send her prayers ..
Posted by Peggy Charles on 27th February 2014
Another birthday without you. I cried myself to sleep last night . Woke up this morning and read a post our Jennifer wrote about you and cried again . If a person is lucky? They find that one person they can't live without . You will always be mine . I just carry you in my heart each and every day. I look at pictures of you all the time . Sometimes they make me smile , a lot of times they make me laugh , then I cry .....AGAIN! On the hardest of all days ? I do "our thing " - I call ya a jerk and snuggle up with your favorite t shirt, close my eyes and can feel you holding my hand and snuggling close . Forever my one, my only and my everything . Love love love you.
Posted by Dorothy Kumma on 27th February 2014
Sometimes a things happen and leave a great hole. You are one of these things. There are things that will never be the same but we all have to go on each and every day..Miss ya cuz!!!!
Posted by Peggy Charles on 14th February 2013
Oh Tommy-I sometimes think this is getting worse instead of easier. I cry all the time now - it's getting harder and harder to hold back all this pain- to be strong. I miss you so much. I miss how we snuggled each and every night as I stared into your blue eyes telling u how much I love u. The day u left? You took my heart with you
Posted by Peggy Charles on 14th February 2013
I worry about your parents. We all seem to be just going thru the motions of living - without enjoying life itself. You brought so much to the lives of the people who surrounded you. It is hard - awful - to be your survivor. I often find myself wishing that time would race by-so that i could be in your arms again. Yet I do as you told me to - I push forward no matter how difficult it is.
Posted by Peggy Charles on 14th February 2013
People still seem to think their pain is worse. No- we all hurt - we all mourn. The kids and I are making sure the party you started never fades away. I wish somehow I could make your Mom and Dad understand how much you wanted them to look after your bar. But their pain is too great - and I do not have the strength to even gently nudge them to understand what u wanted. I miss them. I luv u
Posted by Peggy Charles on 6th October 2012
5 months later and we continue to shed a river of tears. I miss you so much Tommy. For your parents? I pray they find peace.Today I share with all.. my love's favorite flower? Yellow daffodils. The first flowesr he gave me-sneaking them from Raisanen's yard when we were 16. The last thing he & the kids would say to each other every night? Love you, Good Night, Sweet Dreams.
Posted by Peggy Charles on 21st August 2012
Dear Tommy, Every night I pray that you are in a beautiful place, holding our daughters in your arms, surrounded by people who love you & whom you love. The kids & I are lost-yet we try so hard to push forward for you. Life may move forward...but we carry you in our hearts wherever we go.
Posted by Peggy Charles on 12th June 2012
The first time I held your hand I was 15 years old. When we turned 16 the Home Ec teacher told us we would marry each other some day. Remember how we both laughed? We would break up to make up. Write each other love notes that said "you are my heart, my soul, my one ... my only....my everything. Our last note still sits in our room.. we wrote it 6 weeks ago. Always my heart ,my life-my luv
Posted by Jacqueline Charles on 1st June 2012
When I look at this picture, I wish i would have had one last time to have your arm around me. You will always be remembered as a son who gave his best to others and did the best you could. You bought so much joy into our lives and I will always miss that part of our lives. Son, I love you dearly and miss you. Love you Mom
Posted by Jacqueline Charles on 31st May 2012
Son, it hasn't gotten any easier. I keep waiting for you to come home. I expect to see you pull in the yard and ask what's for supper. I look at all your businesses and you are no longer there. I am at a lost place in my life and don't know where to go from here. I love you and miss you. One nice thing to look forward to is TJ is graduating and walking with his class. That;s a miracle.
Posted by Jacqueline Charles on 22nd May 2012
There will never be anyone to replace the love I have for my son. I miss you and pray that someday the pain of losing you will somehow not be so heavy on my heart. I keep asking myself why did you have to leave us at such a young age when you had so much work to do here. I know how much you loved your dad and me.. You showed it everyday. I pray you are in heaven and in a better place.
Posted by Cherie (MacLeod) Bayer on 19th May 2012
Thomas, I knew you as a young boy. Watching you grow, and amazed on how you were such a little toughie. I was married to your Uncle Mark, and we enjoyed all our moments with you. Your sister seemed to always watch out over you. You both had such a bond. Although I left the family, you and your sister and Mother and father were and still is, always in my heart. Watch out over your momma!

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