Posted by Chelsea Pugh on August 29, 2021
I miss you Dad.
Posted by Chelsea Pugh on July 29, 2021
Mark's building Lego sets, Tot's getting married, and I'm holding it together.

Vanessa and I are both starting college this semester.

Davy's voice is starting to crack and he's the tallest one in the house now. I wonder if he will be as tall as Pepper.

I miss you, Dad.
I love you
Posted by Chelsea Pugh on June 20, 2021
It's not a very happy Father's Day but we are happy, Dad.
I know you would want us to be.

I can hear your voice saying, "Give the kiddos a hug".

I remember how you even told me Happy Father's Day sometimes.

I miss not being able to call you up and talk.

I've been painting the little wooden planes I ordered back in January for your flower arrangement.
I'm doing one like a Blue Angel and the other like a Thunderbird.

Vanessa, Davy, and I love you.
Posted by Chelsea Pugh on June 10, 2021
I got the sax back today, Dad.
It was a fitting day...your birthday.

They said this particular horn has the "warble effect" due to the way the lowest chamber is designed.

The 70's were a time for experimentation I imagine ☮️

I miss you Dad.

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