88th Birthday Party - Back Yard
Thomas Saaty
  • 91 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 18, 1926
  • Place of birth:
    Mosul, Iraq
  • Date of passing: Aug 14, 2017
  • Place of passing:
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
He changed the way we measure things.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Thomas Saaty, 91, born on July 18, 1926 and passed away on August 14, 2017. We will remember him forever.  Please join us for a memorial in the November timeframe to commemorate Tom (more information to come).  We hope that you will plan on attending ISAHP 2018 in July in Hong Kong www.isahp.org and you can look for all things AHP and ANP at www.creativedecisions.net

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Kathy Alstrin on 24th February 2018

"Dearest family of Dr. Saaty, My heartfelt grief for the loss of this wonderful man! I was privileged to have taken his last course shortly before his passing. He thought I was goofy for asking him to sign my copy of his books... now I'm so glad I did. What an amazing spirit!"

This tribute was added by Leopoldino Vieira on 10th February 2018

"I did not personally know Dr. Thomas Saaty, but I knew through his work the Analytical Hierarchical Process - AHP that he shared with me in his writings, as well as the Analytical Network Process (ANP). Works that help me and also the decision makers to find a solution that best suits their goals as well as understanding the problem. Relying on mathematical models and psychology (The Psychology of Fonts) he formatted a combination of data judgments, mainly used to analyze complex decisions.
Prof. Dr. Leopoldino Vieira

This tribute was added by Harwinder Singh on 8th January 2018

"Professor Tom Saaty a great personality. I met him during ISAHP 2014. No words to express....A real GEM."

This tribute was added by Sam Sharp on 29th December 2017

"My first introduction to the name Saaty was through his book 'Non-linear Mathematics' which I studied in the seventies.

I next encountered it when I became interested in the AHP and attended the 2009 ISAHP in Pittsburgh, principally to meet him.
During my first conversation with him I mentioned that my AHP students tended to guess the priorities at the lowest levels of the hierarchy.  His response was to punch me in the stomach and say "That is not AHP!"  

Another lasting memory relates to the last day of the symposium when he invited me to sit alongside him during a discussion session.  This was apparently a reward for making a speech on behalf of all the overseas participants the previous evening on the river cruise, thanking him, Rozann and the organisers for their hospitality.  During the discussion I ventured an opinion on something.  He apparently approved because he leaned over toward me and whispered.  "I could kiss you but I don't want to embarrass you.'

The four days in Pittsburgh were amongst the most memorable of my entire career.  

With his wisdom, humour and intellect Professor Saaty cast a spell over the entire decision-making community from which we will all continue to benefit."

This tribute was added by Michael Promentilla on 6th December 2017

"Dear Prof. Saaty,

You are such an inspiration to me..a great mentor and a creative scientist. Although I have not met you personally, it is indeed my privilege to have known you more than a decade through your books and papers on AHP and ANP while I was doing my postgraduate studies in Japan. The theory and tools you have developed played a significant role in my scientific and academic career, and I will always remember and honor you everytime I teach and use AHP/ANP in my class here in the Philippines.

Thank you for your "beautiful mind" and I will always be grateful for your legacy, and I wish in another time, or perhaps in another parallel world, I would have the opportunity to converse with you in person and learn more about life and decision theory in particular.

Yours truly,
Michael Angelo B. Promentilla
Professor of Chemical Engineering
De La Salle University
Manila Philippines"

This tribute was added by Angel Coca on 4th December 2017

"Operations Research is Math and Professor Saaty used mathematics to create AHP an useful method in decision theory."

This tribute was added by Daniel Aviles on 29th November 2017

"" Knowing more does not guarantee that we understand better..." - Thomas L. Saaty, "Decision making with the analytic hierarchy process", Int. J. Services Sciences, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2008. Genius! I never met you but your work was (and still is) an inspiration for my development as a researcher. Peace to the family and a sincere condolence."

This tribute was added by Nzinga René on 21st November 2017

"I never met Prof. Thomas Saaty in person. I remember some years ago I was trying to apply Mathematics to real-world problems and I had this awesome privilege to receive some materials related to AHP/ANP from my supervisor who also suggested me to write to Prof. Saaty for a particular problem I had with the theory.

To my surprise, despite my poor English, he and Mrs. Saaty replied my email so fast, answering my question and even sent some other materials. I was astonished for being the very first email I received from a scientist.

I am thankful for his support and effort for providing an efficient scientific theory which helped me to use numbers for consistent decisions. My deepest condolences to the family and friends. My the peace of the Lord Jesus be with you all."

This tribute was added by Mohamed Shalaby on 12th November 2017

"Long time ago, in Summer 1972, this man introduced me to Operations Research at Cairo University. I listend as a newly graduate IE to him in Queueing theory, to Dantzig in LP, to Elmaghraby in networks, to Mangazarian in NLP, to Taha in IP, to Kamal el-Din in simulation, who were  supporting our new MSc program voulantarily. He was among our distinguished grand dadies who made us love what decision making is and make it our career. His book, Queueing theory, was "The reference" for my generation in stochastic processess 45 years ago. I enjoyed the character, the drive, the motives, and the scientist. I, at 71 years old, realize through his rich trip what giving is. May Allah bless his soul."

This tribute was added by David Taylor on 11th November 2017

"A truly great man amongst men.  The one person, more than any other, who encouraged me to take and pass my PhD.  Sitting in his house discussing things intangible over lunch, remains one of my fondest and uplifting memories.  So sorry to hear of Tom's passing.  My thoughts are with the family.  Rest In Peace, a real genius, Professor Thomas Saaty."

This tribute was added by Theo Dijkstra on 1st November 2017

"Professor Saaty was one of those truly great scientists who used  their outstanding gifts and talents for the service of mankind. I respect him deeply. I fondly remember his very kind and helpful response to a query of mine, three decades ago, a query of a young person he had never met.  
My sincere condolences to Professor Saaty's family and friends. He will remain an inspiration to us all."

This tribute was added by Angel Zang on 30th October 2017

"Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I took Dr. Saaty's class over 10 years ago and was thoroughly amazed; it changed the way everyone thought about making decisions. I was impressed by him and appreciated his generosity in sharing his work and his family-Rozann and John have helped me with projects over the years, too. I have hoped many times that the people making the most difficult decisions know about his work and use it, too. I check out John's clients and the conference info sometimes, just to see what the world's best and brightest are doing with it."

This tribute was added by Miroslaw Dytczak on 22nd October 2017

"I would like to expres my deepest condolences to the family.
Great teacher, great scientist, great men forever."

This tribute was added by Konstantinos Kirytopoulos on 19th October 2017

"A farewell to one of the most important contributors of the MCDA family. You will be sorely missed."

This tribute was added by José Manuel Magallanes on 12th October 2017

"Profesor Saaty será por siempre una gran figura en el mundo de la ciencia; y siempre permanecerá fijo en los recuerdos de aquellos que tuvimos la suerte de conocerlo y estrechar su mano. Lo extrañaré mucho, será muy raro llegar a Pittsburgh y darme cuenta que no podré pasar a visitarlo ni a disfrutar de su hospitalidad.

Professor Saaty will a world science figure forever; and he will always stay in the memory of those lucky ones who met him and shook his hand. I will miss him so much... It will be very odd to arrive in Pittsburgh, and realize I will not be able to see him and neither enjoy his hospitality."

This tribute was added by henry A donegan on 10th October 2017

"Tom was a man of unequaled distinction.  I had the honour of meeting him on a number of occasions and on each meeting he contributed to my decision making philosophy. I have to thank him for providing a learning base for countless PhDs. Bless you Tom Saaty."

This tribute was added by András Farkas on 7th October 2017

"I would like to express my sincerest condolences to the family on the passing of Professor Saaty. His distinguished academic achievements in maths and decision theory and some personal meetings with him in Pitt have helped me to make a modest contribution to multiple criteria decision making. Let him rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Syafrizal Maludin on 1st October 2017

"Thank you for outstanding achievement and contribution to the world of knowledge."

This tribute was added by Thomas Harker on 1st October 2017

"Thomas Saaty: my namesake. (Although his first reaction upon hearing this from his daughter Emily in 1986 was, "But I'm not dead yet!"). I'll never be able to fill your shoes, Grandpa, but I see more of you in me as I grow older, and am so blessed. Don't know whether it's genetics or the selective environmental pressures of the Saaty back porch: memorizing Renaissance artists (with quizzes of course), talking at length about God and the universe (I faked my way through most of those conversations, parroting back your big words and ideas until I understood half of them), laughing and always learning. Grandpa, I don't know if this world will ever again have a man of your character, but please continue to bless us with bits and pieces of it both inside ourselves and in the people we meet. I love you."

This tribute was added by Chinh Luu on 14th September 2017

"Prof. Thomas L. Saaty was so kind. He replied my emails with helpful comments on AHP model and AHP pairwise comparisons in my research although he did not know me. He is a famous professor and I am a student in a poor country. I am always grateful for his kindness. Rest in peace Professor Thomas Saaty, a great personality."

This tribute was added by Syarif Hidayat on 13th September 2017

"I have never personally met  Prof Saaty, but I read some of his books and many papers concerning AHP-ANP. When researching for my dissertation I used Fuzzy-AHP method due to the complexity of the problem and data I needed to analyze, as well the many respondents with diverging opinions on the subject matters.

Thank you Prof Saaty for developing such a useful method for researchers around the world.

As a lecturer I noticed that many of my students go for the same method I used (AHP-ANP) without being instructed. That indicated that the method is so popular and not that hard to understand and use.

Dr Syarif Hidayat - lecturer in the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Al Azhar Indonesia - in Jakarta, Indonesia"

This tribute was added by Mark Ridgley on 7th September 2017

"I am terribly sorry to hear of Tom's passing.  What a loss not only for his close family, and for all of us who knew and loved him, but also for humanity in general.  His drive to make the world a better place through the intelligent and humane application of mathematics--and to make math, especially through the AHP, the servant of mankind rather than lord over it, is sorely needed and will be greatly missed.

His example and sage advice provided much guidance and mentoring for my own professional development, and I will be forever grateful. His humanity, generosity, and genuine caring touched my life immeasurably.  I will miss him dearly and treasure the times we spent together.  Sharing belly-aching laughs with him surely ranks near the top of those times.  He'll remain one of the bright beacons of my life."

This tribute was added by Nina Szklennik on 3rd September 2017

"I was privileged to know him. He taught me so much.
A beautiful mind, the best mentor, full of love and inspiration. Thank you for everything that you have done for me, for us, for the world.
I miss you. I am so sad."

This tribute was added by Sikuade Jagun on 1st September 2017

"Emanation and absorption. Tom Saaty, the Genius, the Master, the Kind."

This tribute was added by John Saaty on 1st September 2017

"Tom remembered in the obituaries section of the newsletter of the International Society for Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM).  Thanks to Luis Vargas for his thoughtful contribution.

Dear members of the International Society on MCDM,

The new issue of the newsletter is published today. You can find the newsletter on our website.


This tribute was added by Dori Davari on 27th August 2017

"I just heard about it... I am so sorry and wish this hadn't happen. All I can say is that Professor Tom Saaty is always alive. I hope good things happen to his family that would help them tolerate this loss."

This tribute was added by Jen Shang on 26th August 2017

"Tom was a tremendous person, a great teacher, and one of the most influential researchers in current time. He is a dear friend whose company I truly cherished. Tom will be remembered by all of us as a man of great wisdom, courage and generosity. We love you, Tom!  

May your eternal soul find rest in perfect peace!"

This tribute was added by Glenn Mazur on 25th August 2017

"Tom was the only Erdos 2 mathematician I could understand. Tom's classes made sense, even to a fellow like me. Perhaps it was his sense of humor - I still "regularly" read from my collection of his joke books. His work added quantitative rigor to my field of QFD, and AHP/ANP are now cited throughout our new ISO 16355."

This tribute was added by hameed nezhad on 24th August 2017

"Tom is one of the few people who changed the way I think professionally and personally. I am proud that I had started spreading AHP in China and other parts of the world. He will be remembered around the world for generations. I already miss him!"

This tribute was added by majid azizi on 24th August 2017

"Tom transmitted me a lot of motivation to do my best researches  and training. Tom was full of spirit and esprit. I am very sorry missed a good friend forever."

This tribute was added by Kenneth Tombs on 24th August 2017

"twenty years, new perspectives
mad ideas, respected always
beautiful places, sharing knowledge
science and family, nothing better"

This tribute was added by Nikolai Bobylev on 23rd August 2017

"Tom was a remarkable person. A first class scientist of course, and yet very simple, clear, and friendly, that very complex concepts of math and life would come out naturally in a conversation. I started knowing about Prof. Saaty through AHP, later I was given a privileged to meet Tom personally and discover that it is so much more to learn from him than decision analysis. Indeed, during my time in Pittsburgh I've learned about creativity and how to confront problems trying to decipher them and put ideas in order to easily use them further.
Now I continue teaching AHP-ANP and its environmental applications at Saint Petersburg State University, and looking forward to a new semester when I can give my students a drop of inspiration from the ocean that Tom provided me with."

This tribute was added by Pierfrancesco De Paola on 22nd August 2017

"Thanks for the simplicity of your words, with which you've always responded to me. Thanks for the precious opportunity you gave me and for your teachings."

This tribute was added by Ali Soltani on 22nd August 2017

"Thomas was not a hero, he discovered nothing because he was a hero, he did not work hard because he was a hero; he did not suffer quietly because he was a hero; he did not persist stubbornly because he was a hero. heroes do what they do because they are heroes, like being able to quack because you are a duck. Hero-worship denies his achievements, makes him god-oid.

Ali Soltani
Professor of Urban Planning & Transport
Univ. of South Australia"

This tribute was added by Robert Cartia on 21st August 2017

"Tom impacted my life in a way that no one else has. Tom had a special way of providing feedback that then became a vehicle for the person receiving it to want to make the necessary changes in order to positively impact the world. I will forever be indebted to Tom for providing me feedback that resulted in a few sleepless nights."

This tribute was added by Fabio De Felice on 21st August 2017

"There are no words to express my sadness… He will be missed...Tom will always stay in my heart wherever he is!"

This tribute was added by John Saaty on 21st August 2017

"Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Obituary, Sunday August 20 2017


This tribute was added by Rustam Ishenaliev on 21st August 2017

"Tom has enlightened me with his tremendous work which helped me to succeed professionally. After an email contact when I was deciding on my thesis research, one day I was pleasantly surprised to get his books on AHP/ANP couriered to my doorstep all the way from US to Thailand. So, I was then very sure what my thesis research was going to be! I met Tom and Rosanna nearly 15 years later when I traveled to Pittsburgh and spent a wonderful time with them. Brilliant man, beautiful mind... he will be dearly missed!"

This tribute was added by Eric Letsinger on 20th August 2017

"Tom Saaty was a pure force of nature. To be with Tom was to to be challenged to learn smarter, to improve, to demand better of ourselves and one another.  He was a teacher, a mentor, a rock star father, an inspiration and absolutely hysterical. I am a lucky friend of his son, John.    I was fortunate to have enjoyed numerous meals, conversations and gatherings with the Saaty Family. Tom always brought his special blend of candor, humor, curiosity and inquisitiveness to each conversation and interaction. Thank you, Tom, for including me in your incredible life.  Than you, Saaty Family, for sharing him with me.  Cheers to all of you.  Eric"

This tribute was added by Asma Bahurmoz on 20th August 2017

"On July 15th 2017, I wrote to Tom saying “You are a role model for me and for many generations to come”. I am glad he read it and answered my email. This is typical of Tom since the first day I met him in IFORS 1997 Barcelona, he would respond to every email he received.

Tom converted me from being strong believer in mathematical methods seeking exact solutions into ardent believer in AHP/ANP methodology in solving hundreds of real life problems.

Tom developed and taught a course on Creativity. To me Tom was The Creativity itself!"

This tribute was added by Riri Satria on 20th August 2017

"A great man! His legacies, AHP, ANP and others, are enlightenments for rational decision making process, not just techniques, but more than that, they are philosophies. I teach AHP and ANP for my Research Methodology class and supervising master student thesis on these topics at University of Indonesia until now. We miss him a lot. Rest in peace, Professor."

This tribute was added by Nabil Saaty on 20th August 2017

"Tom and my father were first cousins, but Tom and I were only seven years apart in age. So, we were not only cousins but also friends who socialized and played tennis on the court of Washington Missionary College, Takoma Park, MD, where I was a student, and where Tom and his very young family lived for many years, starting in the early 195Os. Tom was then a recent Yale-Ph.D. graduate who had only recently started his first employment, so he didn't even own a car. On the other hand, thanks to my dad's generosity, I had a 1938 Pontiac, which Tom borrowed to pick up his new Stromberg-Carlson High Fidelity set from Baltimore.  Soon thereafter, my cousin gave me an album of Johann Strauss's The Gypsy Barron, which was my introduction to classical music. I still own and treasure that album...and all the other warm memories of Tom and his extraordinary mind. Tom's life-long achievements literally memorialized the Saaty family name. Thank you, dear cousin. Rest In Peace."

This tribute was added by Mustapha Bello on 19th August 2017

"It was my honor to have worked with Tom as his Teaching Assistant and Course Grader. I am saddened to learn of his passing and offer my sincere condolences to Rozann and the family.
I however believe this is one of those rare cases where an extraordinary life should be celebrated. Tom lived a long and fruitful life with substantial contributions to Decision Sciences and other realms. His wisdom, ingenuity, hospitality, generosity and sense of humor ensured he made a mark on one’s life for however short or long the period of interaction was.
Tom, it was a privilege to have known you. AHP and ANP have since become a part of my system. You will always be remembered and you will always be missed.

Thank you,
Mustapha A. Bello Ph.D."

This tribute was added by astrid oddershede on 19th August 2017

"Death is not the end, Tom, has generated a greatest contribution to the world.
A wonderful person,  full of love and inspiration.
We will always remember   his generosity, hospitality, creativity and his sense of humor.
I thank to have had the honor to meet you and learned lots from you.
Tom , you will be present for all time in my spirit .  Astrid."

This tribute was added by José María Moreno-Jiménez on 19th August 2017

"With our whole gratefulness and affection for allowing us so generously to have you both (Tom and Rozann) in our lives. Teresa and José María.
Likewise, with the recognition for his talent, ingenuity, brilliance, energy and friendliness of his disciples of the "Zaragoza Multicriteria Decision Making Group". It has been an honor to work together.
Finally, for his enormous contribution to the field of Decision Sciences, the eternal memory of the "Spanish Multicriteria Decisión Making Group"."

This tribute was added by Patrick Harker on 19th August 2017

"Tom Saaty changed my life.  First, by being the father of the smartest, kindest, most loving woman in the world I am privileged to call my wife, Emily.  He welcomed me with open arms and hugs into his family (even though I had to take a math test to prove to him and my professors at Penn that I was worthy of his daughter!).  He also changed my life through his life's work on decision making that I was lucky enough to learn from him and then publish.  He taught me through example how a man dedicated to his scholarship (and he is indeed the epitome of a scholar) can also be a loving father and friend.  Lastly, he changed all of our lives.  His theory of decision making and modeling will surely pass the test of time as it is truly the work of a genius.  His love of people, his belly-aching laughter after a good joke, his dedication to a more peaceful world will be missed by all.  I miss him dearly.  And I wish I were a fly on the walls of Heaven as he argues with God about life, tries to convince Him that the eigenvector method is the way to go,  and tells Him a few good jokes where they laugh together for eternity."

This tribute was added by Hussein Najee on 19th August 2017

"Met this unique person even though I am not academia and don’t know anything about AHP, Decision making, Creative thinking and all his sciences. Unique in a sense that he used to come down to my level and relates to my life and understands my inner self whenever I visit. He made an indelible mark in my life by making me understand myself more and accept things. And he was lucky to have Rozann; they complement each other.
He leaves so much behind him that he continues to live inside me."

This tribute was added by Eduardo Martinez on 18th August 2017

"Tom was a remarkable person, full of charm, talent, creativity and energy, and always ready to share his valuable knowledge and experience.
Visiting him and lovely Rozann, having endless conversations and being shown wonderful places in Pittsburgh left precious memories forever.
Tom will always be present to thousands of people around the globe, who had the privilege of meeting him.
It was a great honour to meet both Tom and Rozann.
We will always miss him.
Eduardo Martinez, PhD

This tribute was added by Omar Alkahily on 18th August 2017

"Learned a lot from tom, he didn't like being called Mr, doctor or professor. That was the first lesson on the first day of meeting him when I was around 13 years old. Continued learning from him and inspired by him every time we met.

In his presence, you are entertained by his humor, awed by his knowledge and humbled by his generosity.

Learned a lot from you Tom. Thank you."

This tribute was added by Sarah Lombardo on 18th August 2017

"I was extremely saddened to hear the news and know that the world lost a great mind.  I worked for Dr. Saaty for about five years in the 90s, though I considered him more of a friend than an employer.  I know nothing I could say or write would be an adequate tribute to his memory or explain the positive affect he had on my life in such a short amount of time.  He had a unique way of looking at people and life that could be both eye-opening and frustrating at the same time.  I feel honored to have known him."

This tribute was added by Saaty Astrid on 17th August 2017

"Dear uncle Tom my father was very proud and loved his big brother. HE told me a lot of stories while you were kids. Dear uncle Tom I will miss you."

This tribute was added by Mario Sandoval on 17th August 2017

"Tom taught me, how a wise man can comprehend why he knows and understands what he understands. That is, learn from yourself. And so, I can explain how it comes to conclude something.

The sage can suffer enormous isolation if he does not know how he makes his decisions. Tom has allowed knowledge to be shared.

Thank you, Tom, you will always be in my mind and in my soul."

This tribute was added by Boris Zhalezka on 17th August 2017

"Tom Saaty was really a pioneer in bringing his brilliant mathematical mind  to organize, define and solve problems in all areas of our life!
I am really glad to accept some books from Tomas as presents!  We will miss him a lot!
Dear collegs! Let's spread awareness of AHP..."

This tribute was added by claudio garuti on 17th August 2017

"I met Tom about 25 years ago, I was a young men starting my labor activities. He changed my life since then, first with his humor, then with his knowledge and finally with his wisdom and generosity. He always found time to respond my notes (he was never "too busy"). And he always found the way to do what had to be done, a common aspect he shared with my father.
In fact, I would like to share a poem from Edgar Albert Guest call: "It Couldn’t Be Done", which always has remember me of Tom.
With all my love to you Tom.
We will keep your torch alive.

It Couldn't Be Done

Somebody said that it couldn’t be done.
But he with a chuckle replied
That “maybe it couldn’t,” but he would be one who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried.
So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin on his face. If he worried he hid it.
He started to sing as he tackled the thing.
That couldn’t be done, and he did it!

Somebody scoffed: “Oh, you’ll never do that;  at least no one ever has done it;”
But he took off his coat and he took off his hat  and the first thing we knew he’d begun it.
With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin, without any doubting or quiddit,
he started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn’t be done, and he did it.

There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done, there are thousands to prophesy failure, there are thousands to point out to you one by one,
the dangers that wait to assail you.
But just buckle in with a bit of a grin,  just take off your coat and go to it;
just start in to sing as you tackle the thing
that “cannot be done,” and you’ll do it."

This tribute was added by Razali Husain on 17th August 2017

"It was a loss to all of us, who had met him and learnt from him.
We will miss  his generosity, hospitality, and his sense of humor.

He has been a God's gift to mankind with his knowledge on AHP/ANP.

There are no words to describe his utmost contribution.

And We all going to miss him. It had been an honour to know Tom.

Regards and with tears in our eyes.
Razali and Syarie.
ISAHP 2013

This tribute was added by Stan Lipovetsky on 17th August 2017

"Dear Tom,
Rest in Peace, with other great scientists and persons of all times.
As you said once, “You can choose where to spend eternity” (Thomas Saaty, The Thinking Man’s New Millennium Joke Book).
We all be always remembering you,"

This tribute was added by Cynthia Stahl on 17th August 2017

"Tom Saaty was a mentor to me and was generous with his resources and time in advising me when I was a graduate student -- and I wasn't even his student!  I came across AHP and ended up using it as a tool in my dissertation.  I remember a wonderful day spent in Pittsburgh with Tom as he patiently explained and discussed AHP.  He wasn't just brilliant but he was funny and kind.  He gave me AHP and ANP books as well as his compilation of joke books and I will always remember him fondly for his generosity and kindness.  RIP, dear mentor.  Cynthia"

This tribute was added by Meghan Porcella on 17th August 2017

"My grandfather was a remarkable man. Handsome for sure and as brilliant as they come. He was the most generous person I've ever met--you had to be careful about complimenting items around his home because he would insist that you take them. He was never a man to take no for an answer! His intelligence, while intimidating, was incredible to witness. The way he belly laughed when telling his favorite jokes was contagious. I loved learning from him and hearing his stories of growing up in Mosul, Iraq. We shared a mutual love of halva and other various sweets. He was writing books and changing the world up until the very end. The admiration I have for him knows no limits. I will miss this man more than I can put into words."

This tribute was added by Charlie Petredis on 17th August 2017

"For 34 years I had the pleasure and privilege to know Tom Saaty, a brilliant man who dared to touch each soul he met in life.  

Tom brought light and clarity to all questions that his students and others presented for resolution.  

Tom Saaty was truly a pioneer in bringing his brilliant mathematical mind and pioneering structure frameworks to organize, define and solve problems of all types.

In my professional career, I have never met a man who inspired, touched and loved the pursuit of the truth more than Tom Saaty.

The world is so much richer and better to have had Tom's advancements in AHP bring light, structure and resolution to our world's many problems and unresolved challenges.

Dr Tom Saaty's work will continue, I believe for generations, through his countless students, advocates, admirers, and through his family's Creative Decision Foundation.

Thank you Tom Saaty for your amazing pioneering work to advance decision making and to dare and challenge each of us to bring better frameworks to our decision making.

Your tireless, energetic and pioneering works will live far beyond your life.

May Tom's memory be eternal!"

This tribute was added by Steven Kohman on 17th August 2017

"It is wonderful to hear of Tom's long and wonderful life and his gifts of knowledge, inspiration, and love that he shared with everyone during his lifetime. I hope his inspiration continues on to encourage the rest of us to improve the world and individual lives of everyone."

This tribute was added by Mohd Fadzil Abdul Rashid on 17th August 2017

"I love to have the Saaty's AHP during my PhD journey. It makes my final PhD day with an undoubted question."

This tribute was added by Anum Asif on 17th August 2017

"A big Loss for nation.."

This tribute was added by Oliver Meixner on 17th August 2017

"When I first met Tom in 1998, I was a young scientist knowing almost nothing about the complexity of the world. Fortunately, Tom held an AHP Seminar in Vienna at my home university - since then I am addicted to AHP, wrote the first German book about it (together with my colleague Rainer Haas), introduced it into our class rooms and spread the ideas of AHP wherever appropriate and possible. Thank you Tom for introducing me into the amazing world of decision making. When I was living in the US for some time in 2003, you and Rozann immediately invited my family and me to stay at your home in Pittsburgh and discuss some AHP issues with you. You were so generous, so funny, so incredible wise in your thoughts - thank you, Tom, for everything, my sincerest sympathy to your wonderful family."

This tribute was added by Klaus Dellmann on 17th August 2017

"I was privileged to know him. He was the best friend I ever had in academic circles. Always helpful and encouraging, never sneaky or arrogant. His humor was overwhelming. A great personality. I will miss him a lot.
Danke Tom für alles."

This tribute was added by Flora Guillier on 17th August 2017

"It was an honor to meet Tom and to rediscover the world and our choices through AHP-ANP. My PhD wouldn't have been possible without him and Rozann.
I will never forget my visit to Pittsburgh and the time spent in the backyards on chairs with Tom explaining me how he had put chairs in the garden to test the judgment scale.
He is an amazing and unforgettable man."

This tribute was added by Kirti Peniwati on 17th August 2017

"My essay below is included in the 2016 Edition of U.Pitt Alumni:
“Graduating from the MBA and PhD programs at Katz Graduate School of Business shaped my career as an academic at PPM Graduate School of Management in Jakarta.  Being introduced to the Analytic Hierarchy/Network Process (AHP/ANP) during my MBA program from Prof. Thomas L. Saaty himself was the determining factor, which later opening up the opportunity to learn more by being his PhD student.  My mastery on AHP/ANP grew further not only from applying it in my consulting projects and by conducting research as a member of the AHP/ANP community, but most of all by working continually with Prof. Thomas L. Saaty including being his coauthor of the book GROUP DECISION MAKING: Drawing out and Reconciling Differences.  The AHP/ANP’s breakthrough approach, that fundamentally removed what had been perceived as a scientific impossibility of priority measurement and group decision making in a complex situation, created my interest in Appreciative Inquiry (AI).  AI is a paradigm shifter in Personal and Organization Development way of thinking.  AHP/ANP and AI enable me to keep learning and making contribution as an independent facilitator after being retired from PPM Graduate School of Management.”"

This tribute was added by Kirti Peniwati on 17th August 2017

"I’d like to consider myself as the luckiest person on earth as far as knowing Tom Saaty and learning AHP/ANP are concerned.  Nothing I write would ever be enough to express my appreciation and gratitude for the experience.   I had been learning from him and working with him since 1985, knowing the family and enjoying Rozann’s wonderful friendship as well.  There are many inspiring philosophical ways of thinking Tom helped me to appreciate.  One of them is that I need to learn giving positive response to a joke, even when I don’t get it, because it shows intelligence.  Another one is that student grades should be given as encouragements rather than as judgments.  It has especially been a privilege for me as his student to walk to and from the school every day, listening on brilliant ideas developing in his mind without having to fully understand them.  Accepting his challenge to insert “The Rabbit, the Fox and the Wolf: A Fable” in my dissertation is one of my unforgettable memories. To me the fable represented perfectly of his role in my studying at Katz.  He will be missed and forever be in my heart with gratitude."

This tribute was added by Elio Padoano on 17th August 2017

"I really thought that Tom Saaty would have guided our AHP community for many years more, thanks to his unlimited strength and committment. For me, he has been the epitome of the caring 'magister'. Even when I asked him the most elementary questions (that I possibly should have not asked if only I were a more attentive researcher...), he always gave me careful and precise answers.
I won't just miss his inexhaustible activity and illuminating guidance but his kindness, wit and wisdom."

This tribute was added by Selim Ahmed on 17th August 2017

"Unfortunately I couldn't meet him but I talked to him through skype in four years back. I was the secretary for his conference (International Symposium Analytic Hierarchy Process) which was held in Kuala Lumpur in 2013. I met his wife madam Rozaan Saaty and worked for his e-book on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). He was truly inspiring scholar who contributed lot in social science research. Rest in peace Professor Thomas Saaty. The world will miss your great knowledge and guidance :("

This tribute was added by Nina Begicevic on 17th August 2017

"A beautiful mind, the best mentor, full of love and inspiration. Thank you for everything that you have done for me, for us, for the world. I miss you. I am so sad. Love you."

This tribute was added by Kaweh Mir-Eschghi on 17th August 2017

"Thomas was a great man with pride and honor and a wonderful heart full of love. I owe him a lot. His guidance led me to conquer many thoughts on the essence of humanity and led me to conquer and appreciate delightfully the tinglings of the brain.

I am sure that his sole will be among us as long as he wishes and guide us into the future."

This tribute was added by Roman Karpovich on 17th August 2017

"Great man"

This tribute was added by Thomas Fehlmann on 17th August 2017

"He taught me so much"

This tribute was added by John Saaty on 17th August 2017

"One of his best quotes:
Saaty says that his work stems from his love of humanity and that his inspiration is the desire to contribute knowledge that will make the human race more peaceful. “The human race is too beautiful and intelligent not to survive,” Saaty adds.


This tribute was added by Nahla Farraj on 17th August 2017

"He was my mother's cousin so I had heard about him & his intelligence since my childhood in Mosul.  A few years ago I got his email address. I sent him an email introducing myself.  He called me when he received it.
He also sent me one of his books which I treasure.  He continued to send me all the joked even the book of jokes.  I had hoped to meet him someday but will never have that opportunity. My deepest sympathy to the whole Saaty clan."

This tribute was added by Min Cho on 16th August 2017

"Tom was a great mentor and a fatherly-figure to me.  Not only was he incredibly brilliant but also he was inspirational and caring.  Having an opportunity to work for him was an honor.  His eyes lit up when he thought of an idea and he was always on the go. I was his research assistant over 15 years but I still vividly remember his energy, creativity, and determination.  His work attracted students, scholars, and practitioners from all over the world and his legacy will continue to be with us.  Tom, we love you and miss you so much!"

This tribute was added by Lou Sander on 16th August 2017

"I met Tom by accident about ten years ago, and got to know him pretty well. I was honored to be chosen by him as a judge of the projects done by students in his creativity classes. What a nice man. What a brilliant man. What an easy man to love. I endorse every one of the positive comments previous to this one."

This tribute was added by Alan Dandar on 16th August 2017

"Dr. Saaty was such a engaging and kind-hearted man. I was a fan of his work and a curious student of AHP. On a random encounter, he spent quite a bit of time to help me, which I was in awe of given his status. He even went so far to introduced me to his loving family, who went on to help my exploration of multi-criteria decision-making in immeasurable ways (ironically). He will be missed, but his legacy is evident and felt for a long, long time."

This tribute was added by David Brauer on 16th August 2017

"I know I am not unique in this sentiment, but Tom Saaty changed my life and I love him for it."

This tribute was added by Mike Harker on 16th August 2017

"Grandpa was one of the most generous, funny, and intelligent men I have had the pleasure of knowing. I love how unfiltered his thoughts were - so refreshing to see who the real person with that mind was. I love him and miss him!"

This tribute was added by Zahra Shirgholami on 16th August 2017

"Tom was a great mathematician, and had a beautiful mind. I was privileged to know him and to be a friend of him. We will miss him a lot."

This tribute was added by John Saaty on 16th August 2017

"His last words to me were: "Don't ever look back.  Look forward."

Truly inspirational, wonderful human being.  You will be missed Dad."

This tribute was added by paul switzer on 16th August 2017

"It is an honor to have known, even briefly, Tom Saaty, a one of a kind prolific grampa with a great sense of humor. We enjoyed his jokes John."

This tribute was added by Emily Harker on 16th August 2017

"Dad's words verbatim almost exactly one year before his passing.  His granddaughter's comment after reading it: "It felt good to be in his brain for the 10 minutes it took me to read it...it is so Grandpa!"

The man who discovered a legitimate way using judgments to measure all intangibles side by side with tangibles (there are very few intangibles) and combine the two in an overall answer in terms of priorities. It is a biological talent all people, animals, and even plants have to make comparisons. The neurons of our brains are electrical instruments that fire and combine these firings to create feelings, emotions, ideas and dreams. How? He structured hierarchies and networks to integrate all the factors in a problem and used benefits, opportunities, costs, and risks to analyze decisions and combine the four outcomes by using strategic criteria that govern how satisfactory the outcome of a decision. He applied these ideas to such diverse problems both personal, group, and governmental decision.  He also applied it to sports where data are not enough and judgments of intangibles such as the experience of a coach are also important factors for the outcome. He developed a way to measure how satisfied each of us is with our personal life.  These discoveries provide a powerful mathematical tool in the social sciences.  Additionally he found that the axioms of logic set down by Plato and Aristotle are inadequate guide to think about the world in general and that logic alone is linear and is inadequate to deal with situations where there is feedback that makes the effects into causes that influence the effects.  He felt that science has run into a myriad of problems where answers are unsatisfactory because of lack of such feedback.  He believed that everything depends on everything else, even God depending on his creation, and thus hierarchic thinking that pervades all religions does not tell the whole story of how things are. One of his main concerns was that people should stop killing other people using force and violence and that all complicated political problems can be resolved with such analysis that includes the interests of all the parties involved and not just one powerful party that wishes to dominate.

He also developed solutions for the basic equation of stimulus response that governs our thoughts and actions and formed a solution for real, complex, quaternionic, octonionic numbers that form division algebras. He felt strongly that lack of understanding of the physical and psychological reactions we all have must be carefully interpreted in terms of how these numbers work to create such complexity of sensations and feelings and thoughts. He spent much time trying to understand how these numbers work physically.

He believes strongly that the human race had to change the way it did its self-expression and thinking to include not just words but also numbers that are so fundamental in our neural workings. He believed that we are part of nature and are in nature and not outside organisms that are here from nowhere just to experience and interpret what happens “out there.”
He is most curious about the meaning of numbers, not just the mathematical usefulness."

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