Let the memory of Thomas be with us forever.
  • 66 years old
  • Born on December 25, 1952 in Royal Oak, Michigan, United States.
  • Passed away on April 1, 2019 in Chandler, Arizona, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Thomas Johnson 66 years old , born on December 25, 1952 and passed away on April 1, 2019. We will remember him forever. Please leave a fond memory of Tom that you have for his friends and family to reflect on.

6310 W. Del Rio St,Chandler Arizona 85226

Posted by Jacqueline Johnson on November 20, 2019
Well our wedding Anniversary just went by even though you know I never counted that day as our real anniversary, but it was the day we decided to start a family. Seems so strange to see everyone move on with their lives after your death. I wonder do they think of you as often as i do? Does anyone have regrets as often as I do? Do they cry as often as I do? I miss you so much! SO much more then I ever thought I would. I hope you are better and happier where ever your soul resides. I love and miss you <3
Posted by Deb Kendall on May 24, 2019
Tom, I'm so sorry you had to live with that ugly disease the past few years. Life isn't always fair and it really sucks. You were a man of few words, but always very kind and loving . You will be missed by many. I am grateful to have known you and to have spent so many fun times with you and Jacqueline over the past 20 years. So glad you are not suffering any longer and are at peace now. Love, Deb
Posted by Jacqueline Johnson on May 14, 2019
I still think of you everyday. I still can't believe you are gone. SO young . SO unfair. I will never ever forget that last day I saw your eyes open I said I love you and through all your mumbling and whispering and not understanding anything you said for the last few weeks, You spoke to me as if you had no problem speaking at all. You said I love you too. This moment I will never forget. I miss you!
Posted by Amberr Jene on April 30, 2019
I’m so sorry that you had to go through this . I never wish this disease upon anyone . But the fact that you had to go through it breaks my heart . I have so many good memories with you and I will forever cherish them . I may not have been there a lot and trust me I regret it but I always love you and I will forever miss you . Say hello to my dad and grandma for me . Until we meet again . I love you very much Uncle Tom ❤️
Posted by Karin Copeland on April 26, 2019
Oh Tom it is hard to accept that we won't see you again! You have been in my life for so long! The fun adventures that we have done, will be forever in my mind. From the Travels, Camping, Hiking, Parties, Happy Hours, Movies, Concerts, Bowling, & Your Children being Born
No worries Tom we will take care of Jackie & the Boy's
for I know she loved you & will miss you deeply.
Your Forever Friend Karin, see you on the other side my brother from another Mother
Posted by Cindy Dingwall-Horn on April 26, 2019
Tom, what a wonderful man I remember. You were an amazing father, husband and friend. I was welcomed into your home on a whim trip I took with Jackie and I liked you immediately. Always working on projects and a very calm nice man. When you and Jackie came to visit us, Joe gave you a project immediately, Joe can sense a helper a mile away. I was able to see you again on yet another visit while visiting Jackie. This time yet another friend from high school came to visit. You and I got lost in the garden light show! The group kept a close eye on us for the rest of the vacation.  I am truly fortunate that I had the chance to meet you. Love the pictures in the slide show. One thing you could always count on, Tom was sporting the "D". Check it out, Detroit Tigers in every picture. I hope you are in a wonderful place, and give us some positive vibes for the Tigers, we sure could use a 1984 win this year.
Posted by Terri Innes on April 24, 2019
I’m writing to you Tom, it was a pleasure knowing a man like you. Although we haven’t kept in touch with you & Jacquline you guys were always friends that were always there. And all the amazing home improvement work you did was impressive and professional!! That’s great that you guys were able to travel and enjoy life when you did, especially as a family... You guys threw some awesome parties and managed to attend some of our milestone parties. I can relate on how frustrating your disease can be to all of you. I’m just thankful that you are free of it & are at peace now.
Posted by M Osinski on April 19, 2019
I will always remember the good times we had together. Especially sitting on the beach in Hawaii watching our spouses being dragged around by a speed boat up in the air. Or zip lining 52 floors up. We consoled each other safely on the ground. We had great adventures together, hope you are still having them up there.
Posted by Jana Will on April 17, 2019
I cant beleave iam never gonna see you again. I will cherish all the times we got to spend together. I wanted you to be at peace but I also wanted to have more time with you. I love you and will all ways miss you .
Posted by Nicole Rock on April 17, 2019
When you left, my heart was shattered. As difficult as it still feels, I can't help but be overwhelmed by all that you left me with.
You taught me what it meant to work hard to provide for your family... That life will test your will, but that setbacks are temporary... That music is your most reliable and cheapest therapist... That short shorts are appropriate at any stage of life... That mustaches are everything... You showed me that nature can recharge your soul... That your pets are sometimes the only people in your house that truly appreciate and understand you... And that if you have nothing else in life, have a sense of humor...
You were a man of few words, but I was always listening... I love you dad.
Posted by Sharon Dana on April 17, 2019
Tom, you were a funny and talented individual who had that taken away by Lewy Body. I’m glad I got to know you before that took over who you used to be. I’m thankful that you no longer have to endure the hell that you suffered thru with this disease and you are now free. We will see you on the other side one day my friend. Love ya
Posted by Jacqueline Johnson on April 17, 2019
I think about you everyday. I am happy you are free of the struggles you faced everyday of that damn Lewy body! It was so very sad watching the person I love fade away before my eyes. And I know it was so very hard for you to deal with too! I want to thank you for letting me have Sharon in our life.  I know you know me and I could not have survived with out her. I think we made a good team together. I will miss your laughs your love and your smile. We had a great life together. Thank you for our sons and some really great memories~love forever and ever~ Jacqueline

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