In loving memory of Thomas Wayne Wright
  • 58 years old
  • Born on May 25, 1951 in Cleburne, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on July 4, 2009 in Tyler, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Thomas Wayne Wright who was born on May 25, 1951 and passed away on July 4, 2009. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Barbara Ann on July 4, 2017
8 years ago today you went to Heaven. I still think of you all the time and miss you so much !
Posted by Carmen Nunn on July 5, 2016
Dad, so much has happened since you left us. 3 new grand daughters have been born and Mom got remarried last year. Jesse now lives in Arizona and Mamaw lives close to jeans we buried your Dad last July. Miss you to the moon and back. Celebrating your life. You were gone way too soon
Posted by Barbara Ann on July 4, 2016
Seven years ago today we lost my precious brother. He would be 65 years old now. I will always miss him.
Posted by Barbara Ann on May 25, 2016
Today my precious brother would be 65. I sure do miss him. I'll never forget his sparkling eyes and the beautiful way he laughed.
Posted by Carmen Nunn on July 5, 2015
6 years ago today we were singing to my Dad rather I sang to him all morning and it qutef his painful moans as I sang his favorite songs. More members from church and our friends joined us singing after he was done. Can't believe it's been 6 years already!
Posted by Barbara Ann on July 4, 2015
It's been six years today since you went to be with the Lord, Tommy. I still miss you, little brother.
Posted by Barbara Ann on May 25, 2014
Today you would be 63. Time sure flies. I would love to feel those arms around me and you laughing and calling me Baba Lou.
Posted by Carmen Nunn on July 5, 2013
well, Dad we ate barbecue brisket sandwiches for breakfast yesterday in your honor. Thought of you as I poured the spicy barbecue sauce on the sandwich.
Posted by Barbara Ann on July 4, 2013
It has been four years now since your passing and I still think of you and miss you so much.
Posted by Barbara Ann on May 25, 2013
I am remembering Tommy today on his birthday. He would be 62 and I am sure just as good looking as ever. I sure miss him and wish he was here at the times I really needed those arms around me, and calling me Baba Lou.
Posted by Toni Petty on July 6, 2012
This year, to remember Dad on Father's Day and on his Independence Day, I listened to the special CD that we made together with the family. That was probably the best and most special thing that we did together, and the children love to hear Paw Paw's voice. Daddy's voice will always be my favorite. We all miss you, Daddy!
Posted by Carmen Nunn on July 4, 2012
Love and miss you, Dad! We are thinking of you today. You picked a great day to go on to your Heavenly father.
Posted by Barbara Ann on July 4, 2012
Three long years since you went on home and it almost seems like yesterday. I can still feel those big strong arms around me and that laugh of yours after you would almost break my bones with those hugs. Have those arms ready to greet dad when he gets there.
Posted by J Vaughan on July 4, 2012
I am so sorry for the lost of your brother. I am sure your brother was very special just like you are. Always hold a very special place in your heart and he will always be there for you. May everyday be filled with good memories.
Posted by Barbara Ann on May 25, 2012
Well brother, today you would be 61. I really miss that laugh of yours and those sparlking eyes. You had a way about you of making the day so wonderful and happy. I can just hear you calling me Baba Lou lol. And those strong arms grabbing me in a big hug. I sure need that now.
Posted by Carmen Nunn on May 25, 2012
I got the email from Forever Missed last night, and tears instantly came to my eyes. Dad, you will be forever missed. Almost 3 years now, as you were 58 when you went home to Heaven. I know you are living it up with the good guys!
Posted by Carmen Nunn on January 19, 2012
ah...missing you again today! This marks 8 years since your mom left us, and the day before my 42nd birthday. Know you were there when Granddad Harlow got there, and will be there when your Dad arrives too!
Posted by Carmen Nunn on September 12, 2011
Rob announced before leading a song last night that he learned it off the CD we made before you passed. I could hear you singing The Lord my Sheppard Is from the back....beautiful!
Posted by Gwendolyn Garcia on June 28, 2011
hugs belle sis , im so sorry for the loss of your brother , i know its hard on you but he is with jesus and looking down upon u. may he rest in peace and love u sis . im always here for you.
Posted by Adrienne Herman on June 8, 2011
sorry for your loss Belle...gentle hugs
Posted by Barbara Ann on May 25, 2011
Happy 60th birthday my darling brother. I miss you!!!!!!!
Posted by Carmen Nunn on May 25, 2011
Been thinking about you a lot lately. It was around this time 2 years ago that we found out you were struck with cancer again. My how time flies and I still wake up some days thinking that this just can't be real.
Posted by Carmen Nunn on January 18, 2011
Someone asked me at church on Sunday how long it had been now. I told them almost a year and a half. Then, we looked up and saw a picture of you and mom flash by us on the monitor in the foyer. Good memories.
Posted by Carmen Nunn on November 19, 2010
Some days I still wake up thinking "How could my dad have died so young?" Or that things would be different had he lived on. I am truly grateful for the last year we had together, as I saw his faith and strength grow, even though his body fought against him.
Posted by Monica Goodrich on November 15, 2010
i didnt know you but you are at better place and you are whole again no more sickness
Posted by Denise Rigotti on November 15, 2010
I'm sorry for your loss....gentle hugs
Posted by Barbara Ann on November 8, 2010
I miss you my darling brother, and all the fun times we had together. Dad will be joining you before too long and you will have the most wonderful time with him til the rest of us get there.

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