Posted by Ethlyn Roy-Johnson on May 6, 2021
We are thankful to God for blessing our lives by giving Aunty Tunde to us, to know her, love her, as a mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, association member and in various capacities on our this side of eternity. And for the lessons learnt through her life and example from keeping in touch with her many connections, her humility and loving nature, humour etc, to being a faithful servant of God. She lives on...
May Aunty Tunde's sweet and gentle soul rest for evermore, and we pray, rise in glory.
Posted by Olubi Babalola on May 2, 2021
Very sad to hear about the passing of Aunty Tunde. I remember meeting her for the first time on a visit she paid to our place in Lagos. It was a long visit, and I remember she and my mother must have spent several hours chatting. She would visit when she could, and it was always a pleasure to see her. I remember looking up at a funeral service in Newark, and seeing a face that reminded me of her, but after 25 years and a continent apart, i concluded it was in all my mind. Except it wasnt, and she looked up, saw and recognized me so many years on, gave her great big smile, and came over with a hug. I will miss her. Our heartfelt condolences to you all.
Posted by Tunde Thomas on April 30, 2021
This is her nephew tunde Thomas I am sorry to hear my Auntie passed away Iwill miss her laugh and caring personality I want to sympathize with my cousins and all my relative on Aunty tunde side of our family I am deeply sorry
Posted by Pauline Lawal on April 30, 2021
Auntie Twinkle although you are in heaven we will always be in our hearts everyday. You lived your life with meaning and always with a smile on you face. You filled the lives of your loved ones with so much happiness. Only time will heal. Till we meet again. Adieu Auntie Twinkle
Posted by Malik Jallo on April 28, 2021
We shall all miss Mama. I recall her beautiful smile, her warm and engaging personality and her unique ability to "mother" all of us, regardless of age. A passing is inevitable but that does not take away the pain experienced by us left behind.

To quote Christina Rossetti,

"For this is a journey we all must take
And each must go alone.
It's all part of the master plan
A step on the road to home"

For home indeed Mama has gone, to rest peacefully in the Presence of Our Lord.
Posted by Isaac Komone on April 27, 2021
I couldn't believe the news when I heard it, mama was full of loves, jokes and ever smiling woman. Even when you offended her, she held no grudges against you. I know that her legacy will live on in all of us. she was an incredible nurse and a mama that inspired everyone who knew her. Her wonderful dancing moves will be highly missed. I pray to God Almighty to grant Michelle, Ngozi ,Abdul and the grandchildren the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable lost. Adieu mama rest in peace
Posted by Dottie Thomas on April 26, 2021
My dear Aunty Tunde, forever in my heart.
It was just last February we saw each other, never thinking you will be gone so soon.
Remembering your smile, your care, and family pride, I have truly lost my treasure.
I will always smile, remembering you saying, "it's boss."
The angels have taken my dear Aunty Tunde; It's hard to believe you've gone.
Forever in my heart, until we meet again.

Posted by Chris Chijiutomi on April 25, 2021
Aunty Tunde,
Wow, we still can’t believe your gone, I had to call Ngozi & Michelle to confirm the sad news... You will be missed Aunty, we know you don’t like fuss and you would rather we all got on.... You use to call Caro & I all the time, to talk about mum & dad , your Aunty Grace & Uncle Chris..... You would tell us how mum was worried that I went to work in Nigeria, you would be the one telling us to look after mum, you cared more about others than yourself.... you made it to Mum’s funeral even though your leg was hurting you... you would still call me in Nigeria and Caro in America, to check on us, to tell us stories from the past that we didn’t know.... Aunty, wow your gone.... you are definitely resting in perfect peace, you have gone to meet Uncle Mike... You will also see Mum & Dad there too....... Aunty Tunde, Adieu, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, and may the Lord give Ngozi, Michelle & the family the strength to deal with this. —- Elue & Caro Chijiutomi
Posted by Tunde Thomas on April 24, 2021
The loss of a friend is like that of a limb time may heal the anguish of the wound but the loss cannot be repaired, true friends are the ones who never leave your heart. I was so sorry to hear of the passing of my good friend Tunde she was a wonderful person and I share in your grief at the sad loss. I have never heard an ill word spoken of Tunde, she was kind, compassionate and a true friend. Sadly there are few people like her in the world today.
Farewell my dear friend sleep on and take your rest. We love you but God loves you more.
Posted by Bdette John on April 24, 2021
A Tribute in Loving Memory of Mrs Iyatunde Thomas-Ebegbu

I got to know Aunty Tunde as I fondly called her, when attending our St Joseph’s Ex-Pupils events. It so happened that at one luncheon sale, a very good friend of mine said ”Bernie when are you joining this our association?” The late Aunty Tunde overheard and immediately called me over. She said “Bernie, promise me you’ll join!” Well, as an older woman and very polite, there was no more to be said. I got the form, filled it in, and handed it to the Treasurer.

On the way to my first meeting, I met her on the bus, and we chatted away. Since then, I’ve had great respect and admiration for her. In one of our conversations, she asked me for my maiden name, and said “Oh, your Aunty Margaret is my very good friend.”

I always admire her for going to places no matter how far, and offering her support and time. A very humble woman, so sweet at heart. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Mrs Bernadette John
SJSS Ex-Pupils Association (UK)
Posted by somi Ogie on April 20, 2021
loss of a loved one is painful but you offered kindness
And greetings with a hug and kiss,
Each freely out of love which I will miss.

I chose a twinkling star in the sky at night ,
To say a prayer for you to it’s bright light.
You’re in God’s Heavens now and no longer in pain,
In my thoughts, you’ll always remain
How lucky I was,
How blessed I’ve been,
You were more than my Godmother,
You were also my friend. May your soul rest in peace .

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