Your Love for Music...LOUD music!

Tia, it was such a blessing being in your life and watching you grow up.  Seemed like yesterday that you were sitting in your car seat in your daddy's car and he would pull up to grandma and grandpa Peterson's house and snatch you up out of it and carry you around up high in his arms.  LOL! You had this cute little red, white and blue Nike jump suit and white tennies with a blue Nike swoosh. 

We always knew when you were at the house because we could hear your dad's music halfway down the road.  He never turned it up too loud in the car, but it was louder than the norm. LOL! You loved it! You would ride around with your dad all the time and listen to music.  Growing up, you always loved listening to music.  You always knew what was new and often memorized the words before anyone else. Funny thing, every song you sang always seemed to have a dance to it and if it didn't, you made one.  Remember..."Shake it Like a Salt Shaker?" LOL! I remember you "shaking" it in my car the first time I played it for you. Ha! Great times!

You and Kendra always knew the latest hits before me and I remember times we would all be together and I'd be like "Listen to this cool song!" And you and Kendra would tell me that it was OLD! I sucked at knowing what was new and you made sure I knew it.

You loved the movie Grease.  Right around age 12/13 you would sing the songs and do the motions.  It was great watching you.  I remember the time you came to stay with me and I was like "Tia...Grease? Really? If you want to Love a movie or have a favorite movie, you gotta watch Dirty Dancing!" After that day you were hooked! Grandma Dana yelled at me for letting you watch it, but it's a classic! LOL!

You know that you passed your love for music and dancing on to your sis Sydney. We see a lot of you in her.  She wants to be just like you!  "Beautiful with lots of boyfriends!" It's amazing to watch her dance to "Just Dance 2." Ironic, that was one of your Christmas gifts you never got to recieve from Ash and your dad.  She loves dancing and being girly...she loves your zebra print, and wants to sleep in your T's. She misses you babe....we all miss you...  :(

Your Little Cone Head

You were the prettiest baby I had ever seen!  I remember when you were born, visiting you in the hospital and you having the cutest little conehead.  I remember being worried wondering if it was going to go away...I don't think I ever received an answer, but obviously...17 years later, it went away! LOL!!

You used to have the loudest cry I'd ever heard. Your little bottom lip used to quiver and you would wail away.  There were nights you stayed with grandma and grandpa Peterson that I remember thinking...I have school in the morning, is she ever going to fall asleep??  Funny enough, grandma Dana used to run the vacum cleaner to put you to sleep. Seemed to work every time....  :)

You were amazing, and you were a beautiful baby!

What's Her Name?

I'll always remember the day you were born Tiara.  Your dad and mom were at Alliance Community hospital, while your grandma Dana, Aunt Kendra and I waited by the phone for the call.  It got to be pretty late in the evening almost 12am, before we heard anything.

When the phone rang, I remember mom picking it up and hearing that she was now a proud grandparent of a beautiful baby girl. "What is her name, what is her name?" is all I remember asking..."Tiara Monique..."  I wasn't sure what to say or if the name fit you or not, but I sure was excited to meet you.