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Let the memory of Tibor Kludovacz be with us forever.
  • Passed away on June 19, 2018 in Jo'burg, South Africa.

2018. Junius 19-en tragikus hirtelenseggel hunyt el.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Tibor...

We will remember him forever.

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Posted by Tor Jansson on 1st August 2018
Dear Tibor, Your passing came much too soon and we will really miss you - your humor, your sincerity and your grounded personality. Frankly, I’m still trying to process this. It is very unsettling to realize that a close colleague is gone forever and that there will be no more interactions, no more laughs, no more interesting conversations. Looking back, I really wish we would have found time for that coffee we started to negotiate a few days before you suddenly left us. I should have insisted. You are not only leaving family, friends and colleagues behind but also a few unfulfilled dreams. It would have been very nice to see you build that house and possibly set up a small brewery in Hungary. I was really looking forward to showing up at some point to share a large mug of homemade beer. Will miss you. --Tor
Posted by Anushe Khan on 30th July 2018
Dear Tibor, You left us too soon and we will miss you. It is truly hard to imagine that such a warm and generous person with such enthusiasm for life (and for addressing the world’s climate change problems) is no longer with us. May you rest in eternal peace. Anushe
Posted by Matthias Hedinger on 12th July 2018
Dear Tibor, We are all profoundly saddened about your unexpected departure from us. Please know that you will be missed, however, you will live on in our hearts and memories. You are one of us, and we hope that you will find peace and love in your new life. Our thoughts and prayers will also be with your loved ones. With all my heart, Matthias
Posted by Graham Astley on 4th July 2018
Tibor I had the privilege of working with Tibor on the Sundowner show ,such a gentleman RIP Tibor
Posted by Marcel Bruhwiler on 27th June 2018
My dear Tibor, I will always remember you for your passion and drive to make things happen (even if it is an uphill battle). I can't and don't want to believe that we won't be able to share our ideas any longer. We are loosing a dear colleague and friend. My heartfelt condolences to your family. Deeply saddened - Marcel
Posted by Allen Forlemu on 27th June 2018
Dear Tibor, Extremely saddened by your passing at the prime of your life. You touched all those you met with your warmth and kindness. Behind your seemingly reserved nature, you clearly had a big heart; and for that, I will always miss you. I wish you a peaceful eternal rest in God's bosom. May your family find the strength that surpasses all understanding to deal with your passing. Adieu. Allen
Posted by Vivian Owuor on 27th June 2018
To Tibor I will remember your passion for your chosen field and your love of music; your curiosity about the world around you and your self deprecating sense of humor ..the office is emptier with you gone and much quieter:-) .may you rest in peace and know that you will always be a part of the country and continent that you considered a home away from home..Vivian
Posted by Florença Rashid on 27th June 2018
Tibor, You left so early. I will always remember your kindness, your clarity when talking to clients, your calmness even in the midst of storms. I learned a lot from you. May your soul rest in peace. Forever Tibor. Florença
Posted by Dan Shepherd on 27th June 2018
Dear Tibor, I fondly recall our days working together in LAC, and then over to SSA. Without a doubt, your big heart was felt by all who knew you, including me. Your passion for climate change finance and music (on equal terms) was evident and infectious. Much too early of a departure from us… You will be sorely missed, my friend. Dan
Posted by Jose Bobes on 26th June 2018
Dear Tibor, We will miss you, we knew you were always there with your gentle and humble soul, since many years ago, when we meet in Hungary, working both as consultants, we have always been in touch and our lives run parallel to the extend that we ended up living in South Africa. We will miss you, we will miss your music and your gentle soul. The Hungarian that grew up in Cuba, speaking almost perfect Spanish, the musician, the climate change fighter.
Posted by Andreas Wohlhüter on 25th June 2018
Dear Tibor. I would have loved to share more time with you and get to know you better. From your last visit to Washington, I will remember your warm, generous, inquisitive and honest manner. My picture of you is being complemented by the positive memories and stories your friends in the office share about you. My thoughts are with you, your family and friends. Andreas
Posted by Houtan Bassiri on 25th June 2018
Dear Tibor I will miss seeing your smiling face next time I am back in the Johannesburg office. Rest in peace, my friend. Houtan
Posted by Abubakar Momodu on 25th June 2018
Dear Tibor, It will take time to adjust to this shock. We sat beside each other and had many good conversations about work, life’s challenges, your passion for music, your love for your family, and plans for home. You were humble, humane, insightful and driven to make a difference irrespective of the challenges. You left us too early. Rest well, you will be missed. My thoughts and prayers for your family. Abu
Posted by Ian Weetman on 25th June 2018
I worked with Tibor in both Mexico City and Johannesburg and in April of this year met up with him on assignments in West Africa. His enthusiasm for his area of expertise was often infectious and he taught me a thing or two on the importance of remaining optimistic in the face of the inevitable challenges that exist in our markets. He was always good natured to a fault with his colleagues. I last saw him, dressed in shorts and cheerful, in the restaurant of our hotel in Benin, on his way home to Johannesburg. It is tough to bear that this was to be our last encounter. RIP Amigo.
Posted by Aileen Ruiz-Zarate on 25th June 2018
Tibor, we met when you visited Manila for the first time last September to work on the first ever green bond for IFC in the Philippines and EAP. I really appreciated your passion for climate finance and the stories you shared with us about home and your family during the brief time we spent together. Rest in peace. My condolences to Tibor's family and friends.
Posted by Nuru Mugambi on 25th June 2018
I met Tibor in Nairobi two years ago...the Kenya Bankers Association team was deeply saddened by the news. Poleni sana. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Mon Guzman on 23rd June 2018
Tibor, you rest in peace. Your always free soul will now be everywhere you want to be. I enjoyed so much our talks about all and nothing with your cute hungarian spanish accent. My condolences to your family, which now is mourning your loss, but must be proud of the great human being you were and will forever be.
Posted by Alejandro Alvarez De La C... on 23rd June 2018
Dear friend Tibor, You left us too early and without any warning and yet I am sure you will find your path in the other world. We keep you in our hearts and you leave us with sadness and grief but with the consolation that we were able to meet you and share good moments in life with you. Descansa en paz amigo! Un abrazo, Alejandro
Posted by Debra L Perry on 22nd June 2018
Dearest Tibor, Losing people isn’t always easy. It is extremely difficult. Knowing that person is no longer with us and has left brings tears. I had the privilege of working with you for over eight years. You were one of the kindest and warmest human beings I knew. As you comforted me in my health issues and upcoming surgery, I can’t understand why I made it and you didn’t. The only explanation I can come up with is that “the good die young”. You were truly good. You had so many plans for the future which will now never happen. My only wish is that you are in a better place now and one day will reunite with your loved ones. My sincerest condolences to your parents – who must be incredible people to have produced you – and your siblings and friends. Debbie
Posted by Norma Vilchis on 22nd June 2018
Dear Tibor, My sincere condolences to your family! We have lost a great colleague but mostly a tremendous human being. I am pleased to know how loved you are around the world! May you be on peace! Norma
Posted by Everlyn Oroko on 22nd June 2018
Tibor, I will remember you as a really nice guy. I never made it to your concerts, but I had the chance to hear you play the guitar and you were amazing! My sincere condolences to your family. Lala salama!
Posted by Jonathan Coony on 22nd June 2018
Dear Tibor, I remember your joy and love of life and laughing at silly things, was so looking forward to working more together. Terribly saddened but we can now carry your spirit in our hearts and actions. Until we meet again, my friend, Jonathan
Posted by Meritxell Martinez on 22nd June 2018
Tibor, your departure comes too soon. I'll remember you as the guy who always had interesting stories to explain. Rest in peace.
Posted by Jean-Marie Masse on 22nd June 2018
Tibor, What a sadness to know we will not meet again...I enjoyed our discussion about you experience in Eastern Europe and energy efficiency buildings. Rest in piece. All my condolences to family and friends. Sincerely, JM
Posted by Liliana Chacon on 22nd June 2018
Dear friend Tibor I remember your voice walking in the halls in Mexico Office, a lovely person and kind colleague, always approachable and reception with a big smile... How Could I forget your Spanish accent while talking to the clients in Central America and Mexico?... I remember the beers and fun we had together. My condolences to your family. My thoughts and prays for a nice colleague!. Lili
Posted by Henry Soulen on 22nd June 2018
Tibor, I guess that beer we were planning the next time I was in Joburg is going to have to wait. I would say rest in peace but I have a feeling your work here is not yet done, we will miss you dearly. Henry
Posted by Quyen Nguyen on 22nd June 2018
Dear Tibor, What can I say? We will miss you dearly! I will remember our long conversations, about everything really...Cuba, Hungary, communism, climate, dogs, fighting boys, music, road trips, shooting fields, our fears, our hopes, our jokes, your honest and humble words. I will remember your surprised expression when the first time you ate spring rolls I made. I will remember the way you started our conversations with Hey..., Seriously..., or when you kept repeating very very very nice, super nice ... I will remember the happiness in your eyes and your voice when you described to me the house you will build in the piece of land you bought, how you will have parties there with music, and how happy it will be to live close to your mom, and brothers, and your nephews. I always see in you a little boy eager to live a full life, to love, to explore, with all the curiosity and a lot of questions- many unanswerable. I pray you rest in peace knowing that we care and love you!!!!
Posted by Marina Diagou on 22nd June 2018
What a shock when I read the news.. I worked with Tibor on a specific project during my time in Joburg back in 2015/6. I confirm his passion for his work in the clean energy space. I wish we cracked this deal together but it didn’t happen. Deepest condolences to Tibor’s family. Marina
Posted by Wagner Albuquerque De Alm... on 22nd June 2018
Dear Tibor, You have gone too soon, and I missed the chance to see you playing. We miss you friend, and you're in our thoughts and prayers. My heartfelt condolences to family and friends. Sharing a message that I saw earlier today: “Goodbyes are not forever, are not the end; it simply means I’ll miss you until we meet again.” So, see you soon, Wagner
Posted by Wenxin Li on 22nd June 2018
Dear Tibor, I always wondered why most of us in the team take you as a little brother in spite of your size and age. I think it's your authenticity and sincerity and your sense of wonder that are unique to young boys. We see the purity of heart in your candid eyes. We all miss you and your unique qualities that touched our lives. I hope that you can know this wherever you are. Wenxin
Posted by Martin Dasek on 22nd June 2018
Seňor Tibor! How it comes we will never again drink beer and eat sausages in the garden restaurant ..... you will never ask any more questions...we will never be laughing again at you saying "som opity maďar" ....I will not store any more Hendrix guitars under my bed for you to come and take it...., how it comes!? . I was not always patient with you, but always loved you as great personality, very special person and great colleague. You left us too too soon man! I hope you are already playing with your new band and guys like Jimi or Kurt let you give a solo on your dream guitar. Rest in peace.
Posted by Russell Sturm on 22nd June 2018
I have watched you grow from an energetic puppy of a young analyst entering the IFC world in Budapest with your eyes wide open, hungry for a new world, to an always-energized and devoted professional, with a child’s eagerness to experience all the flavors and colors of life, but with the wisdom of a man who understood what’s important in that life – and what not to sweat. Your philosophy of life framed your journey and led you to greet each twist with open arms, and appreciate each song, and each person, for who they are. Our loss hurts badly right now, even as your memory inspires us to greet the day with exuberance and appreciation. Thank you Tibor for that gift.
Posted by Florence Boupda on 22nd June 2018
What a way to say Goodbye! We had not been in touch for a while but a few years back, we tried our best to develop climate pipeline in West Africa. Seemed unlikely and remote but you certainly poured all of your energy into it. Thank you for taking the time; thank you for teaching us about the importance of climate work. Thank you for inspiring us through your passion for music. You are forever in our hearts. Travel well.
Posted by Ebele Ikezogwo on 22nd June 2018
Dear Tibor, What a shock this was especially coming so soon after we collaborated in Senegal and also in Tanzania. What stayed with me was your passion for Hungary and the fierce debate you had with us once, on the way back from appraisal, about the profound effects of communism on that country which you lived through firsthand. I learnt a lot that day thanks to you. I had not known you long enough to know of your passion for music, I would have told you how nice it was to finally know another Hungarian after growing up on Liszt. I can only imagine now the conversation that would have resulted. I pray for your family, friends and loved ones you left behind to find the strength to bear this terrible loss. Ebele M. Ikezogwo
Posted by Manuel Moses on 22nd June 2018
Tibor- It was great to know you and work on the many things over the past so many years. Your legacy will live forever. I will miss you dearly my friend.
Posted by Juliet Wambua on 22nd June 2018
Tibor, I will always remember you to be very kind and gentle. Praying for your family and my sincere condolences to the loved ones.
Posted by Pamela Saib on 22nd June 2018
Tibor, it was a pleasure to know you. I will always remember you as a kind gentle man. My deep condolences to your family and loved ones. Rest In Peace my friend.
Posted by Will Beloe on 22nd June 2018
Dear Tibor, I am still struggling to understand that you have left us so suddenly and so quietly. All your warmth, honesty and passion have gone with you. You had so much left to do and I was looking forward to seeing you do it. Your love and passion for the work you did and for those you held close were an inspiration to me, as was your frank, passionate, good natured honesty. Listening to you describe your love for your family and your happy plans for how you were going to spend more time with them made me happy too. I am so sorry that your nephews have been deprived of their loving uncle but I am sure they still feel the comfort of that love. While you had so much still to give, please rest in peace knowing you lived your life well, leaving big positive influences in so many places, and that your example will spur many of us to carry on what you were doing and wanted to see done. Thank you for the example you gave us, Tibor. I wish I had been able to spend more time with you.
Posted by Anne-Lucie Lafourcade on 22nd June 2018
My heart goes out to Tibor's family and friends, he will be missed. My most sincere condolences.
Posted by Hector Gomez Ang on 22nd June 2018
Tibor forever you will be the crazy Hungarian guy that was our partner in our accidental, exhausting and rewarding excursion to see Mexico play in front of 100,000 people in a World Cup qualifier. Sweet memories from a guy that lived life fully and was loved by everyone. Too early to leave us. You will be missed, sorely.
Posted by Greg Alton on 22nd June 2018
Tibor (and family and friends): for more than a decade, knew you as a funny, dedicated colleague, and followed your moves around the globe as you explored and brought your creative side everywhere you went. We will greatly miss you.
Posted by Marie-Paule Claes on 22nd June 2018
Dear Tibor, i did not know you very well but we met a couple of times at the KM, and remember you as a joyful and warm collegue, seeking the best in life. I was touched by your enthusiasm and very sad to see such a young and well spirited man leave us. I hope you have peace wherever you are.
Posted by Nutan Zarapkar on 22nd June 2018
Dear Tibor I had good time with you in Mumbai. Amazed with your "not to hurt others attitude". I wish...... I had the opportunity to work with you more. Miss you .
Posted by Galina Klimenko on 22nd June 2018
Tibor, we worked together not as much as I wish we have had but am lucky and proud to be able to say we have. Your passion for what you were doing was igniting. I am shocked by the news of your leaving us so early, so early.... You will be in our hearts forever.
Posted by Pushkala Ratan on 22nd June 2018
Dearest Tibor, When I joined, I heard about how you were a part of one of the biggest green transactions for us in Asia and that you had been with the Climate Team the longest amongst any of us. When I had the opportunity to meet you for the first time in DC in February, I was so pleasantly surprised to see how humble, simple, warm and helpful you were. I really appreciated all the care you took that entire week to ensure I was feeling settled. You continued to do that right until we spoke last week, which I will never forget. You had an incredible passion for music, an immense love for your family, a strong commitment to your work and big plans for your future. I remember the last time we spoke, we laughed about how you always say 'really really' when you wanted to emphasize something. Well Tibor, we will really really miss you. Thank you for everything you did for me. Push
Posted by Britt Gwinner on 21st June 2018
Tibor was a man who enjoyed his life and who had plans for the future. We talked about his buying land for a house in his home town. We shared an ambition to drive from Cape Town to Cairo in old Land Rovers. He was too young to leave us. I will miss his sense of humor and his love of life.
Posted by Gimhani Talwatte on 22nd June 2018
Dear Tibor, we first met when you admonished us for making too much noise and I came over to apologize - we have since been friends. That was who you were, never holding back to say what you wanted to. A sincere and caring person with a wonderful heart. I was so looking forward to working with you again and will miss you. Your last words to me two weeks ago were, 'don't you worry Gimi, I will only be a phone call away'. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Carlos Serrano Valentin on 21st June 2018
Dear Tibor, colleague and partner in our climate finance battle, thank you so much for all what you did during many years for IFC FIG Climate and for having contributed much to build this business at IFC. You will be missed within our team. Your were big on everything, particularly, your heart. Carlos
Posted by Ilona Morar on 21st June 2018
Tibor, my friend, Some people called you big Tibor. And they were right. You were a BIG person. You left big impressions, had a big personality, a big soul, big ideas and big dreams. But people who really knew you also knew that you had even a bigger heart. That's how I remember you and that's how you will stay in my memories and live in my heart forever. Without you my circle of friends got smaller... I will miss our long conversations and your big hugs. May you find your peace and your next adventure. Ilona
Posted by MOnica Gonzalez on 21st June 2018
My dearest friend Tibor. I will always remember your kind spirit and friendly smile. We will miss you. My deepest condolences to your family for this sensitive loss. They are in our thoughts and prayers. Forever Tibor! Big hug to you all the way to wherever you may be. Monica

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