her Life

Best Day of my life

The 17:10:1999 came and went, your due date, but on the 27:10:1999 I was to be in hospital by 5.30pm to get ready to be induced, I had never felt so low walking to the bus stop myself with my hospital bag well BAGS!!!  But on the 28:10:1999 at 06.30hrs you entered my life and became the entire focus of my life, the day you entered the world I knew that you were all I ever needed. the day I was told bad news that you were brain damaged was not the best day of my life but one things for sure I never loved you any less I was protective of you, people can say all they want but my LOVE FOR YOU WAS SO REAL. I KNOW I WILL NEVER GET THE CHANCE TO FEEL LOVE LIKE THAT AGAIN, BUT THAT LOVE WAS THE LOVE NO ONE CAN DESCRIBE UNLESS SOMEONE HAS A BABY.