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my first real job

August 9, 2011

when i got situated at tims house with my own room ,and my own bathroom. he took me job hunting, and i was like oh no this is not for me. however i got a job at clarences steak house waitressing making tips. he told me to get 50.00 a week to live on and he would put the rest up so i did. the day came out of the room that he thought i was ready to be responsible he came in the room when he felt it was time, he approached me with a box,the size of a shoe box,he opened that shoe box. i dont think i have ever seen that much money in my life ,he said now here i told you if you saved i would match the amount and he did. i had like 3000.00 and he took me and got my first car,real car.and we had a burgarly system in the house and of all things guess what the password was? ELVIS of course, and my code name was pricilla lol we were nutz that was my dad. he came home driving the truck from out west when i went to jail over child support, bogus child support he went by my grannys she  said i was where i needed to be which was very mean,but not suprised,and he drove day and night to come home and get me out!thats a beautiful kind man that i ever seen in my life besides my papa, jenny ,and jamie.without them i wouldnt be who i am today!!!! yes i have bipolar moment but not that bad hehe

vacuum cleaner incident

August 9, 2011

You know I moved in with Tim when he came to the farm and told me to get my things together n come live with him. He use to love jeff gordon. I loved to vacuum and, one day he put jeff gordon bumper stickers on the vacuum cleaner. well i loved to carry on with him, and he did to just laugh with me.,so one day i started vacuuming and, i got all the floors cleaned and, i said lets watch this so i started ramming the vacuum into the walls and  i told him thats what jeff gordon does lol. lord you should of seen his face! he laughed however he was like no you just didnt do that because i was hitting the walls,corners you name it.hehe Boy we had some good times.I love you

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