Posted by Kathryn Burnes on April 7, 2020
Hi sweetheart. It's me again, you're ol' Mom. It just seems like yesterday That you were here But it's actually been 10 years nearly.Time does not Heal all wounds Nor does it make pain any less Hurtful.The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that you are in HEAVEN with GOD, Your grandparents and your aunts and uncles So I know you're not alone although, I knew you wouldn't be. I will love you forever!
Posted by Ella Williams on September 12, 2016
Tim your life was cut short to soon Everyone misses you and thinks of you You was a wonderful young man and I know that one day everyone will get to see you again You was a good friend to my sons and you are truly missed
Posted by Joseph Derryberry on September 12, 2016
Tim you where more than my friend you where my brother you was always there when I needed you where one of the vary few people I trusted it's still hard knowing I can't see your face or hearing your voice it's hard knowing your not around when I need a true brother a true friend but you are in heaven watching over me I miss and love you my brother my friend forever..
Posted by Kathryn Burnes on April 10, 2011
March 5th was your 32nd Birthday and, though I didn't know just how I'd handle it, I think your beautiful and loving twin Sister helped me to celebrate your LIFE!! I love and miss you still my crazy kid!! I see you everywhere... Love, Mom
Posted by Kathryn Burnes on October 18, 2010
My precious, precious Son! I miss you more each day! I want you to know, your life WAS worth more than you ever knew every moment you were here!

The hardest thing a parent can do to live on when a child has passed. My words can never describe the love I have for You, your Sister and your Brother. I LOVE YOU TIM and I MISS YOUR SMILE and your silly Ape act!

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