Let the memory of Timothy be with us forever
  • 92 years old
  • Born on January 2, 1922 in Uzuakoli, Abia, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on November 21, 2014 in Aba, Abia, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our father, grandfather, brother and uncle, Timothy Adimele Ukoha, 92, born on January 2, 1922 and passed away on November 21, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Chinyere Ofonagoro on 26th November 2017
To live in the hearts of those who we loved and left behind is not to die. The beautiful memories remain fresh. Your candle burns in my heart. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord. We all miss you Daddy.
Posted by Ije Nkele on 24th November 2017
Uncle Ukoha, The Only Engineer, Uncle, Father I know who is ready to Listen to me for hours any day or Night I Visit him in Aba or sometimes he says his not at Aba but at Nkwerre for one issue or the other. I ask, can I come over, Ohhh Yes any time, there's always a room here you can stay. I would always miss my soft spoken Uncle. Uncle, your Young Boys in Dallas Texas are all grown. Guess what, Nkem Nkele got into University to become an Engineer like You. Love Ya
Posted by Nkechi Ukoha on 21st November 2017
Three years and tears still sting my eyes.You were the glue that kept our family together,the one person that our heads in check.Oh daddy look at what is happening to your family.We miss your presence.We miss your love.I miss calling you to complain about life and you telling me it will be okay..Daddy m...if i can kiss your cheeks just once more...tears n more each time i rmber....keep resting..tjis world was too harsh for your kind...Chim dozie gi na udo...nwoke obi oma.
Posted by Nneoma Duru-Onweni on 22nd November 2016
Grandpa I miss you. I remember you a lot. Memories flood in without me noticing. I want to thank you because you have taught an important lesson on life and death, which is living a life that is worth remembering even after death. We miss you grandpa. I know that where you are, you are in peace.
Posted by Nkechi Ukoha on 21st November 2016
Its been two years you left us my sweet sweet daddy.Time never really heals.I miss you so so much it still hurts.Your grandkids Dubem n Doziem would have enjoyed hanging out with you and getting alot if chocolates from your stack.I love you daddy,you will always be my hero...Daddy m
Posted by Nkechi Ukoha on 21st November 2015
Its been 1 year already,i lost my daddy,i lost my hero,i lost my role model.It still feels raw,still feels like a dream.You left a legacy for us,your memory is ever green.We miss you,we love you,Its never going to be the same without you.The silence is just too loud. Daddy m.
Posted by Ndu Obasi on 26th January 2015
Uncle Tim I bid you farewell. I will always remember how your home was also my home in Surulere Lagos. I felt very much at home with you and your family. Adieu Uncle, till we meet again.
Posted by Nne Oramasionwu on 23rd January 2015
Dear Uncle Tim, I saw you last quite a while back, so the picture I still have of you in my mind is that of the tall, vibrant, soft-spoken and kind man who always had a smile for all. It is with sadness that I learned of your death. The Lord blessed you with a ripe old age and for that we are thankful. You have found rest now in His bosom and you are at peace with Him. I remember you with fondness.
Posted by Ngozi Nwankpa on 2nd January 2015
You were a kind and generous uncle. You always took care of everyone...family and friends. Heaven has gained an angel. May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Ijeoma Fidelia Ukoha on 1st January 2015
You welcomed me with open hands and never let go. Ours is a relationship lacking in quantity time but filled with lots of quality time. There are few people my grandmother looked up to and you were one of them; I got the first hand opportunity to understand why. I know she is welcoming you with open arms, eshigbo ogo ya leshiri umuya nwanyi. Your gentle voice, your kind words and advice, your peace loving, peace seeking, peace maker, hilarious personality will always remain in my memory and I’ll pass on your stories to your grandchildren. Adieu Daddy, heaven has taken back its Angel.
Posted by Jude Duru-Onweni on 15th December 2014
Ohh Daddy, It is with a deep seated grief but gratitude to God that I received the shocking news of your passing to the great beyond on the 21st of November, 2014 to be with your Creator - Almighty God. It so pleases God that you died at the ripe age of 92+ years as we had thought that you will be there for us forever as you were always in good health since I came across you almost 30 years ago. Daddy, you were a man of PEACE and HUMILITY. You stood by the TRUTH and JUSTICE always irrespective of whose ox was gored. You were GOODNESS in perfection personified and showed an unbiased and sincere LOVE to us all. I recall seeing you as a workaholic whose goal was perfection in whatever you were doing - from waking up earlier in the morning to attend to work at your Bakery, to details in your house renovation, to attending to visitors and all sundry. Daddy you were RIGHTOUS to a faulty and due to your HUMILITY with peaceful demeanour, some considered it weakness but you were FORTHRIGHT and sought for PEACE till the end. I remember the love you showed us all including your grandchildren which manifested in your coming all the way to San Antonio, Texas, USA for the graduation of your first grandchild - Nneoma Duru-Onweni despite your age 3 years ago who incidentally like you a Civil Engineer. Daddy I will surely miss you as you were a reservoir of knowledge and honesty. We pray that Almighty God will give us all the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss and make us all to build on this PEACEFULL LEGACY Daddy rest in peace in the Lord until we meet again in Jesus Mighty Name. Adieu Daddy Adieu Daddy Adieu Daddy Dr. Jude .I. Duru-Onweni Son-in-law
Posted by Obinna Duru-Onweni on 15th December 2014
Sir Timothy Ukoha, today we come into an accord to celebrate the life of grandpa Timothy, its funny hows I'd constantly boast about my grandfather to my peers not because he was a superhero but the fact that I was always proud to chant his name and his achievements. Constantly I will tell my friends that I pray I'm like him someday strong willed and to be honest he was a catch at 91, when I revealed his picture to friend they say, " how young is he" or "your dad is so handsome" and I'd reply he is but that is my grandfather. We have all weep but this is a lesson to us all that meaningless arguments, of hatred, jealousy or competition is not worth fighting over for my grandfather did not live so that there would fume among us all, we are all offspring's of Ukoha however we choose to take it. So grandpa I thank you, rest in eternal peace we shall see you again.
Posted by Chinyere Ofonagoro on 14th December 2014
Grand Pa, I can never forget your smile and your calm laughter never loud but warm and loving. I hate writing this because I do not want to come to terms with your death. I know it was your time but I cannot help but feel like I was not ready, you were not ready, everyone were not ready. As engineers, we always have to prepare for the worst case scenario. I am not prepared. I wanted to have more memories with you. I am so grateful you left an impact in my life. You played an important role in my growth and structure. I love you grandpa and I know whether I was ready or not, You are in a better place and you are smiling with that calm loving smile. May your soul rest in gentle peace. Love you always grandpa. NNeoma.
Posted by Ndi Ukoha on 8th December 2014
Papa-daddy, You simply had a positive impact on every member of the entire family- Memories and thoughts of you will always bring peace and unity to our hearts and lives - Thank you daddy for your excellent & humble nature. We Thank The Almighty God for a good life well lived - We will surely miss you dearly. MAY YOUR HUMBLE SOUL REST IN THE PEACE OF THE MOST HIGH GOD.
Posted by Tobe King Duru-Onweni on 8th December 2014
There are only few men in this world that I have looked up to. I always heard and witness greatness around you. You impacted a lot of lives on this earth and also gave all of us a chance. You set a great standard for everyone in this family and you helped us achieve it too. We are all grateful for the 92 years you spent on this earth, you will forever be remembered and I know you will also be looking and guiding us from the heavens as we try to emulate you and strive for greatness. There will never be another Engr. Timothy Ukoha you will be missed from all your children, grandchildren, friends and others. Rest In peace grandpa my son till we meet again in the next world.
Posted by Christiana Obasi on 6th December 2014
It is with a heavy heart and glory to God for a life well lived that I say farewell to you daddy. You were like a father to me. You believed in me when many didn't. I will always remember your kindness and compassion to me and to everyone around you. You accomplished so much, yet you were so humble. It is an example we should follow. Rest in peace until we meet again in the presence of the Lord,
Posted by Samuel Ofonagoro on 5th December 2014
Dearest father-in-law, papa, I heard the news with so much sadness, and have hoped it was not true. Though you left us at 92, even 200 would still not have made it easier to bear. Your departure has left a deep vacuum too deep to fill. It is like my father Jacob has died again. I loved you as much as I loved my father and truly, both of you shared the same honesty trait and deep love for people. You were always very loving to me and my family. I am not sure I said it enough to you, but let me say it again, thank you for letting me into your family, your home and for allowing me to marry your daughter Chinyere who has been a blessing to me. Thank you for all your advise and May the Almighty Father grant you peaceful and eternal rest.
Posted by Chinedu Ukoha on 4th December 2014
The sadness comes but the joy in the memories is so clear that it gently pushes aside the sadness. With us always are the the wonderful memories and the way you helped to shape our lives. You were always there for us, so kind hearted and humble. You weren't just an uncle but a dad and i feel grateful to have had you as one......such a wonderful dad. You left behind a real legacy of love and you touched not just our lives but so many lives while you were here on earth. You will forever remain a hero, a legend and a role model in our eyes. Adieu Uncle Tim.
Posted by Mercy Onyehuruchi Ukoha N... on 4th December 2014
This is the most painful tribute I have ever written. This tribute is for my special and dearest brother fondly called "Papa" - Engr. Chief Timothy Adimele Ukoha. A wonderful, kind, humble, loving, generous, caring, peaceful, very strong and hardworking brother. He was always there for me when I needed him. Now he is gone. Who else will be there for me? Only God knows. Papa, I did not know you would be leaving me alone. What do I do now? I am lonely and heart-broken. I will surely miss you. You were too good for this sinful world. I grieve and mourn. My only consolation is that you are at peace in the bosom of the Almighty. I thank God for the wonderful and fulfilled life you had. Adieu PAPA, till we meet again.
Posted by Chiamaka Ofonagoro on 1st December 2014
I don't remember doing a lot with you, but I do remember the times I spent with you, and I remember how much fun it was. I will miss you. R.I.P. Grandpa
Posted by Chinwe Ofonagoro on 1st December 2014
Grandpa, it was really really awesome sharing jokes with you and you were the best man (besides my dad) that i have ever known and in the 4 days you were here, they were some of the best 4 days in my life
Posted by Ijay Nwankpa Nkele on 1st December 2014
A poem for my Uncle Timothy: A bright light from our family is gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our family which never can be filled. God gave us a beautiful uncle One who was always there with a helping hand. And now that our uncle is gone, Only God can help us accept His plan. We miss you, our hearts are sore, And as time goes by we miss you more. Your loving smile, your gentle face, no one can take our uncle's place. God looked around His garden And found an empty place. He then looked down upon the earth And saw your tired face. He put His arms around you And lifted you to rest. God's garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best. He saw the road was getting rough And the hills were hard to climb, So He closed your weary eyelids And whispered "Peace be thine." It broke our hearts to lose you, But you didn't go alone, For part of us went with you The day God called you home. Uncle Timothy, rest in perfect peace In Jesus Name Amen Ijeoma Nwankpa Nkele
Posted by Ngozi DuruOnweni on 29th November 2014
Dadddyyyyy!!!!!! I miss you so much. You are the best daddy in the world. You had always been there for me, loved and supported me. You were always a strong man but during your last days I saw you in a different light. I never thought youwould leave so soon. Daddy i am heart broken and cannot write anymore. I have so much to say but i cannot continue for now. Rest in Peace Dad.
Posted by Ndidi Ukoha on 24th November 2014
In silent tears I weep cos my dad has created a vacuum that will be difficult to fill. A man with undeniable intelligence and dynamic personality. My heart is filled with grief but God knows best. I will miss u greatly dad, rest in the bossom of our Lord till we meet to part no more.........
Posted by Ijeoma Ukoha on 24th November 2014
My precious daddy,my rock,words cant express how heartbroken I am,I never imagined I will be writing this tribute so soon but I take solace that you lived a good and fulfilled life.Thanks for making me the lady I am today,your memories will forever remain in my heart,I will miss you dearly,rest in the bossom of the lord,NNA OMAM
Posted by Nkechi Ukoha on 24th November 2014
My daddy,my Hero,my First love,My Father at all times.I cant forget the last conversation we had and we ended with the usual i love you,if i had known it will be the last time i would have said so much more to you. If my tears can build me a stairway i will run right up to heaven and kiss you one more time.You will always live in my heart and i will always be your lil girl. RIP Chief Engineer,Daddy ike,The man they talk about.
Posted by Chinyere Ofonagoro on 23rd November 2014
I will always love you Daddy.You made me who I am and set the standard for what I should look for in a man.You fought the good fight and lived an illustrious life, most can only imagine.You touched the lives of so many and your legacy and kindness lives beyond you.Our Lord called you into his rest because your work on this earth is completed.Rest in Peace Daddy as you join the saints.You will always remain in our hearts.

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