Shared by Linda Cash on January 19, 2019

Timmy had his faults but Timmy he was a good man .he loved  is Linda and he knew his Linda loved him he was the best painter that  I ever known or ever seen in my lifetime he loved his son Alan he talked about his son a lot we look for his son we pray about it and we all so pray that Timmy would find a good job with  good people that respectable and God gave him  a good job at  speedy recovery with  Richard and his family they respected Timmy they showed him  love  and respect he deserve that before God called him home I miss my  Timmy so much I don't know what to do with Myself right now  my heart hurting and  mourns for Timmy I just want to tell Richard and everyone at speedy recovery thank you from my heart for showing him love and respect he loved Richard like a big brother thank y'all. 

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