The bridge between the living and the dead is LOVE
  • 55 years old
  • Born on June 4, 1957 .
  • Passed away on October 16, 2012 .

The Timothy Francis O'Brien Scholarship Fund

Posted by Charlie Craven on 30th October 2018
Raising a glass and thinking of you Tim, miss you as always
Posted by De Red on 11th August 2016
A few days ago, my girlfriend and I were conversing on the telephone, speaking about our x's and wondering what they are doing today... She mentioned your name. It is funny how you are the only man in my life she can remember.... We began looking you up online... searching... As she is an editor/writer....she was swift in her search.... Among the so many pictures of Timothys... there you were all in one little square of an image. I began to read what came with your eyes captured the verb over and over that you "was" instead of "is....". For a moment I thought something is wrong with my English... The sentence began to sink in my mind and I was speechless. My girlfriend was shocked and had no idea if my face had changed colour on the other end of the line. There was a long silence on my part...and my girlfriend accompanied me in that moment. We instantly got to work and both looked up for more information.Wow! There you were.....gone! Un be liev able.....Who would have imagined you not being here anymore? It is unfathomable. Although it has been a few days, I don't feel the same ever since finding this shocking news about you. It deeply saddens me to know you are gone...not for of our past story, but for your life...You worked so hard...too hard in my opinion. We found each other in a pile of hay. Two needles…two magnets that together danced and created magic. We were each other’s match. We had everything in common, including spirituality.... except that I was not a follower of the person you had in your heart. However grand the magnetism, and the deep connection of that life and past life that we have my heart of hearts, I knew what we had was only for a moment in time. The most unforgettable and intoxicating pleasure we shared together was food. Food was our "seed". The memory that I will cherish forever is all of our time talking about food...from beginning to the end. The many hours we spent together in the kitchen preparing, arguing....Yes, we did not always agree... for we are both perfectionists and everything had to taste right and look right. However, there was very little we did not agree to. I loved setting up our table or simply lounge on your Persian carpet or any other space....--like your office. Finally the best moment would arrive....and that was to savour our food....accompanied by a good wine. Looking at each other....agreeing in delight...enjoying every bite slowly....while listening to creative music. It was heaven above when we ate. That I will always cherish. We were each other’s fuel… as you inspired me…I inspired you more…. (You were amazed how in one instant I could create a story in a play from beginning till end and with depth…..! ) You were a soul that reached the depths of my untouched waters...A heart that touched many untouched parts of my heart. We met at the right place and the right time when we both needed each other. Two ships carrying the same flags crossing each other's paths on deep waters.…. I will always remember you Timothy. PS. I am very happy to read that your heart loved deeply one very special woman before you left this plane and that you have had a good life surrounded by people who love you.
Posted by Yehuda Hyman on 16th October 2015
Thinking of you Tim, today. Feeling your smile, wit, passion, generosity. May your spirit sail on in peace and joy. Always, Yehuda
Posted by Amelia Oneill on 5th June 2014
Hi Timo, ......and a happy belated birthday up there in nirvana land. Can't wait to party with you again. I'll bring the wine and you bring the other spirits!
Posted by Yehuda Hyman on 16th January 2013
a couple of nights ago I was going through some piles of paper and found the most beautiful note from Tim from a year ago - congratulating me on graduating from college. it was so kind and encouraging - reminding me again of what a huge source of energy he was - a good man. May his soul dance in bliss
Posted by Amelia Oneill on 18th December 2012
Today marks the 63rd day of your passing sweet Timo. 63 becomes a 9. A number Nine is the ultimate singular digit, once reached it has no choice but to become again, a number out of which all things come and go, open and close, please and no thank you, temporal and spiritual, awake and awoken, ah! but you will know of this ten fold more then I.
Posted by Monika Fimpel on 9th December 2012
Dear Monikaji, today in the Lower Hamlet at about 1pm local time, Tim's name shall be read out by Thich Nhat Hanh and Tim shall be chanted for by the entire assembled monastic community of Village Des Pruniers in SW France, the great bell shall sound three times in his memory. Joji xoxox
Posted by Robin Alter on 7th December 2012
Miss you my friend
Posted by Charlie Craven on 2nd December 2012
Tim, who can I spend the evening with solving the world until well into the next day! will miss you very much charlie and family
Posted by Rita Zilich on 27th November 2012
Tim, tu hai lasciato una traccia incancellabile in tutti quelli che hanno avuto la fortuna di conoscerti. E anche se adesso non ci sei più, i tuoi pensieri continueranno ad ispirare tante persone.
Posted by Daniel Halperin on 25th November 2012
What a beautiful, gentle, generous man, and a wonderful mate to the Amazing Monica!
Posted by Jim Palmatier on 21st November 2012
Few people leave a long lasting impression like TIm did on me with his thoughts creativity and expressionism. When I first arrived at Blake he coined the name Yogi for me and I still use it today. I will never hear a Jethro Tull song without conjuring up images of Tim and Bill Fraley! Yogi
Posted by Judy Shedd on 21st November 2012
Father Teve! I have fond memories of high school plays...Chyclova Bazatlik will live on.
Posted by Geerten Wind on 20th November 2012
Dearest Tim, only together for one year. Impressive moustache and football player. Quiet guy and great character. In memory. Geerten
Posted by Doris Friedrich on 14th November 2012
Lieber Tim, wir vermissen dich! Abends zünden wir ein Licht an für dich in unserem Garten. In loving memory of Tim O`Brien.
Posted by Veronique-Anne Epiter on 14th November 2012
Pour Tim dont la profondeur d'ame, le coeur ouvert a l'univers, l'humour chaleureux ne quitteront jamais ma memoire. L'immense gentillesse a la mesure de ta stature de geant, le don d'ecoute et d'observation au dela des mots, l'enthousiasme d'etre et l'amour de la vie communicatifs qui rayonnaient dans ton beau sourire ne s'effacent pas. Ils sont le reflet de ton Esprit, a present en Paix.
Posted by Susanne Feldmann on 13th November 2012
Wir haben Tim als großartigen, kreativen und einfühlsamen Menschen kennen und schätzen gelernt, der genießen konnte und das Leben als Geschenk achtet. Für unsere Kinder war er ein besonderer Mensch. er lebt in unseren Gedanken weiter.
Posted by Yuri Friman on 12th November 2012
In Memory of my Panda Bear friend Tim. Yuri Friman
Posted by Monika Fimpel on 30th October 2012
Dear Timothy, You: A gentle giant. A lover of live. A devote. A most generous giver. An inspiration to all who met you. A great cook, lover and businessman. We love you.
Posted by Monika Fimpel on 30th October 2012
Written Oct 19, 2012 3:00am In honor of Timothy O'Brien Mikki Shull and Jerome China
Posted by Monika Fimpel on 30th October 2012
Written Oct 22, 2012 3:00am In honor of Timothy O'Brien and his wonderful wife, Monika. Allan Mayfield
Posted by Monika Fimpel on 30th October 2012
Written Oct 23, 2012 3:00am In memory of Tim O'Brien Steve Burnham
Posted by Monika Fimpel on 30th October 2012
October 30, 2012 In honor of Timothy O'Brien quentin and tinu

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