Let the memory of Timothy be with us forever
  • 54 years old
  • Born on August 2, 1959 .
  • Passed away on September 13, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Timothy McClellan 54 years old , born on August 2, 1959 and passed away on September 13, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Nancy McClellan-Leonhardt on 2nd August 2018
We were just talking about you! We came home and there was our reminder of your birthday staring at us from our computer. I know you'll see to it that we are reminded of you often lol. We need you looking out for us, so keep your wings up high and your halo on tight, cuz were still on this merry go round called life. We miss you cousin. Love, Nancy and family
Posted by Lanaya Baker on 2nd August 2018
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Tim. <3
Posted by Pranav Patni on 14th September 2017
Somebody asked me if I know you Memories flashed through my mind but I just smiled and said I used to. Remembering you...
Posted by Lanaya Baker on 13th September 2017
Beauty and Bright. Love and Light.
Posted by Joan Senchak on 2nd August 2016
Gone to soon, never forgotten. Still miss morning coffee over the phone chatting about work. Happy Birthday my dear friend.
Posted by Rebecca Herald on 2nd August 2016
Dear sweet and crazy in the best-est way Timothy. Happy birthday. I know you're enjoying your ride! Thanks for the memories and love.
Posted by Lanaya Baker on 2nd August 2016
So glad you found me, Tim, after all those years! The wonders of Facebook. And it was so good to know that your spirit remained as buoyant as it was when you were a young man. Happy Earth Birthday! I will always be so fond of you...and the place you had in my life. I have to trust that Norway was the best choice. Remember the Iran hostage crisis and all of our blustering? hahaha. And I'll never forget "the boat" tour! And your plaid flannel shirt! We had so much fun!...Half Moon Bay...Mission...Gone far too soon for the rest of us! Love, Lanaya
Posted by Nick Greenwood on 2nd August 2016
Timothy my friend, as an old sea dog you brought knowledge, insight, patience and understanding into my life. Gone but not forgotten Salty! :-)
Posted by Rebecca Herald on 10th April 2015
"i still wake up and i'm livin' i'm still lovin' and i'm givin' but I cry now when i'm singin' and there's always something missin' i never thought that it would be this way i never thought that i would have to say Oh oh Oh oh i'll meet you on that other shore was you that taught me how to live was you that taught me how to give was you that taught me how to love now when i love it's you i'm thinkin' of was you that got the best of me now i'm searchin' for the rest of me Oh oh Oh oh I'll meet you on that other shore
Posted by Katherine Houston on 3rd December 2014
So much presence, yet so down to earth. Thank you.
Posted by Lanaya Baker on 2nd August 2014
And so you would have been 55 today on earth. Your adventures...flannel shirts...such fun times we had...miss you still. Love, Lanaya
Posted by Mark Fergel on 21st October 2013
Fare thee well Timothy. Fare thee well. :(
Posted by Silas Marshall on 2nd October 2013
Timothy, "brother" as you would put it, you will be missed my friend. It is an honor to have known and worked with you. You will always be a part of this Bank of America Family.
Posted by Lanaya Baker on 25th September 2013
I remember the conversations at coffee on Market Street where we fantasized about bombing Iran off the face of the earth. Ah, youth! Sneaking onto the "boat" docked in Alameda. Wow, all its gadgets...and the stairs were more like vertical ladders with railings! The laughter, the adventure, the vulnerability we shared! SO much fun and love I will remember Thank you for finding me XO
Posted by DeAnna Harper on 21st September 2013
Some may think it strange that people can have a real, deep impact on each other based on a weekend involving a leopard print banana hammock and fourteen years of text based friendship-but, if you knew Timothy, you are not in the some. This guy-he always made me think, made me check myself, made me examine not as an order but because his nature made me want to be a better me. Much love...
Posted by Bill Wakefield on 20th September 2013
fyi Timothy, the world is a weird place without you. Your physical absence is felt... a lot..... by many. I love you my friend.
Posted by Melissa Threatt on 19th September 2013
Timothy- CFCT vs. CCVT that was the question. I recall you pinging me gently in communicator to explain the difference so the bridgeboard would reflect the correct group. Thanks Buddy!! You will definitely be missed from the Bank of America CCO Family. May God bring comfort to your family and friends. My condolences. God Bless.
Posted by Mike Wilkerson on 19th September 2013
Hey Tim.. its Big Mike !! long time no see my man ! This aint real bro..cant be !. I know you are here amongest everyone... we use to have fun times, the trash talking. the laughing when we all worked in the NOC/ESYS area back in the day. Peace to you and enjoy being on God's bike now, it will be a journey of everlasting love and enlightment !
Posted by Sharon Shipman on 18th September 2013
As I look at all the comments they start "Timothy", I recall my first encounter on a bridgline, I went to ask a question; I said Tim and proceeded. I don't think I got the question out before you immediatly corrected me and I quote "Don't call me Tim, my name is Timothy". I never made that mistake again hahaha. But beneath that tough exterior you were a very nice guy! My condolences..
Posted by David Weimer on 18th September 2013
Thanks for all the laughs. I hope you and yours are wrapped in loving light. You will be missed RIP
Posted by Nancy McClellan-Leonhardt on 18th September 2013
After so many years apart, you would think that we would not have much to say, but boy did we laugh and say it all.It felt as if you had never been gone, and it felt right to have my cousin back. The world just took a major hit when you physically left it. You will always be near us and you will always be loved and never forgotten. Shine Bright Cuz!
Posted by Mohammad Al-mahdi on 17th September 2013
You definitely lived life on your terms. I recall so many funny and weird moments. From the crackhead you brought to help dig out my pond, to our 2 month landscaping project that was supposed to be a weekend deal, we had some great moments! And although we rarely saw eye to eye, you made things very interesting and I could always count on you to make a bad situation worse…my friend and fellow Ming
Posted by Dewayne Caraway on 17th September 2013
Timothy - Always so personable. I will miss your great personality, the approach you showed toward challenges presented. God speed to you my friend.
Posted by Chris Campbell on 17th September 2013
Timothy inspired by his own passion to be the best in all. Always a zest for life, thus this is hard to comprehend. He served our country years ago, thanked him for this often. I will always think of him when I eat a doughnut! God rest his soul.
Posted by Amanda Camp on 17th September 2013
A creative builder and doer of many things...blunt, funny...never a dull moment...as i will remember Timothy..... My deepest sympathy to the McClellan family.
Posted by Praveen Kumar on 17th September 2013
Timothy- Its really hard to believe that you are no more with us. I really feel you have always motivated me and helped me in my work. I will always miss you. Thanks for all the support and you will always be in my prayers. :-(
Posted by Nick Greenwood on 16th September 2013
Timothy my friend, you touched a lot of people and hearts on your journey through the Bank of America. You assisted with so many issues, pointed people in the right direction in so many ways, and had their backs when they did not even know it. I thank you for everything you've done for me whether I knew it or not.
Posted by Abhishek Bhatnagar on 16th September 2013
Timothy - It was an honor and a privilege to work with you, you will be greatly missed!
Posted by Nitu Mohanty on 16th September 2013
I still don't believe it. But having worked with you, I know how you would have liked me to behave at this hour- You did a damn good job till date! Great guy, who called a spade a spade. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Ill miss you friend!
Posted by Anoop Mishra on 16th September 2013
Timothy - I feel fortunate that I got an opportunity to work with you. It was an honor and great pleasure working with you. I will miss you my friend!
Posted by Pranav Patni on 16th September 2013
"Timothy - It was a privilege to work with you! I’ll miss you voice / pings stating "How are you my friend while being on an issue..."... Will miss our chat about road trip and music!!! RIP my friend"
Posted by Betsy Twining on 16th September 2013
Timothy - I remember the very first time I met you - in a LotusNotes class. I was struck by your intelligence then and the more I knew you the more I appreciated you. Bridget O'Conner recently announced new enablers for our mission, one of which is "we are courageous." You embodied that more than anyone else I know as you always spoke up at work when you knew something to not be right.
Posted by Tim Rohrbacher on 16th September 2013
My friend, I will miss most how easy it was to laugh with you. Your quick wit and self-effacing manner belied a huge personality with so much to say and share. You always said life was too short not to enjoy it. I admire how well you lived that each day. As the other “Timothy” in the office, I will miss the simple confusion our name caused. What’s left to say...Farewell my friend.
Posted by Gould Colleen on 16th September 2013
Timothy, you will be missed dearly. I can still hear your voice asking me about a change or system issue. You were truely a unique man and I appreciated that. You will be in my prayers!
Posted by Joan Senchak on 16th September 2013
Ah my friend you have passed to soon. The world will be a sadder place without your talent with brush, pen and spoken word coming into it every day. I will miss you now and foreve until we happen to meet again. May your new journey be sweeter than this last, and your memory help those left behind to be strong and carry on without our dear friend.
Posted by Kelley Lasley (LeRow) on 16th September 2013
Timothy, so many memories. I'm so very glad you got a chance to get back over to Asia. I’m struggling here bud, after listening to your gruff voice every morning for 5 years I’m not sure how to start another day without hearing it. We all loved you Timothy, I hope your friends and family know just how much. Godspeed my friend and may you have all the doughnuts your heart desires.
Posted by Wadia Husary on 16th September 2013
Timothy, Bud I am going to miss you so so much!!!! Who is going to say Wadia what is the Run Rate for PHL's? Too soon for you, but i know you are in a better place!!!! Will miss you dearly my friend
Posted by Samuel Glover on 16th September 2013
"Timothy, I still cannot believe you’re gone so soon. I will never forget the fond memories of you. I remember when we first met in Charlotte and how we laughed. I am going to miss you buddy!
Posted by Jerry Jones on 16th September 2013
I’m So Sad, Tim we spent most of 2013 working every day, rare if we had a day go by without a chat or phone call. We never had a face to face but in my heart you became my brother and one of the best co-workers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Rest in Peace my friend you will truly be missed by all. __ JJ
Posted by Krishna Kuni on 16th September 2013
Timothy - It is so sad that you passed away so soon. Though we had never met, I have heard you on many bridgelines and your voice has created a distinct image in my mind that is so alive today. Sorry to miss you and may your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Renee Kimble on 16th September 2013
Timothy I will miss the smile you brought to every triage, your laugh and the energy your brought to the world. I just can't beleive this happened. My condolences to his family. Another example of why we all need to slow down, look twice and enjoy every second of life. You are missed.
Posted by Patricia Wright on 16th September 2013
Timothy - I just spent three days in the Synergy meeting sitting beside you everyday. Just getting to know you was a pleasure. My heart is heavy with this news.
Posted by Lori Powell on 16th September 2013
Timothy -- this is such a shock to hear. I'm so sadden by this news. I pray for comfort for those you left behind who will miss you so much. Thanks for all the memories. Your tenacity and gregarious attitude will be missed! Rest in Peace my friend.
Posted by Yonas Ketema on 16th September 2013
Rest in Peace Timothy. CCO will not be the same w/o you. :(
Posted by Mauricio Berne on 16th September 2013
Timothy, my friend, I am so saddened by your passing. I have a heavy heart, as I will miss you and miss working with you. I wish that we could have met face to face, but I'll have to wait and catch up with you in heaven. Much love to you and your family.
Posted by Christine Roche on 16th September 2013
Timothy – I am at a loss for how to write what I am feeling. I will miss talking to you and you beginning each call with “hello Friend”! It was a pleasure and honor to have you call me your friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and loved ones and all of us at the Bank that will miss you so much!!
Posted by Christine Shankey on 16th September 2013
My thoughts are with you, your family and loved ones today! Whenever I heard you on a triage call I knew things were going to get fixed faster and better. Your voice was often the only one that brought reason to chaos! You will be missed by the entire Bank and me!
Posted by Steve Pollock on 16th September 2013
Timothy, We never met face to face, but after spending time on countless, endless bridge lines, collectively working through and resolving issues with you I feel I know you and I can call you my friend. I always felt better when you were on the call. I will miss your experience and knowledge, humor, and support always! Thank you for all your help. You will be forever missed.
Posted by Todd Kennedy on 16th September 2013
They broke the mold when they made you, Timothy. You are my friend and I have always appreciated that. We share a love for horror movies, especially zombies, and I am still working my way through your list of recommendations. I haven't seen you as much over the last 7 months but whenever I did, you always made me laugh. Thank you so much.
Posted by Michael Valenzuela on 16th September 2013
"Timothy, not only were you a great co-worker, but you were also a good Friend. I remember when I moved to Virginia you made sure I was welcomed and felt part of the CCO team. You will be dearly missed. My thoughts and paryers are with you and your family."

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