This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Timothy (Baba) Ajala, 77 years old, born on December 3, 1943, and passed away on March 14, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Iroeke Emeka on March 19, 2021
Baba, we love you but God loves you most. Your death came to us as a surprise. Our consolation is on the promises and hope in the resurrection. We pray that God gives you a place in the comfortable place he has prepared for the saints. Rest in peace
Posted by Inusa Bello on March 19, 2021
Uncle Tim was a Big Brother Figure and Uncle to many us even though we had no blood relationship with him. being a friend to his younger brothers was enough for him to welcome many of us warmly with love into his home and large family.
Uncle Tim was a Unique, Simple, special and a detribalized Nigerian, a great family man, community leader, lecturer and a successful entrepreneur/business man.
He will be remembered for his Simplicity, Classy, Gentle, warm and Passionate approach to his issues and challenges that is infectious, impactful and inspirational.
Uncle Tim was a Trail Blazer, a Great Man of Class and taste with amazing and rare organizational skills that is rare to find.
Uncle Tim was a disciplined Man and great Family Man to the Core with a kind heart.
His departure to the great beyond will be missed by sooo many but who are we to question the Almighty God that have decided to take him from us for uncle Tim to be with him.
we will continue to cherish and draw strength , happiness and inspiration from the great life he lived, Memories and legacy that he has left behind .

May his gentle soul Rest In Perfect Peace! Amen.

May the great Lord Strengthen His Wife, Mama Irede Like we popular call her, His Children, His brothers who are my friends and the rest of the larger family members spiritually and emotionally to bear this great loss of the great Family Leader. Amen.

Rest In Peace Uncle Tim!

Inusa Bello
Posted by Amakajoy Anyiam-Nwigwe on March 19, 2021
Late Mr Timothy O. Ajala, the chairman of Ladela Schools, ABUJA was a great man. He has always been the man the entire staff, pupils and students looked up to. He has always shown love to all and worked very hard to see that his dream for a new Ladela School is fulfilled.
Very honest, kind, caring and has never been interested in shortcuts. Hard work and integrity meant every thing to him. He will forever be remembered as a mentor and encourager.
Good Night, Baba Ajala.
-From Nwigwe's Family
Posted by Paul Awoyale on March 19, 2021
Baba was a walking sunshine full of love for humanity. We grew up knowing him as
a man of great mind, impeccable integrity
and powerful vision. When good deeds are remembered one name will always come first Baba Timothy Ajalas name. May his victorious, venerable and gentle soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Yinka Obikanye on March 19, 2021
Tribute to Pa Timothy Ajala.
I came to know Pa Timo Ajala as we used to call him through his Darling sister Mrs Deborah Obikanye who was my dear friend and sister of blessed memory through whom I had contact with him. We were at Kaduna together to celebrate the birth of his first son Irede and attended together most of the good celebrations Papa Ajala had for his brothers and sisters in Jos, Idah and at Ogbomosho for his late mother's burial. Pa Timo Ajala was a loving and generous. He loved all his relatives with passion. He took care of all Cousin, Niece, and Nephew. He was a good father to all as head to the Ajala's family. May the Lord comfort your wife and children left behind and fill the fatherly role you played for the Ajala Family. Your departure was a shock to us, but you have gone to a better place of rest. Adiue and Goodnight.
Mrs. Oluwaseyi Odunola. Ilorin
Posted by OLAYEMI AWOKOYA on March 19, 2021
Hmm, the news of your demise came as a shock to me and my family and till now we still find it difficult to believe it happened.
We cannot question God but we are consoled with the fact that DEATH IS NOT THE END OF LIFE BUT THE BEGINING OF ETERNITY WHERE WE WILL NEVER PART AGAIN. Rest on Pa. Tim. Ajala.
Posted by Hadiza King on March 19, 2021
Tima, beloved loving, caring, understanding, exceptional brother and friend. My heart is heavy,my grief is huge. How can such a beautiful person leave us without a goodbye. How r we expected to survive this very unstable life without one like u to to bring some hope, sparkle and strength to carry on with ur lovely jokes, wise counsel and quiet but firm admonitions. U are already greatly missed and will be missed forever. REST IN PERFECT PEACE.
Posted by Ibbi Atta on March 19, 2021
How does one remember an individual ? How does one sum up their achievements? A good metric is the impact they have had on the lives of others. Judging by that metric Baba was a great man indeed. Always there to the point he was larger than life. Supportive in every way a father should be. I remember how he made things that should have been scary seem trivial with his wisdom, knowledge and sense of humour. His wisdom, words of encouragement and compassion will be sorely missed.
Posted by Ofem Otu on March 19, 2021

Mortals, born of women are of few days and full of trouble, they spring up like flowers and wither away like fleeting shadows, they do not endure.(Job 14: 1) to us believers of the gospel; " Death has been swallowed up in victory. Where O death, is your victory? Where O death, is your sting? BABA, remembering your words of admonition during your sojourn on earth triggered over flow of tears from our faces , but we are brave from same words of the Master "That we should not weep as those without hope, rather the dead shall live again.
At least there is hope for a tree; if it is cut down in Christ Jesus because it will sprout again into eternity and its new shoots will not fail.
I'm courageous to say good night and fare well to a GREAT FATHER, TEACHER, LEADER AND MENTOR, into eternity.
We shall meet again to part no more.
Posted by Mosun Bello on March 19, 2021
I knew Uncle Tim as we called him through my husband, Inusa Bello , who happened to be childhood friends with Femi and Wale Ajala. And by extension met Aunty Angela, from Way back in Kaduna. I remember I loved going to visit because both uncle and Aunty were warm and welcoming personalities . Then we all left kaduna and relocated to Abuja. Though our paths did not cross as often but each encounter was as warm and pleasant as it had always been. To Aunty , uncle Femi and Wale, Helen, Vicky , Alero, Irede , Iyiola and the whole Ajala family, I say, may you be granted the strength to soldier on. Daddy lived a good life and his legacy lives on forever.
Posted by Lydia Garuba on March 19, 2021
Baba, I honestly thought you would be here for a little longer. For me your life was short but well spent. I prayed for a father and I got you. I’m happy you called me your daughter, I’m happy I was part of your last ten days on earth. I am glad I told you I loved you before closing the door as I was leaving your house that day, which happened to be the last time I would see you.
I’m glad I’m living with very pleasant memories of you and I would never love Jordan more than Enabutu.
Good Night Baba!
Posted by Terhile Hiam on March 19, 2021
Baba, yours was a life well spent. You came, saw, fought diligently, conquered and left behind monumental legacies. Rest on Sir.
Posted by Theodora Arua on March 19, 2021
My condolence prayer to a woman I admire so much from afar, my secret mentor. May the Almighty, at this time fill your heart and that of the entire family with peace that the human mind cannot comprehend in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Posted by Nonye Ezenwa on March 19, 2021
Baba!!! I have a thousand words and don’t know where to start. I am just grateful I had the opportunity to come across him in this life. Baba understood my silence in the office. Baba knew when I was hungry by just looking at me and would always feed me Lol! His counsel!! I miss you Baba!! I miss fixing little things for you! I just wish I made that call and told you about the wedding you always prayed for me about!
Posted by Eno Simon on March 19, 2021
I met Mr Ajala on very few occasions and every time I saw him, he radiated grace, gentleness and compassion. He is a man to remember. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may God grant Mrs Ajala and family the courage and strength to go through this time. My sincere condolences.
Posted by Seyi Oshikanlu on March 18, 2021
Aunty Angela is my big sister, mentor and Area mommy. I relocated to Nigeria in 2007 and every single person I met started from a connection of hers! Then I met Baba who is, not was, a gentle, easy going and kind Uncle. He is so we easy to talk to and is ever so encouraging. He is always telling me to feed my husband properly and pay attention to my family. I would always tell him that men like him are not 'manufactured again'! His passing away really breaks my heart and only becos of the physical separation, but we don't mourn like world! Baba we will meet again and thank you for everything.
Posted by Justina Chukurah on March 18, 2021
My deepest condolence to Angela Ajala and the entire Ajala family . May the Almighty Lord grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss and let the perpetual light shine upon Baba Ajala . I pray that the lord comfort you all and give you peace. Baba Ajala has ran his race and Heaven has gained a worthy leader . May his gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Timothy Zakka on March 18, 2021
We are truly saddened by the passing of Baba Ajala. We have heard about how inspirational he was in the society. His story was that of selfless sacrifice and he demonstrated this in his life on a daily basis.
We pray that his soul has truly found rest.
We have no doubt that he is sorely missed already.

Timothy Zakka.
Posted by Yaw Buachie on March 18, 2021

Death is sadly part of life and inevitable. I don't have the right words to express how I feel about Baba's death.
Baba, you have gone before us too soon. Certainly, the precious memories of you will remain in our minds and hearts. This is your time, Baba. Ours will surely come. In everything, all that we can say is the Lord gives and takes.
Posted by Somicious Judy on March 18, 2021
Baabaa!! I still remember the first time I met you in Aunty's office back then in Area 11 Garki, Abuja. How you narrated your family's investment's history in 30mins. I still remember how you told me to oblige & make sure I see through all your family's investment's. I still remember how you consoled me when I had the miscarriage of triplets when we met in Shoptrite Jabi lake Mall & how you paid for the cake of our Son's 5yrs birthday cake that I came to buy. I still remember how you gave me some documents concerning Aunty's investments for my keeping to do a follow up. I still remember how you told me to be careful with my present condition cos you want to carry the baby, but now I guess thy Lord want you to hug the baby while in Heaven.

Baabaa i shall miss those heart warming smiles of yours you left us with it. Those infectious smile that melts a hard rock.
I personally shall miss you.
Dont worry about those documents you gave on behalf of Aunty, I shall look for everything that's my Promise to you, Sir.
The Love you always show to Aunty is just mind blowing & worthy to emulate.
See you again at Jesus's feet, Sir.
Posted by Kizito Okorowu on March 18, 2021
Your love for Maami was second to none. Thank you for being a beacon to the young generation. You taught us a lot, Big Daddy. We are encouraged by the life you’ve lived. Rest well, Baba wa.
Posted by Goke Ajala on March 18, 2021
As we look back over time
We find ourselves wondering …..
Did we remember to thank you enough
For all you have done for us?
For all the times you were by our sides
To help and support us …..
To celebrate our successes
To understand our problems
And accept our defeats?
Or for teaching us by your example,
The value of hard work, good judgements,
Courage and integrity?
We wonder if we ever thanked you
For the sacrifices you made.
To let us have the very best?
And for the simple things
Like laughter, smiles and times we shared?
If we have forgotten to show our
Gratitude enough for all the things you did,
We’re thanking you now.
And we are hoping you knew all along,
How much you meant to us.
Posted by Faith Obafemi on March 18, 2021
Continue to rest in peace sir. You were exceptional, your life on earth impacted so many even from afar, Heaven is blessed
Posted by Adam Yerima on March 18, 2021
A beautiful tribute. May his kind and gentle soul RIPP
From Mrs Hanatu Sani Sami
Posted by Amede Achingale on March 18, 2021
Dear Babaaaaa, as you were fondly called by my Mama T, your granddaughter,
So many of us will deeply miss you, your warm, grace and caring gentle ways. This news of your passing is still like a film…. Everyone who knew you will definitely feel the vacuum created by your departure into glory. Farewell Babaaaaa! May your soul rest in peace! May the good Lord comfort your entire family, relatives and friends that you have left behind.
Posted by Adam Yerima on March 18, 2021
Oh dear! Quite sad.
Indeed he taught me English in intro class. Allah yasa mu cika da kyau da imani.
From Musa Abubakar
Posted by Adam Yerima on March 18, 2021
Allah Sarki. TIMA!
My Teacher,
My Tailor,
My Friend.
Adieu *Uncle* *T*.
From Architect Ibrahim Mahmood
Posted by Olatunji Caleb on March 18, 2021
I met baba at my tender age he was so lovely and caring man, always ready to give at any point of time.may the good lord be with mummy, children and entire our family.Baba oninu ire sun ree oooo
Posted by Ojo Bukola on March 18, 2021
Baba was a complete calm person not only calm but was very very Humble, each time I passed by Baba, he has the soft spoken way of calling my name..Bukky!!! , Baba's soul rest well ..Mummy Ajala God of comforter will comfort you and entire family and friends Baba left Behinde...Goodnight Sir.
Posted by Omelogo Nnadi on March 18, 2021
I met Baba several times, only not in person, but through the eyes and words of 'Maami,' as Mummy is fondly called in the BSG family to which I belong.

Through her eyes and words, I met a gentle force, a Pillar, an amazing, humorous legend.

This is a huge loss that only God in His wisdom and grace can fill.

My deepest condolences, Maami, and to the entire family.

May God hold your hands, fill your hearts with peace and healing at this time.

And may Baba's flight to his Maker be swift and light.
Posted by Ruth Sam-Shie on March 18, 2021
May the Lord grant Baba's soul eternal rest.
The staff and management of Rubyville School Lugbe pray that the Holy spirit will continually comfort and encourage our dear Mrs Angela Ajala and family.Rest on Sir.
Posted by Kefas Musa on March 18, 2021
May God comfort the entire Ajala family and grant the deceased eternal rest.

RIP Tim Ajala
Posted by Rakiyat Odunsi on March 18, 2021
Dady Ajala, from my interaction with Mumy Ajala I knew you are a very focus, support and full of love. You will be greatly missed Dady. May all your shortcomings be forgiven. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Ameen
Posted by Sam Sam on March 18, 2021
“He was a flamboyant and very able defender and captain of the very successful soccer teams at SPC and later at ABU.
May his jovial soul rest in perfect peace. May the Almighty comfort his family, friends and all others who mourn him. Amen

He had a way of grittily attacking the ball as a defender. The Wusasa fans loved it and would scream, "Da kyau kyaure". Figuratively meaning, " Well done,the fortress. "
Rest well.”

Emman Shehu, Jones, 66
Posted by Nike Dickson-Amusa on March 18, 2021
May God Almighty continue to bless all that Baba left behind in Jesus name. May the peace of the Lord envelope the family and all that they are. Please accept my condolence.
Posted by Sophy Isiaka on March 18, 2021
Baba was selfless, courageous and strong. He was my best friend, my engineering partner, my father, he was indeed a father of all he cared for everyone and did everything with everyone in mind, his Angelic soul will be missed forever and the memories we have will forever be carved on our hearts.
Posted by Priye Engraced Internatio... on March 18, 2021
May God grant the family the strength to bear the loss. It is well with the entire family and friends of the deased in Jesus name Amen

Thanks Mrs Dickson Priboye from Priye Engraced International School Asokoro Extension Fct Abuja
Posted by Funmilayo Makinde on March 18, 2021
U were a strong, focused and never given up on your vision and whatever U believe in. You speak frankly on all situation.
You traced me as soon as you heard your beloved cousin's daughter was in Abuja and ever since U have always shown concern and especially when my mum now stays with me, you have shown amazing care and love.
You loved every one around you and always concerned about ur extended family. Your frank talk and sense of humour will really be missed.
Rest on beloved, till we meet at Jesus feet.

By Dupe Makinde
Posted by Adam Yerima on March 18, 2021
Uncle Tim, (Director) like I fondly called him was my teacher who became my friend and big brother. You will be very sadly missed sir. Rest in peace
To the Ajala family, I share your grief, loss and pain. Praise God we had him in our lives, a gentle, truly honorable, honest uncommon soul.
Posted by olusola bankole on March 18, 2021
Your vibrant and warm disposition will be missed. Rest in peace.
I pray for comfort for the family in Jesus' name.
Posted by Oche Garuba on March 18, 2021
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Posted by Ben Ade on April 16, 2021
There's a brother like father and that's what you represent to us as you picked up our brothers Wale and Femi and gave them the quality education they deserved in Babas absence.

You lived and touched lives you left a good memory behind and you'll be doo reminded.

The Lord will comfort mummy your sweet wife and the children you left behind and the larger family.

Posted by Ajirireloja Inioluwanimi ... on April 5, 2021
There will be no more death or mourning or crying of pains
For the old order of things have passed away

The pain we are all feeling is more than I myself can say
For I myself have prayed
For peace of the loved ones of the deceased

But it is what it is going to be
Everything has its time and season
Just like that of a little seedling
Which springs into a beautiful tree

We can all see this, not easy as we thought it would be
But the Lord knows best
And he puts us first

And now our father lies in the Lords soft bosom
In his ever peaceful nest 
Our mouths are dry and our eyes are wet
But we all know
A decision of God is not something we would ever regret
We pray we do not get lost in the loop or lose our sight and view
For the world is a market
In which we have all queued
I know it is hard to lose
This is heavy on our chest
It seems hard to move
If man were God we would hardly choose

But His ways are not of ours
But this I know our daddy will forever remain amongst the stars

For this is the beginning of a new journey
On when we must go on and say to ourselves nothing can stop me

The turn of a new page
the start of a new chapter
The beginning of a new stanza
I know God will turn every tear to a form of laughter

Live on now forevermore and after
Forever will BABA AJALA be remembered
Rejoice for he lived for humanity
Rejoice for he lived for a good cause
In our hearts, he will forever remain
At least we know
There shall be no empty space
for the holy spirit will fill his place.
                    ... ..................AJIRIRELOJA GOODLUCK ENOCH (AGE)
Posted by Lucky and Queenie AGBA on April 4, 2021
To Uncle Tim!
When you said " dear Queenie, whatever you have, tag the prices and display them here. When they sell, come and take your money..." We were amazed. ONLY UNCLE TIM AJALA CAN BE THAT MAGNANIMOUS. The entire Kaduna saw TIMA and QUEENIE'S as competitors yet you had a commitment TO ENCOURAGE YOUR YOUNGER ONES. You were you and will be missed until we meet to part no more. Adieu!!!
Lucky & Queenie AGBA.
Recent stories
Shared by Oche Garuba on March 29, 2021
Baba was a father to me. He showed me that it is always better to be kind to people and I learnt so much from him in so many ways. I count myself to be very lucky to have known him. He accepted me into his home and accepted me into his life. He was very simple and honestly did not have any wahala at all. I enjoyed always being around him. 
We both shared a love for movies and we would often gist about them. From old action movies like ‘Red Scorpion’, ‘Terminator’, old Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee movies, to recent tv shows like ‘24’ with Jack Bauer. We even gisted about dramas like ‘the Shawshank Redemption’, which we both agreed was probably one of the greatest movies ever made. It was a movie about hope, love and friendship, and Baba really knew how to show love. 
He always told me that he was very proud of me, right from my NYSC days till present. And I can honestly say that I am proud to be called one of his children. There is a famous quote from Bruce Lee that I would like to borrow at this time which states that “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering”. Indeed, Baba has become immortal, as He will live on forever through his children and his adopted children, because we all will continue to remember and emulate him. I will really miss him. God bless you Baba!
Shared by Damilola Waterton on March 27, 2021

When Iyiola and I became friends we’d always go straight from the lobby into his room to play games. So I never really got to know Baba until I would wait a bit to hang out with him. He seemed so cool and he’d be watching soccer or some shows.

Babs, as we called him, was always so supportive and caring.

I remember in 2019 once we spoke on the phone and he asked after my mum, she wasn’t feeling too well. Baba drove to the house within the hour and demanded that we go to the hospital. He waited with us and brought us back, even went round the crescent because I had dropped my phone in the sienna. 

I’ll miss our coffee and ‘bitters’ sessions. Babs loved coffee of all kinds, I’d drop by sometimes  to have some and we’d talk. We also loved bitterleaf juice, ruzu bitters and bitter gourd. We unlocked a new level of bonding when he had to switch up his diet! He’d call me ‘babalawo’ when I’d go extreme with some of my infusions . 

I’ll miss our fist bumps, banter and his ability to respond to every single silly question I would ask. Seeing Grandbaba interacting with Tara. Watching Man U matches with him “ lukakuu “ . Most especially his “ you ehhhn “ after he hadn’t seen me in a while.

Thank you for the most pleasant memories.

He was a rock to so many. I pray we all find solace in the fact that Baba lived life, fully! And we learn to spread joy with everyone we encounter, because that’s how every interaction with baba felt! You left with a smile on your face and in your heart.

Love you Babs, Till we meet again.

Shared by Elisha Habila on March 19, 2021
All I can say now is that may his soul rest in peace.