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Shared by Oche Garuba on March 29, 2021
Baba was a father to me. He showed me that it is always better to be kind to people and I learnt so much from him in so many ways. I count myself to be very lucky to have known him. He accepted me into his home and accepted me into his life. He was very simple and honestly did not have any wahala at all. I enjoyed always being around him. 
We both shared a love for movies and we would often gist about them. From old action movies like ‘Red Scorpion’, ‘Terminator’, old Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee movies, to recent tv shows like ‘24’ with Jack Bauer. We even gisted about dramas like ‘the Shawshank Redemption’, which we both agreed was probably one of the greatest movies ever made. It was a movie about hope, love and friendship, and Baba really knew how to show love. 
He always told me that he was very proud of me, right from my NYSC days till present. And I can honestly say that I am proud to be called one of his children. There is a famous quote from Bruce Lee that I would like to borrow at this time which states that “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering”. Indeed, Baba has become immortal, as He will live on forever through his children and his adopted children, because we all will continue to remember and emulate him. I will really miss him. God bless you Baba!
Shared by Damilola Waterton on March 27, 2021

When Iyiola and I became friends we’d always go straight from the lobby into his room to play games. So I never really got to know Baba until I would wait a bit to hang out with him. He seemed so cool and he’d be watching soccer or some shows.

Babs, as we called him, was always so supportive and caring.

I remember in 2019 once we spoke on the phone and he asked after my mum, she wasn’t feeling too well. Baba drove to the house within the hour and demanded that we go to the hospital. He waited with us and brought us back, even went round the crescent because I had dropped my phone in the sienna. 

I’ll miss our coffee and ‘bitters’ sessions. Babs loved coffee of all kinds, I’d drop by sometimes  to have some and we’d talk. We also loved bitterleaf juice, ruzu bitters and bitter gourd. We unlocked a new level of bonding when he had to switch up his diet! He’d call me ‘babalawo’ when I’d go extreme with some of my infusions . 

I’ll miss our fist bumps, banter and his ability to respond to every single silly question I would ask. Seeing Grandbaba interacting with Tara. Watching Man U matches with him “ lukakuu “ . Most especially his “ you ehhhn “ after he hadn’t seen me in a while.

Thank you for the most pleasant memories.

He was a rock to so many. I pray we all find solace in the fact that Baba lived life, fully! And we learn to spread joy with everyone we encounter, because that’s how every interaction with baba felt! You left with a smile on your face and in your heart.

Love you Babs, Till we meet again.

Shared by Elisha Habila on March 19, 2021
All I can say now is that may his soul rest in peace.

Condolences to the Ajala Family

Shared by Mufadil Bakare on March 18, 2021
We all at Foliage Academy Abuja express our deep loss at the demise of Papa Timothy Ajala.
We equally express our heartfelt condolences to the entire Ajala family, home and abroad especially to our Leader and mentor, Mrs Angela Ajala.
May God in His infinite mercies give the family the fortitude to bear the great loss.

Shared by Chinwe Ugborgu on March 18, 2021
Baba was gentle, understanding and caring. He impacted every life he met through encouragements, mentorship and generosity. I miss Baba so much. May his soul rest in peace . Amen

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