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Happy Mother's Day: Tina B Wilson Jones

Mom it was a very very beautiful woman and I miss you everyday that you're gone now I wish that you were still here with me being able to talk to you listening to you this Mother Day will be very hard without you just know that I love you and I will never forget you. Mom I need you to give me the strength to be able to move on every day with my life now and knowing your up above watching over me and my family I will be okay. I Miss you Mom and I love you Happy Mother's Day
from your:
                    Daughter Ayla Simmons.

Tina Jones

Tina B Jones, 
Was born on December 5th 1966, In Columbus Ohio, Was fully done with high School by the age of 15, was married by 16 and had 4 Beautiful Girls by the age of 21. Mom I will always miss you ❤️, you Will ALWAYS be in my Heart No-Matter what, I wish this day didn't have to come do soon, but you're in a better place now, no more stuffing, Save me a Place See you Soon. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM.