Posted by Ayla Simmons on August 26, 2021
I Love you Mother Always and Forever NMW
Posted by Ayla Simmons on August 12, 2021
Posted by Ayla Simmons on August 12, 2021
Dear Mom,

It's been to long since you been go, these day are not getting any easy for me, I miss you so so Much, Why did you leave me, My heart and Soul left My body When you left this EARTH, I really do wish you was here With ME, I don't Understand and I don't think I will EVER UNDERSTAND why people have to leave there love one. you know that you will always be in my Heart. Promise Me you will came back one day to see me, I tired to call you the day before and you did pick up your phone. I Miss you Mother, I never got to say goodbye to you, I need to know that you still Love me, It not the some without you, Not to be able to call you hurts me so much. I know I'll see you again. I LOVE You SO SO MUCH MOM.

                                  YOUR DAUGHTER
                                      Ayla.A.Beverly Simmons
Posted by Suerathia Turner on April 10, 2021
I miss you sooooo much sweetheart ! To be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord. There is no greater presence. I just wish I would have atleast been able to say goodbye when you called me the night before, but even the sound of the call itself spoke to me, goodbye my sweet. I will think of you ALWAYS each and everyday of my life!! TB, this is sooooooo difficult! The tears just won't stop.

Posted by Ayla Simmons on April 10, 2021
You Was My favorite Hello And My Hardest Goodbye R I P MOM
12/5/66- 2/27/21 YOU Will ALWAYS be Missed.

Mom I Miss You So Much, I don't want to Understand this But it's True, I Know that You'll not Coming back, I Do Know That I Love You With Ever Bone in my body, I will Never Forgot you As Long as I Live. This Mother Day Will be very HARD this year, but I will get though it. Happy Mother's Day (MOTHER I Love You So Much Mom My Heart hurts so Bad right Now. I know You're Here With Me. Love You Mommy.
*****Happy Mother's Day*****
Tina B Wilson Jones I Will ALWAYS Love You. Gone but not forgotten.

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