Her Life

My Mum

My Mum was the complete "epitome" of FUN!!! She was a complete "Soldier", unfortunately she was dealt a very poor health card in life, but she NEVER complained, I am SO very lucky to have been her daughter and to have shared the time & memories I did with her! I miss her every day of my life & think of her daily, I am a very special & lucky girl to have been blessed with her as my Mother & I truly thank God every day of my life for this honour! They broke the mould when they made "Wee Berky Bell" and there will never be another like her! My only saving grace in losing her is that she is no longer in the incredible pain she suffered, and for this I am TRULY thankful, I wish you are with Gran & Papa & all our other loved, lost ones, and that you are pain free and happy, and watching over us all, especially your beautiful Grand-Sons & Nieces!! Love you always Mum, Goddnight & God bless XxX