Posted by Stacy Toomey on April 12, 2021
It is so nice to read all the amazing tributes to Tina. It is true she made everyone feel they were her favorite human in the world(surely I am the exception and really am her favorite:)).

I am not sure how to begin writing down how special Tina and Dale are to the Toomey's. We met 7 years ago at a wine dinner, then months later moved in across the street. Being across the street neighbors afforded us so much time with Tina and Dale. Rarely a day went by we we didn't see both of them. We enjoyed all our travels together and also loved just sitting at home trying to decide whose wine was better:).

Tina had the biggest heart in the world. She was a fierce and loving friend. Tina would do anything for anyone! She was hilarious with a very dry wit. Tina's smile would light up the entire room!

Mike and Tina had a special relationship as well. We both miss her dearly and I pray every day for Dale to find joy in this world without Tina in it.

Sending lots of love and hugs to you Tina in heaven!
Posted by Karen Ray on April 7, 2021
It’s been so nice to see all of he photos from all of Aunt Tina’s friends and family! It is quite obvious that she valued creating memories with those she loved. I am so very grateful for our special times together! She always made me feel like I was her favorite!! Now I’m reading these beautiful tributes, it seems like she made everyone feel this way! I am missing her phone calls “ just checking in on you honey!”
She and Aunt Kate gave me the gift of a friendship with my cousins. That is the greatest gift of all! Viva Las Primas! Viva Las Chicas!
Posted by Dale and Tina Holder on April 2, 2021
Tina, my love, it's been nearly two months since your passing, freeing you from from the terrible effects of that horrible disease. I am comforted that you are free, but I miss you more than I can put into words. I will go on, as know you would want, but it's going to take time for me to learn to live a joyful life without you. Thank you so much for all the love you gave to me, your family, and all the people whose lives you touched. You truly will be forever missed.
Your loving husband and life partner,
Posted by Barry Pearl on March 15, 2021
We have had the pleasure of knowing Tina and Dale for more than 30 years and have many fond memories. Tina’s spirit and zest for life was apparent to everyone she encountered.  Tina loved to engage in conversation – whether serious or fun – and could more than hold her own with anyone. Tina sincerely cared for everyone – family, friend, or colleagues – and enriched her relationships with her sincerity and great sense of humor. We are thankful that Tina was able to spend so many great years with Dale and her family and will always remember her with a smile– as Tina would have it no other way.

Pam and Barry Pearl

Posted by Anat Adi-Atias on February 28, 2021
Dale, Christina and Kevin!

My heart is shattered to pieces. I deeply mourn Tina’s departure. When I think of Tina I see the twinkle in her eye when she spoke of her beloved family and adored adventurous trips together. The sense of humor. The genuine care for others. The smile that lit up a room. The most kindest soul.

Dale, your admiration to Tina could be seen for miles. Your caregiving through the last couple years are to be applauded. You are a true “Mentch”.

Blessed that our paths have crossed.
I will always cherish Tina’s memory.

I love you so very much!
Posted by esther edmonson on February 25, 2021
Tina was amazing to my family! Over these past 3 years, Tina has been the sweetest lady that I was so happy to have in my life and be able to call her grandma Tina! My sister's and I loved going out to lunch with her and hearing all about her childhood stories. She always made sure we had desert, even if we were about to bust out of our seams. What I loved most about Tina, was how she made us feel like family and truly love us. I will forever be appreciative of how she and Dale has made my family and I feel.

Love, The Edmonson Girls!
Posted by Cindy Ewing on February 25, 2021
TINA, oh how you will be so missed. Your kindness and warm smile will always be cherished. I will always remember and cherish my visit to Texas , where your kindness and love was shown to me. You were such an inspiration and encourager to me at a time I needed it the most.
Thank you for your kindness and love. You will be so missed. Love you dear sweet Tina. ❤️
Posted by J Zatopek on February 24, 2021
Tina was a bright light with a constant smile. Her humor and quick wit always amazed me. Her ability to honestly and openly speak what was on her mind was an inspiration. We are thankful for Tina and honored to call her our friend.

Judy and Mike
Posted by Wayne Curington on February 24, 2021
In 2016, Dale called us to invite us to meet him andTina for lunch at Brennan's restaurant in Houston. After so many years of being out of touch, it was wonderful to get reacquainted with him and Tina. It was a such a fun day, sharing family and life stories with humor and lots of laughter.

Tina was warm, friendly and there was no doubt she loved her family first and foremost. We will think of that day with freaat fondness and remember Tina's very special and beautiful spirit
Wayne and Roberta Curington
Posted by Peggy Lewis on February 23, 2021
Harold & I were so blessed to be in Tina & Dales's life, these years. Tina was funny, a great cook, smart, so fun to be with! The basketball games, football games.....OU &TX weekends, State Fair, Girl's weekend at SPI!! We have some
wonderful, wonderful, memories! Tina will be missed!!
Posted by Midge Carmon on February 23, 2021
Well, where to begin. Sometime ago, Tina, Kate, my sister, Mary Ellen and I decided we needed to see more of each other. Mary Ellen and I lived in Ohio. So we started “Las Primus”. Every other year we got together and each time it got better and better. One year ME and I were very tired from traveling so we “maneuvered” electric carts around HEB and scared the hell out of T&K. Luckily we didn’t bump into them or the customers. One year the 60 year old “girls” decided to do aquatic swimming for the Sr. Olympics. We didn’t get any ribbons because we couldn’t get our legs up straight and up in unison. But we did try. These might not be as funny to read, but perhaps Kate can demonstrate! One last memory, we spent Las Primus in Las Vegas. And an Earthpuake hit. We thought the plaster was crumbling until mngt. Came and said we were to walk down the stairsNOW! OK, but we all in our nighties! YES we did. We were directed to a vacant lot across the street with the rest of the aged one until we got the all clear”. Oh the whistles and catcalls we got when we returned thru the front doors. Oh the laughs and good memories we have and now ME and Tina are reminiscing up in heaven. God, please take care of them, if you can.
Posted by naomi mccluer on February 23, 2021
Remembering a special lady we will all miss. Rest in pease my friend. We will all join you some day. Than the good times will continue. Lots of Love to a special Lady. Your Cousin Naomi
Posted by Lloyd Wilson on February 23, 2021
We were blessed to know Tina's spirit and bright presence, and witness the incredible love of Dale and the Holder family. We will miss her.
Sincere condolences to your family.
With peace and love,
Lloyd and the Sonder Team
Posted by Susan Campbell on February 20, 2021
I first met Tina through our work; Gratefully, our friendship blossomed well beyond our being colleagues.  Though we always lived in different states, that distance could always be bridged. Time between visits didn’t matter to our friendship either– we’d pick right up where we left off without skipping a beat. And she was right there when I needed her most. She came to Colorado to care for me after my double knee replacement. She made me laugh…not good since it hurt when I laughed, but we sure had fun. Putting my compression stockings every morning was a team sport and on made us both cry with laughter. I am glad no one captured those Lucy and Ethel moments. She also came to Colorado another time when I needed emotional support during a family challenge. She said she just needed to be there. I needed her to be there though I’d have never asked. Yet she and Dale were there.
Dale and my husband, Von, were easy and wonderful to add into our friendship. The four of us shared many special memories in Jackson Hole, Austin, Colorado and on Maui. I’ve attached a picture from when we all gathered In Jackson for the eclipse. What a weekend that was!
Tina was a force of nature! She was quick-witted, candid, and had a great dry sense of humor. I will miss our conversations, our tears, our laughter, and her mischievous grin with that twinkle in her eyes. Aloha for now. Until we meet again.
Susan and Von Campbell

Posted by Kristie Edmonson on February 16, 2021
We are here to celebrate the life of Tina Holder and the measure of her worth And every single life she touched While here on this earth. Being able to share the past few years with you, Tina has been a pleasure. You will forever be missed by me and my family.

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