The family is creating the memorial for family and friends to help them find peace.  Mom loved to share stories of memories of family and friends.  We would love for you to share story memories of mom.  

Thank you everyone for the love and wishes of this amazing women.


Posted by Bambi Fletcher on April 8, 2021
I planted the yellow roses today. They were always your favorites.  They will probably sprout up in may and bloom on your birthday like they did last year.  I think about you all the time.  Love you mommy.
Posted by Linda Stout on April 7, 2021
I guess you came to visit today. I had a cardinal at my window in work yesterday, today it came back and banged in my window. The girl I work with said that's your sister
Posted by Linda Stout on April 7, 2021
Miss you tons. So many things I want to tell you and share with you. I love you and it's been a very long 2 years without hearing your voice
Posted by Linda Stout on May 25, 2020
I would be calling Tina today to wish her a happy birthday. Tina used to call us on our birthday and sing happy birthday even if she got the answering machine. I can still hear her singing. Miss my sister
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on May 4, 2020
Mom used to pack dad acouple of sandwiches for lunch and cut them in half. She use to take a bit out of one half as a joke and put the sandwich in his lunchbox with the missing bite. One day dads coworker forgot his lunch so dad offered him a sandwich cause mom always packed him alot of food. "Bill did you get a little hungry before lunch". Here he had given the guy a sandwich with the missing bite.
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on May 3, 2020
Justine was in labor with alyssa you were holding her hand. Brandon was in the corner in his stroller. He was so little. Justine had a labor contraction and was calling out. Brandon said grandma for the first time. You said Justine he said grandma and then you dropped poor justines hand to go over to your grandson.
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on May 2, 2020
It's been over a year and i still think of you every single day. Sometimes its a memory. Sometimes its when i scold my daughter the way i got scolded when i was little. Even Christina tells me every once in a while a memory she remembers and it makes me smile. I wish you could write a letter back to me. I know that i will see you again one day.
                           love you mommy
Posted by Linda Stout on April 7, 2020
It's one year today since you left us. I think if you every day and miss your voice and our stories when we were growing up. If you didn't know Tina you missed out on knowing a wonderful caring person. I love and miss Tina very much.
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on September 22, 2019
Theres a video of dad and christina that pops up on facebook every once in a while. You're bitching dad out but i dont care cause its nice to hear you voice even though you're calling him a jackass.
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on August 2, 2019
Everytime i see 222 i think about you. I dont know whatever made you choose those numbers but i always know when i see them it reminds me of you. They were the numbers you played whenever you got a pick 3
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on July 19, 2019
Thinking of getting a tattoo with yellow roses and mom on it....miss you so much...everytime i see 222 anywhere it reminds me of you.
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on May 25, 2019
Hi mommy
I got mine and christinas bear yesterday you would have loved them.
Posted by Nancy J Morrissey on May 25, 2019
Thinking of you today and Wishing you a Heavenly 60th Birthday! If you see my brother Mike, say Hello to him from me. You always were happy and sad today because he died on your birthday. Missing you. Love Always, Nancy xo
Posted by William Johnston on May 25, 2019
Happy birthday mom, we all love you.
Posted by Linda Stout on May 25, 2019
Happy Birthday to my sister in heaven. Tina is missed every day.
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on April 26, 2019
Mom , dad (Clay) and Aunt Laurie had a burping contest. All day long they just kept burping. Then dad says to mom at the end of the day go ahead Tina punch me as hard as you can in the stomach. Dad thought he would win and let out the longest loudest burp. Mom really let him have it. Instead of a burp though he let out the biggest fart!!!!  Mom told that story growing up so many times.
She also said alot
"Farts are funny...we laugh...but when we burp we say...excuse me."
Gotta love moms
Posted by Justine Lewis on April 11, 2019
One for Brandon and Mom...
At moms house, Brandon still learning to talk. I want, I want. Me: What do you want honey. Brandon: Chocshit Me: What do you want? Brandon: Chocshit grandma gave me Chocshit. Mom is in the kitchen laughing so hard she almost pees herself. Grandma gave him his first taste of Chocolate and she was trying to teach him how to say it, didn’t quite go as planned.
Posted by Justine Lewis on April 11, 2019
One for Dad. Mom and Dad we’re watching Brandon for us when he was a couple months old and just beginning to crawl. Mom went grocery shopping, when she got home, she called us and said you need to come over and see your child. Being new parents we were of course worried and rushed over to the house. Mom opens the front door and says I only left him with your father for a few mins and I asked him “ Bill will you be ok if I leave him with you for a bit”. She tells us dad’s reply was “ Yeah Tine what can go wrong, I’ve changed lots of diapers, gave bottles, burped all of it with our kids”. Well we looked at Brandon and didn’t seem like anything was wrong he was smiling, he turned himself over and than we noticed it. His diaper fell off and it had duct tape where the tabs should be. Dad had put the diaper on backwards. Dad than said, “ you forgot the diaper pins, so I had to improvise”. So dad got his lessen that day that the new diapers don’t have pins but tabs.
Posted by Justine Lewis on April 11, 2019
One mom and friends at Royal Palm store would remember. When Brandon was 9 months old he got a Pampers Commercial spot. We were so excited and so was Mom the day the tape came in the mail before it would air on TV. She got break around 2am and had us bring it up to her so she could see it. We played it on one of the big TV’s and she was smiling ear to ear saying theirs my little Angel face. Than all of a sudden her hand reached to her mouth and she said “ Did you see that?” See what mom? He was bouncing in his chair looked at the camera and I swear to god he just flipped everyone off. Nahh Tina that didn’t happen ( a few of her co-workers said ) So she rewound the tape and played it again, this time on all the TV’s in the department and than froze it at that part. Sure enough he did. We all laughed and she said “ Well he just blew his acting career”. She laughed so hard she started crying. We still have that tape in a box for him.
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on April 11, 2019
We were just going over some stories. Here is one for you Justine:
Brandon was about 4 and 5 and Grandma heard him say a curse word. She told him "come here let me show you what happens when you say a curse word". She took him over the fridge and got out the horseradish and put a little on his tongue. Brandon looks at mom and said " Ewww I hate that shit grandma". Dad says "YUP THAT WORKED REAL WELL GRANDMAS!!!"
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on April 10, 2019
Dad was reminding me in the car about when I wanted my spiral curl perm. It cost 170 for the perm and I ended up hating it. I kept telling mom I looked like a bush. I hated it I refused to go to school. So a couple days late mom took me back to have the perm removed from my hair. It was 75 just to straighten it. 
Dad said it was the most expensive haircut I ever had.
Posted by William Johnston on April 10, 2019
I have so many wonderful memories of mom with us kids. I remember her helping me out with my costume when I was the big bad wolf in a school play. Going to the beach, the circus, and many other things that I want to post. The first time I saw the Florida beaches was with mom. But more importantly I miss her smile, her hugs, I miss mom always telling me to sit down on the couch rather than stand or sit on the floor. As my sister said all us kids have a ton of memories that we would like to share but would rather hear the memories and thoughts of others.
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on April 10, 2019
I remember mom had this car and the floor had rusted out and our 2 dogs had taken a ride. She stopped at a texaco and Max snuck out through the hole in the bottom of the car. She drove about 2 miles down the road before she realized he was gone. Dont you know that silly dog was sitting wagging his tail waiting for her to come back.
Posted by Karen Newbon on April 10, 2019
Aunt Tina was a very compassionate loving beautiful person! I remember so many positive stories but had to narrow them down! Aunt Tina would allow many sleep overs when we were young and there is where she introduced green beans with mayonnaise (I ate them for the first time and loved them!) she would also take us for a walk to the store down the road and buy us flying saucer candy! I don’t really like them anymore but once in a while I will eat one to remind me of those days! Aunt Tina will forever be in my heart! My heart and prayers are with my family! Love ya!
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on April 9, 2019
Mom had her strengths and she had her weaknesses..but through it all she was an amazing women. When she loved it was with her whole heart. She loved alot of people over the years. She had alot of compaasion for others. If my mom could help someone in need she always did. I always remember her openong her home to others when they had nowhere to go. She taught me great things and ill teach that to my daughter.
Posted by Linda Stout on April 9, 2019
I probably shouldn't post this one but what the hell we were just kids. Tina and I walk to 7-Eleven and she told me if I didn't steal these ice cream sandwiches she was going to beat me up needless to say at that point I was afraid of her so I took them and I put them in my bag. One of the customers told on me Tina said oh you're in trouble, he told, she says quick take them and hide them under the newspapers so I did just that well the store Clerk stopped us anyway he knew what we did but he let us go. We had to walk home and walking down the hill here comes a cop car Tina says all boy they're coming to get you Linda. Scare the crap out of me then we seeanother cop car as we entered our section and she did it to me again she had me a nervous wreck and she's laughing like crazy after we got home. I guess it was a lesson well learned not to listen to anybody to take something that didn't belong to you. If Tina looking down right now she's laughing her ass off
Posted by Justine Lewis on April 9, 2019
I remember Thanksgiving 1997 Mom saying you need to eat, you’re eating for 2 now. I wasn’t really hungry. Mom said well it’s a good thing you aren’t due for another month because I would think you were going to have this baby soon. She bent down and whispered at my belly “ Don’t you think of coming early Mister, It’s Black Friday tomorrow and grandma works retail.” Well needless to say my water broke on Black Friday and we had to make that call to Mom at work and she laughed, than told me to hold that baby in until she got there.
Posted by Justine Lewis on April 9, 2019
I remember all our weekend trips to Asbury Park and the fried chicken after we would finish swimming in the ocean as kids. I remember Mom yelling at us as kids not to pretend we were starfish, because we would scare her. How she would laugh and scoop us up and tell us that’s not big chunks of ice “ Those are jellyfish”. Don’t chase the seagulls or they’ll poop on you. Playing Doctor and we all lined up our teddie bears and dollies to give them shots and using every tampon in the house as a needle and all the bandaids being gone. Yelling at me at 3am because I couldn’t sleep and was vacuuming. She taught us where to look and how to catch crawfish in a stream behind Comcast. Halo farms trips to watch the bottling process and than pet/feed the animals. How hard she would try to get all of us to take a family picture when we were kids, but she would never get mad. How Mom reacted when she saw Dad was giving us Liver for dinner. I think she was more grossed out than we were, No we never did eat the Liver. So many memories as kids and memories that continued into our adult years, no matter the distance between all of us. I LOVE You MOM and I miss you so much.
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on April 9, 2019
Granny used to call Christina "Her little egg head". My daughter got stuck in the birth canal and her head came out egg shaped. I still remember mom asking the doctor a couple of times if it would be normal like other babies. Needless to say yes my daughter has a normal shaped head. Gotta love mom.
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on April 9, 2019
I remember one time when i had this craft paint and i couldnt open it. Mom says "Here just give it to me" so i did. She puts the bottle in her hand and squeezed it. Bright neon pink craft paint shot up to the ceiling of our new house. I still remember to this day her saying "well ill be damned". We lived in that house for about 20 years...we never did get the pink out of the ceiling
Posted by Pauline Swenson on April 8, 2019
Tina was a TV star. We'd worked together for about 3 years before I found out. She did have a lot of stories! Anyone who watched the David Letterman show and recalls his "Stupid Pet Tricks", the girl whose little dog Sandy jumped in & back out of a box (except on camera) was Tina!
The night she told us (co-workers) about it, Mike got all excited, because he knew he'd seen Tina before and it finally clicked. He'd seen her on TV! I still remember Tina's appearance on TV with her little dog, Sandy.
Little did I know that girl would become one of my dearest friends!
Posted by Linda Stout on April 8, 2019
My one and only sister. Every time we talked we talked about all of our things when we were little going to Seaside Heights for a week every year. And for those of you who know us you'll probably remember the slipper story Tina mentioned it every time we talked. Tina was the best hearted person that I have ever known I will love her forever and miss her every single day. Life will never be the same without her in so many ways.
Posted by Pauline Swenson on April 8, 2019
I met Tina in 1991. She was more than just a co-worker and we quickly became friends.
I am so thankful to have known Tina and to have been able to talk to her one last time. Thank you, Bambi Fletcher for making that possible!
My heart is broken for her surviving family members. I wish that you will find comfort in your grief.
Tina was a good woman. Her legacy continues with everyone who had the pleasure to have her in their life!
Until we meet again!
Posted by Bambi Fletcher on April 8, 2019
Those special memories of you
  will always bring a smile
If only i could have you back
  just for a while
Then we could sit and talk again
  just like we used to do
You always meant so very much
  and always will do too
The fact that you're no longer here
  will always cause me pain
But you're forever in my heart
  until we meet again

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Posted by Bambi Fletcher on April 8, 2021
I planted the yellow roses today. They were always your favorites.  They will probably sprout up in may and bloom on your birthday like they did last year.  I think about you all the time.  Love you mommy.
Posted by Linda Stout on April 7, 2021
I guess you came to visit today. I had a cardinal at my window in work yesterday, today it came back and banged in my window. The girl I work with said that's your sister
Posted by Linda Stout on April 7, 2021
Miss you tons. So many things I want to tell you and share with you. I love you and it's been a very long 2 years without hearing your voice
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My work story

Shared by Pauline Swenson on April 7, 2021
Tina has been gone for two years already, but definitely NOT forgotten!
Tina, Billy and I worked together at Walmart #1541 from Grand Opening until I transferred 4 years later to #1549.
I used to try to finish my work as quickly as possible especially during Christmas build-up to help Tina in the Toy Department.
We invented a game while stacking Barbie dolls on the riser. We called the game “high hoe” because Tina would be at the top of the ladder while I tossed the dolls up to her! Tina was better at catching than I was at tossing, even so, every once in awhile, the doll would get a second toss!
We had lots of fun working together

Working with Tina

Shared by Michele Marie on April 8, 2019

tina was a wonderful person to work with. She was easy to talk to. Many people will miss her. Michele walmart 1541