Posted by Kayla Fleury on October 19, 2021
Dear Beautiful Sister,
There's not a day that goes by that you do not cross my mind, every second of every day I'm constantly thinking about you. I miss you so much & I never knew I could miss someone as much as I miss you. We were just starting to reconnect again, talk & text and see one another. I regret the times that we didn't speak and that we didn't see each other. If I could go back and take it back I would. But you know what they say all sister's will have their fights here and there but in the end we love each other. I hope you're watching over everybody especially Faith, baby Julio and JuJu.... I know they miss their mama so much. You know Tina, you do make Heaven even more beautiful than it already was. I love you and I miss you tremendously. Until we meet again my beautiful sister.
Staying strong for you, my kids and the family!
Posted by Kayla Fleury on April 24, 2021
Everytime I look up at the sky I know you're looking down on us all & watching us & guiding us. I love you Tina & I carry you close to my heart every single day & night.

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