Adieu dear friend.

Shared by Abidemi Mate on May 26, 2021
Words can never be enough to express my shock, despair and anger at your demise.
Just like are gone.
I still feel this is all a sick joke. A joke just so you know those that will mourn you or gloat that you are gone.
Tinu, the little time we've come to really know each other, I've come to appreciate that zeal in your. Always pushing and pushing....calls upon calls even when I miss your calls, just to invite me for one seminar or another. One of the most down to earth person I've encountered, you never bend your mouth to stand up for what you believe is the truth. It's not easy writing about you using the past tense, but that's the reality. You are gone forever, but never to be forgotten. My amiable Fin Sec, we will always remember you
Sun ré o padi mi.........

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