Posted by Abimbola Alabi on May 14, 2021
Mama Biola! Mrs Adekoya!

You opened up your home and heart to me for 6 fact i was child no 5. You were real as they come - entrepreneurial, sarcastic, funny and fashionable. The night of tributes said it.

It was always in my subconscious that I will see you again (and explain myself) but God had better plans in mind.

My love and thoughts go out to the whole family and I pray that you rest in perfect peace
Posted by PETRO STAR OILGAS on May 13, 2021
Life is a short run, home is the long run!

The things we do here on earth, will always echo in eternity.

Rest , peacefully!

Now, the journey is ours to continue, and your teachings will always make us different.

Adieu, mommy!

We'd surely see again when we get there...

To the entire family...I pray for strength and consoled, rejoice in the lord and give thanks for a life well spent.

~Deji A. P.
Posted by Derin Ris on May 9, 2021
HA, Mama Biola!! I'm STILL reeling from the shock of your passing that it's taken me so long to write a Bunmi's "second" mummy in Unilag Campus, she ALWAYS spoke of you, and over the years, Abiola has been my aburo...(Bunmi's "twin" sister!) ....and you have become family for over TWO decades...You and 'Biola usually organise our "Naija functions".... and recommend the best vendors for ANY occasion...especially since we're not here. I video called with you the last time you were at Biola's and we promised to see before I celebrate your birthday and catch up. Barely two weeks were gone!! The Sunday before, we were at mum's in Ikorodu and most of our conversation was about you being such a matriarch and helper to everyone... seeing the evidence of your blessings to us in the living room. I also mentioned that I'd spoke with you and was planning to meet you up later....ALAS!! It wasn't meant to be!! I feel like the rug was pulled from under my feet. We just have to try to understand that God permitted you to go home like this. You were SO full of life, with a "wikid" sense of humour and no- nonsense attitude towards things. I will take comfort from our last video call. Breezing in and out.... Continue to Rest in Peace in the bosom of your Saviour, Jesus Christ....until Resurrection day when we will meet again as you Rise in GLORY! Sun re o....Maaa Biola....Mama rere!! ️

Nwene Morris (nee Chinda)
Posted by Toyin Oke on May 9, 2021
You were an angel sent to everyone who encountered you. I will forever cherish the time I spent with you when I was a student at the university of Lagos. My mother did not visit much but you were always there to give me and other Christian brothers and sisters genuine love and care that kept us going. You will be greatly missed.
Rest in peace mum.
Posted by Funmi Ogunnaike on May 6, 2021
Tribute to Ma. Biola (Ma B)
I remember your response to the passing of my mother in January. I never knew I would be writing a tribute to you so soon.

Life is uncertain and full of surprises. It's still surreal the way you went to be with the lord. You looked so peaceful like you were only sleeping.

You were smart, fashionable , respectful and a lover of people. You gathered people to you both old and young.

You went out of your way to do things for others. You opened your home to all of your children's friends. Made sure we always had something to eat before leaving your house. You gave freely of your love , advice and support. If we messed up you did not hesitate to correct anyone of us.

You will be surely missed Ma. You were no longer just my mother's friend you had become family to me.

Sleep on, beloved mother of many.
Posted by Foluso Aboderin on May 6, 2021
My ďear Tinuade Adekoya you have gone forever to be with your maker and you are smilling to all the faithful fortunate departed souls . THANK you for being one of us sharing good times with you in joy and laughter we will painfully miss you in our mist. But GOD loves you more we can never forget our good times together coming in with your fashionìstic style. Tinu may GOD Grant you Eternal rest and peace and let perpetual light shine on your soul and may the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace AMEN. God will take care of your children and grandchildren AMEN. Sleep in the light of GOD ❤
Posted by Adebusola Ogunfusika on May 6, 2021
   I was shocked when I heard about it, I remembered sometime in December 2020,when you quarrelled with me, when I sewed your clothes, you said somethings to me that got me angry, which made me reacted back, I later apologised to you. you started sending me pictures that people liked the clothes I made for you, that it makes you look younger, and you thanked me and told me God bless me. I thank you for been there for my wedding, and my baby's naming.
  May your soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of our Lord. Amen.till we meet again on the last day.
Posted by Adeniyi Adigun on May 5, 2021
Tinuolade Aya Adekoya,
The news of your demise came as a rude shock, unbelievable, hard to comprehend and too sudden. I was totally shattered and dumb founded till now. Only God can console those of us closer to you. You will be fondly remembered for your confidentiality, frankness, truthfulness and honest disposition,amusement, generosity and simplicity.You cannot be forgotten in a hurry.Your memory will linger in my heart for a long time.Fondly missed.Sunre o Aya Adekoya.May the Almighty God grant your precious soul eternal rest and console the family you left behind. Amen.
Posted by Adebayo Bakare on May 5, 2021
My family prays that Mrs Adekoya’s soul Rest In perfect Peace with God. We miss her company and wise cracks at parties.
Posted by Mojisola Olukolu on May 3, 2021
Tinu , my darling sister and friend . It’s still like a dream that you are no longer with us . Sun re o . Rest in perfect peace .
Posted by yemisi subair on May 3, 2021
Madam d madam , Mama JP so hard to believe you are gone. You were not loud yet you made your presence felt, stern but fair, a fighter yet tender hearted.
You were so proud of your trip to the Holyland and insisted on being called JP. Now you are in the heavenly Jerusalem not as a pilgrim but a resident.
Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Funlola Pearse on May 2, 2021
Tinuolade ore mi l really miss you am just having the courage to write a tribute . We had a chat on Anglican girls. group chat on the 16th of April 2021at 12.07am mid night then you passed on on ths 17th of April 2021.When l saw the message l shouted it wasnt true. You were full of life that night, giving us a lot of your fine Caftan styles which l was admiring on you. not knowing you were ssying goodbye. Only God knows what went wrong that black fridsy afternoon. .Youre a shaker,a giver.,and a down. to earth. person,always ready to help. You will for ever br missed on the Anglican girls plattform. SLEEP ON MY DARLING SISTER TILL WE MEET ON THE RESSRECTION DAY..
Posted by Ayomide Idumu on May 2, 2021
Mummy I have just met you once but the way my mum talks about you feels like I have known you my entire life, you are a wonderful woman. It's heartbreaking to hear about your death. I pray God console the rest of us that are left behind, and I pray that your soul find rest bosom of the Lord. Rest on ma till we see on the last day.
Posted by mojisola sonaike on May 1, 2021
Still a heavy broken heart that u have gone. .U were a darling and always there sister to me.Ready to find solutions to any problem.Jovial ,friendly,a giver.The vacuum u leftcan never be filled..Adieu sisi mi,omo eluku mede.
Posted by Adejoke Idumu on May 2, 2021
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure . Rest in the bosom of our Lord till we meet to part no more. We love you but God loves you more.
Posted by Adeola Faleti on May 1, 2021
Dear Mummy
it was truly heartbreaking to hear of your passing, less than a month after your birthday which also happens to be my birthday.

I still have fond memories of spending my long break at your home when i was a kid, It was always a special time.

You were as tough as they came, direct and honest in expressing yourself.
You were always thorough whenever you needed me to do tasks for you, you never settled for less. I remember groaning one time because you kept me up till 1 am (lol) but it's one of your many attributes that has rubbed off on me. You would always end the call saying  "I love you" and "God bless you".

You're too well loved to ever be forgotten, I'll miss you Mummy! with great love and affection.

Posted by Adesola Faleti on May 1, 2021

Dear Sister I was very shocked when I got the call, I found it difficult to believe. Last time we spoke was when you called to remind me about buying honey for you. Unknown to me that would be our last conversation.

Before that you had invited me to come along with you to a party by one of your Beaskol sisters club member sometime early April. Looking back I am saddened that I missed the opportunity to celebrate one last time with you.

I also won't forget your role in matchmaking Damilola and Fope and how you stood by me and the moral support
you gave me during the Wedding.

To some you were too harsh but to me you're disciplined, kind, straightforward and truthful.

Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord. I'll miss you

Posted by Nathaniel Folarin on May 1, 2021
Gone too soon! May you rest in peace and the abundance of God's Love.

Kunle Folarin
Posted by Simiso Otuyalo on May 1, 2021
Aunty, it was a shock to hear about your passing. Such a vibrant personality never a dull moment when you were around. You were very caring and I remember when I joined Credit Lyonnais , you were so protective of me you advised me even how to manage my upfront payment and to invest. Will miss your smile . Rest in Peace.
Posted by Damilola and Fope Layode on May 1, 2021
Our cupid in human flesh.

One of our favourite aunties. You were so generous with a big heart. You were a light that shined bright and a force of positive energy - never a dull moment when you're around.

While you will be sorely missed, we take solace in the life of impact you lived!
Posted by Adetutu Masha on May 1, 2021
It was a shock to hear of your dismissed. You're a realist! You always stand for the truth.
Yeye oga of ikorodu, my ever bubbling big sis! No dull moment around you. Tinulade, aya Adekoya omo Sobowale, heaven gain an angel, continue to rest in peace.

Posted by Olumide Adegbesan on May 1, 2021
Saturday, May 1, 2021.      
Aunty: A Tribute
By Olumide Adegbesan

Death is the inevitable end of all mortals, but I never thought our last conversation would be on your birthday anniversary, exactly 3 weeks earlier.
The first time I met you was right in your living room at Jibowu close, when I was preparing to move into your BQ. You then asked Tolu to go and call the boys to come and greet their uncle. I remembered telling you I’ve met Muyiwa and Femi a couple of times when you were away at work. You insisted they still had to come down. That was you telling me I have to shape up and show good example around here, I was thinking in my head.
You were very meticulous and a caring mother to us all. Now who will call me “Olumid”, as you used to fondly call me? I can only hold on to those beautiful memories.
You will be sorely missed aunty and I pray that the good Lord grant your beautiful soul eternal rest, Amen.
Posted by Adeleye Sobowale on May 1, 2021
A sister, a wife, a mother too,
This is the legacy we have from you.
You taught us love and how to fight,
You gave us strength, you gave us might.
A stronger person would be hard to find,
And in your heart, you were always kind.
You fought for us all in one way or another,
Not just as a sister, wife or mother.
For all of us you gave your best,
Now the time has come for you to rest, Aka ginger mama.
So go in peace, you’ve earned your sleep,
Your love in our hearts, we’ll eternally keep.
Posted by Sobowale Adebisi on April 30, 2021
Mummy, your passing away still be like a dream to me .Anyway , according to yoruba adage that a good tree does not last in the forest. I could remember when it seemed as if I was alone in the family you proofed to me that I still have somebody. I pray all the good legexy you left behind that God should empower all your children to continue in Jesus name.
Su re o mummy rere. Gbogbo wa nse lede leyin re.
Posted by Regina Ikenwe on April 30, 2021
Hmmmmm what do I write? How or where do I start because it hasn’t really sunk into my head that my dear sister is gone.

Iya Biola aunty mi. How? How???????
We spoke on the morning of passing like we used to every morning! I sent you my daily prayers and you replied immediately with “God bless you my sister” like you did always! I also sent birthday wishes to Moyin your eldest granddaughter and when your response came in, I had no idea it would be the last time I would hear from you!!!

I remember our first encounter in Elephant house in 1988 when you walked up to me and said “fine Suzy how are you?”
I replied “fine ma” and walked to my department to inform my colleagues, Mac Ordia and Ese Umukoro. Mac replied “ha you are lucky; Mama must like you!” A few days later, you sent me lunch through a cleaner and I was astounded as I hadn’t requested neither did we have any conversation about it.
Again, I showed it to my colleagues and Mac said I told you she must like you, I beg bring the food make we chop ojare!

When I reached out to say thank you, you she asked if I was returning your lunch and that was how our friendship started, blossomed and ended sadly on the 16th of April 2021.

I can never forget how MOC broke the news of your demise to me. He said “Regina all is not well as I think Mrs Adekoya is gone!” I asked him gone to where????????? He said “she is lying unconscious here and we are waiting for a doctor!” My daughter immediately dialed your number. I snatched the phone from her and dialed the number myself. Mrs Collins picked and said to my absolute heartbreak: “Iya Awele, ina ti jo wa ooooo!”
Hmmmm. I don’t want to remember as I still can’t stop crying.

Aunty meant so many things to me! She was a loyal friend! A sister! A confidant! My party pal! My gist partner! We quarelled and settled immediately because I had taken the time to understand her and we built a beautiful friendship.

Aunty was a no nonsense person ! She was very intelligent and thorough with a heart of gold!

I remember in 1997 when I lost my dad! You would have thought it was her dad who passed as well. We made all the arrangements together with her attending the funeral in Edo state where she had never been. She went on to spend 7days, with everybody asking who she was! She took over the event and was directing all affairs! Aunty how can I ever forget you?????

There was no day we didnt talk, even wen she was out of the country or when I was out of the country!
You were such a beautiful soul! You respected everybody both young and old! You never called me by my name despite the age diference! Instead, you chose to call me iya awele and many of our mutual friends eventually caught the iya awele bug. Whenever you were bubbling, you would call me Awele’s Mama and I would ask you “haha anty se kosi ti e sa mi bayi!” You had your ready made answer to this! “Go away jo! Eyin le mo atole!!”

Your sense of humour was on another level!!!
You taught me the true meaning of loyalty! And I never had any reasons to doubt yours towards me! Your family became my family and mine became yours! You adopted my daughter and friends as yours and my daughter is still fond of you till this day! She has been heart broken, aunty especially wen she remembers that you wont be at her wedding! The wedding you had been planning! You had already told me you will want 5 tavles of 10 guests, totaling 50 guests. Hmmmmmm !

That was who you were Aunty! Ever willing to show love, support and go the extra mile!

I promise your memory will always remain alive!

We were so close that we were together at your very last party on earth! I remember how you made me change my mind on the attire I wanted to wear! You said that you wanted us to wear the same lace and eventually chose Junior’s ( Tosin’s son’s) aso ebi. I tried to convince you otherwise but you insisted and we both wore the same lace and had fun till we parted ways by 7pm not knowing it would be the last time I would see you.

Thank you so much for everything Aunty. I love and miss you so much. Every single day. May God Almighty keep you in His bosom. As I’m resting peacefully in His presence. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to know you.
Posted by Adekunle Ajamagbiso on April 30, 2021
It came like a thunderbolt reading from Gina these words" Kunle we lost Mrs Adekoya this afternoon ". It was the most devastating news this year, the next question was " which Mrs Adekoya? I placed a call thru to MOC, her neighbor who confirmed it, I still didn't believe until MOC informed me that her body has been moved to the morgue, it then dawned on me that it's true. My last gist with you... read more
Posted by Oyebanji Alaga on April 30, 2021
I thank God for giving me the unique opportunity to get to know and work with you.

To a lot of people you are an Iron Lady (discipline, no nonsense and incorruptible) but to me you are more than that. You are like a God mother to me. You showered me with loads of love, care, affection and support. You guided my steps throughout my time working with Credit Lyonnais and was still there for me after leaving the organisation.

You are one in a million. Your 'Eyin fun jowo' bid you farewell till we meet again. I want to believe you are resting peacefully in the bosom of your creator

Oyebanji Alaga
Posted by Kofo Fashola on April 30, 2021
"Pls get Mrs adekoya on the phone for me” That, was how our dad, the late Mojibola Oladisun Fashola, used to say to us, when he wanted to speak to Mrs adekoya to thank her, for her kind gesture. No Xmas went by without Mrs Adekoya's cake gift finding its way to our table. Your smile, your sense of humor and fondness of us all M.O Fashola children, we will always cherish. You'll be dearly missed.
Black beauty ...
Mrs Adekoya. 
Continue to rest in the Lord.
Posted by folasayo sonaike on April 30, 2021
Dear Aunty,

You were full of life and always vibrant, I loved that about you.
The way you always enjoyed your life and always told me to enjoy mine.
The few times we had to gist was amazing, you were a light and I'm glad you always came around to visit. I know my mom wont be the same without you.
You will be greatly missed.
Watch over us Aunty
We love you.
Posted by Olubunmi Ojei on April 29, 2021
Tinuolade, ‘Iya Oge’ as I fondly called you. I am still pondering and speechless. I still can’t believe that you left us without warning. The news of your demise came to me in the afternoon of April 21st like a thunderbolt. How could i have imagined that, when you were chatting with us, with your lovely pictures on the group platform two days to your demise, that, that was to be your last chat. I remember that one of us made nice comments on your everyday lovely pictures that you sent. Tinuolade your reply was that ”I AM STILL ENJOYING SEEING MYSELF” Hmmm!!!. How could i have imagined that Tinu, Iya Oge, who was an active member, A woman with a heart of Gold, Madam No-time-for-nonsense, No-time-for-Malice. Always ready to hit the nail on the head when it comes to reality. Ha! Iyawo Adekoya, you were quite healthy and looked sound as always on your photographs, but the hand of death has snatched you away like a hawk in the noon time. Tinuolade, you will be well remembered for your jokes, dressing outfits, Gold heart, ‘reality show’, beautiful smile and cheerful disposition. May God comfort and strengthen the family that you left behind and we your group members (LAGS Broad street). Tinuolade Iya Oge, Aya Adekoya, Mama Abiola, Omo Shobowale, Our lovely sister and friend, Sun re, we love you but God loves you more. Continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Good Night Tinu!
Posted by Ajiri Onewokae on April 29, 2021
*Gone Too Soon: Rest On High Mrs Tinuolade Adekoya*

It was indeed so sad to read the shocking news of the very sudden and most unexpected transition of our dear *Mrs Adekoya*. Given her boundless energy and passion for life, she was gone way too soon. I have good memories of our interactions and amiable banter down through the years in the bank. 

Again another death in the CBCLN family that I’m yet to come to terms with. That this powerhouse and vibrant personality is no longer with us is so surreal.

As tough as she was perceived, beneath all that was an uncommon woman with a good and loyal heart. Strong, great work ethics and disciplined to the core, demanding the best from everyone in her circle.

Regrettably we never did keep in touch and only very rarely met at a few social functions of ex bank staff.

Even as we all mourn her loss, we celebrate a life well lived. Thanking God for all she was able to achieve and the goodly heritage she left behind. To live in the hearts of those who love her is not to die.

My heartfelt condolences to her entire family, especially her husband *Engr. Adekoya*, the children, grandchildren, siblings, nephews, nieces and extended families.

Simply irreplaceable and unforgettable. She will be sorely missed. Goodnight, rest in perfect peace on high dear *Mrs Adekoya*.
Posted by Patricia Onyejekwe on April 29, 2021
I do not want to remember you have passed on for you were such a lovely soul. You made our Credit Lyonnais Bank like a home. My siblings are always asking me "how is Mrs. ADEKOYA.?" They can't forget your shot stay with them at Osha, it was really great, it was enjoyment all the way. Those of them living are still in shock. My mum and 3 sisters already passed especially Miss who was always there for you. I missed seeing you to let you know but by the Grace of Almighty God you will all meet in Heaven. May your gentle soul rest in peace. You will still be remembered always by us who loved you.
Posted by DAYO AKINBINU on April 29, 2021
Mom, my dearest ever bubbly mom. Full of life, and ever so passionate about her family and those that she loves.
This came as a shock, a rude shock- but I am rest assured that you are enjoying heaven, and worshipping with the angels. Will do or give anything to have a last conversation with you. To see you. To hear you. To hug you. To laugh with you. To smile with you. But I guess God's will is done. He loves you more and has called you home. Farewell mom. Farewell angel. Love always.
Posted by Adekunle Ajamagbiso on April 29, 2021
It came like a thunderbolt reading from Gina these words" Kunle we lost Mrs Adekoya this afternoon ". It was the most devastating news this year, the next question was " which Mrs Adekoya? I placed a call thru to MOC, her neighbor who confirmed it, I still didn't believe until MOC informed me that her body has been moved to the morgue, it then dawned on me that it's true. My last gist with you... read more
Posted by uba owhotu on April 29, 2021
Dear ma,this episode remains shocking as I continue to reflect on your sudden passing ...I realize it's been 23 years since I last felt this way .
May your soul rest peacefully in the Lord Almighty whom you served till the end . You were so full of life,wise beyond your years,you touched lives,mine we're a bridge builder, with a large heart ,'can-do' spirit, unique sense of humour and an ability to call a spade a spade...fact is when I called ,you stood up for me like the mom I lost..truly something I'll never forget ,you were excellent! Praying for strength for every precious loved one (numerous) you have left behind..God bless their hearts️ .Thank you for all the memories️️️ with love from me and my entire family.✊
Posted by Iyabode Koleosho on April 29, 2021
Tinuolade that I fondly called "Iyawo Brother mi",Rest in the loving arms of God
Posted by Nathaniel Folarin on April 29, 2021
On the afternoon of April 16, 2021 I got a text message from your bosom pal Regina. It read "We just lost Mrs. Adekoya". I was thrown into a confusion. Took about 24 hours to process. Why? Because Mrs Adekoya was a colleague but more than that, a family friend.
Mrs. Adekoya worked with me in the General Services Department at Commercial Bank Credit Lyonnaise. She was completely reliable, hardworking and forthright. She made my work easy. An amazing thing about about Mrs. Adekoya was her intelligence. You teach her something today, tomorrow it all sounds like she taught you.
Mrs. Adekoya, you lived a good and worthwhile life. Reference to you by CBCLN/CBI family is unlikely to fade for a long time.
We love you but that we cannot do better than your creator.
Rest in peace Mama Biola ,my no nonsense colleague and may light perpectual shine upon on you.
Posted by Abiola Osho on April 29, 2021
I called her Mama...sometime Mama ni yen! Mrs Tinuolade Adekoya was a mother indeed...she lovingly gave me the opportunity to work in CBCLN/CBI as she had to interview me first as the direct person I was to work with. Mama was large at heart and indeed frame but very smart...she was tender hearted, fun loving and a giver. Mrs Adekoya was fiercely loyal to her friends. Not one to shy away from the truth and easily forgiving! I will miss her wise counsel.and motherly affection. I'm consoled that she impacted her humanity and her memories would live on. Adieu Mama...
Posted by Folorunso Akiyode on April 29, 2021
What we call "Death" on earth at this time, is a mere transition from here to another plane, where, upon passing over, Souls gather in homogeneity, according to how they lived while on Earth. Nobody dies in the final sense (at least not just yet), but the Soul keeps experiencing in that other Realm, known to us cryptically, as 'The Beyond'

Still, parting can be hurtful, especially for one dearly beloved as 'Iya Adékòyà' is.

This woman, this woman.........she'd fight with you....and then defend you with her life, if necessary. She was virtually the glue (along with Regina) that held the CL family together. I cannot speak too highly about her.

But I know, that from the day we were born, it's certain we would die. The time, place, and how, we cannot determine. So we must endeavour to live a good and true life.

Our Lord Jesus the Christ gave us only two injunctions. He admonished us, "Love the Lord thy God with all your heart". And secondly, "Love thy Neighbour as thyself". We may not know everything, but from where I am, Mrs. Adékòyà loved us with all her Being. She defended us , once she was convinced.

And I am convinced that this love will be the rampart of Helpful Guidance, as she journeys forth. I am indeed happy that she was permitted to transit peacefully. That's a mark of the Almighty's Grace.

My humble Prayer for her is that, she be helped by Helpful Servants of The Most High, with whatever remains for her to make the transition to the Light Realms.

As for us her friends, family and associates, let us rejoice and praise the Lord our God, for the opportunities that we were permitted, to experience this wonderful soul. May her sojourn be smoothened by Helpful Beings. Amen.........
Posted by Bankole Amu on April 29, 2021
We praise God for our sister's illustrious life. Mrs Adekoya was a very energetic member of the CBCLN/ CBI family. She was a very firm, no nonesence but very loving person. She was highly respected and loved by her colleagues. Her position within this our CBCLN/CBI family will be missed. Adieu dear Tinuolade Adekoya. Continue to rest in the bossom of your creator.
Posted by Ayo Alli-balogun on April 28, 2021
Mrs A as you were fondly called, you were very hard working and disciplined, and you expected that from everyone espy in the work environment, you would scold and then embrace, which made everyone who worked with you at ease accept your discipline as out of love. Your smile always touched the heart and I’m sure everyone you came in contact with would always remember that smile. Good night mrs A, may faithful helpers lead you to the realm of peace. May your memories be a blessing.
Posted by Oyeyinka Banjo on April 28, 2021
Dear Mummy,

My direct interactions with you were few, but as few as they were, they leave a warm feeling in my heart even till now.

You were warm, caring, doting and absolutely conversational. You knew no age barriers. You were easy to "gist" with. I knew you as an hardworking, prayerful woman. I once heard that extremely loving mothers often pass on while completely alone, because the love and kindness they have for their children will never allow them to make their children witness their passing. I confirmed this with my Mum's passing. And now again, you.
We wish you stayed longer with us. But who are we to question Yahweh? We love you but HE loves you most.
Sleep on sweet mother of Abiola, my dear friend and a mother to all of us. Till we meet on the resurrection day.
Sleep on mummy. God rests your soul.
Posted by Adetutu Pratt on April 28, 2021
Hmmm!! As Surreal as its feels and gets!! The memories i shared with you keeps flooding in! You stood as a pillar when i needed you the most,you carried my matter on your head, as if i was your own, indeed i would forever cherish every moments spent,all the harrassment with love!!! Mehn!!this is painful, but who am i to judge God..I pray he grants you Eternal rest and Peace and gives Coverings to all your loved ones you left behind especially your children!! REST ON MUM!!!
Posted by Niran OGUNSANWO on April 28, 2021
Mummy I cant still believe you have left this realm . I know your still with us in spirit and your watching over us
I miss when you scold me on some things and you give me a hug when done and say PELE MY DEAR. Not to even talk about the way you defend when people assume wrongly.
My strong mummy 2d rescue gone but never to be forgotten; l miss you plenty ,more than words could say
My jaiye mummy 2sure
Gone but never to be forgotten
Till we meet again in the same realm , mummy 2sure keep watching over us all. We all love and miss you Mummy from your son always and forever AKA NIRAN MY DEAR

Posted by Bukky Ogunmoyero on April 27, 2021
Sisi Mi,

I am still in denial that your time was up on earth.

When I spoke with you over the phone on Wednesday little did I know that God was planning to call you home on Friday, April 16th. You shared your plan to paint Coventry red for your grand daughter, Moyin's 10th Birthday in 2022 since you couldn't attend her 9th birthday the same day of your demise. It's really man proposes, God disposes but yours was definitely for a purpose.

Sisi mi, you were fearless but thoughtful, you were blunt not because you lack emotional intelligence but because you were not deceitful, you had a large heart to love, care and give.

Sisi mi, I am so grateful to God for the years we spent together and the closeness that we shared.
Your heart was so kind and thoughtful. I always know you truly cared.

In life I loved you dearly and in death you will be sorely missed!!

Sun re o egbon mi atata, Tinuolade Adebimpe Aduke until we meet on the resurrection day.
Posted by Tolu Adegoke on April 27, 2021
May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace. Sun re Mummy Biola!
Posted by Olaitan Martins on April 27, 2021
Dear Mummy Adekoya
This is so surreal, I am still hoping that this will turn out to be a dream. The shock of it still makes me weak and teary.

Yours was a life that touched so many people, never a dull moment with you. You were principled with integrity almost to a fault. Firm but still Super kind and always striving to solve everyone's problem even minor things as getting souvenir for us at parties. Your home especially in Unilag was a joy bringing rallying point for all your children's friend, with delicious food to spice up our ever high toned gists. You were indeed our constant and reliable defender, that was always ready to fight our course and always willing to go the extra mile for us. Thank you very much for those "many times"!!! E se oh.

You apparently reserved a piece of you, for everyone. I always thought Olaolu and I were solely extra special to you, until we started hearing tributes from others about the kind of love you showed everyone. You were indeed a paddy to all Biola's friends, with no exception.

Mummy Adekoya, your peaceful transition without pains is probably a great compensation of all your kind works on earth and an ease of blend with the Angels. I trust you are already testing on your wings and joyfully soaring in the Heavens.

We will miss you so much here, but the memories of the good times, the laughs, the gists and funny actions will keep us brave and strong for now. We love you dearly but God loves you more. Sleep tight Mummy Adekoya and send my love to my Dad and my bro, Ademola.
Love you always

Olaitan Martins
Your darlyn Mama Ladi (as you fondly called me).

Posted by folake Soyannwo on April 27, 2021
I cannot say that I know of many mums we wanted to be around when we were all growing up in Unilag.
I remember wanting to visit Biola especially when I knew her mum would be home.
Just so much fun and laughter. Easy to be around with that lovely bright and beautiful smile on her face.

Continue to brighten up our world from up there!

Rest in perfect peace Ma.
Posted by L D on April 25, 2021

"The righteous perish and no-one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away and no-one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace, they find rest as they lie in death" Isaiah: 57: 1-2.

This is my comfort that the Lord in His infinite wisdom took you away to be with Himself because He loves you more than we do.

The news of the passing away to glory of my dear friend/sister, Tinuolade came to me as a shock! My first reaction was to go into denial and say that "it cannot be true" because when we spoke last on the phone, on her last birthday on earth in March, she was hale and hearty and bubbling with life. I stayed with that thought hoping against hope that it was just an ugly rumour. However, before the day was over, I had received more calls confirming the bad news.

I still remember the times when she would share some of her deepest cares and concerns with me and we oftentimes would pray together over these. Hmm, I truly cherish these moments I shared with her.

Tinuolade, you were really "abiyamo toto", a sweet mother. You were always wishing your children the best in life. Seeking the face of our Heavenly Father for each of them to fulfill destiny and live a life that pleases God Almighty. I pray that all your unanswered prayers over everyone of them will receive heaven's attention and there will be speedy answers in Jesus Matchless name.

It is my earnest prayer that the Holy Spirit, the Great Comforter will minister to and comfort the entire family and the body of Christ left behind. However, Tinuolade, I believe that you have gone to the best place we all hope to be. We shall continue this race and pray that God will give us the grace to fight the good fight of faith until we see you again at the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Adieu, my darling sister/friend. 

Posted by Morenike M on April 24, 2021
Dear Biola,
She left her legacy in all her children and from the tributes she mothered all your friends too. She loved you scatter

I see where you get your heart and open arms from. And your tenacity!

My fondest memory of your mum were far back in secondary school. I must have followed you home with other friends then we went out with your mum. All I remember was the free fandrink we got. Too sweet

The space she left maybe big but God's arms hold the world they will hold you.
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