Let the memory of tobey be with us forever
  • 34 years old
  • Born on January 7, 1980 .
  • Passed away on May 9, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, tobey collier, 34, born on January 7, 1980 and passed away on May 9, 2014. We will remember him forever. he loved his family so much iknow he would want us to live life to the fullest and to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour so we can join him in heaven one day.....

Posted by Christina Collier on 5th April 2018
I think of you everyday twin... it'll be four years this may and it still seems like yesterday some days and a million years at the same time ...I miss your face I miss our talks and the kids love and miss u too...I know you're safe in the arms of Jesus.. I'm just jealous you're not here with me I love you so much Tobey Lynn Collier....my heart.....
Posted by Alivia Luke on 12th May 2016
Wow has it really been 2 yrs already and you won't be around when I come back home.
Posted by Christina Collier on 13th April 2016
Hardly seems like it's been 2 years feels like just yesterday but some days a lifetime I feel your presence with me and I know that you are safe and happy now still just miss you more than anyone will ever know you're in my thoughts every day Twinkie so much I wish I could change so much I wish I could say but I know you knew my heart you know my heart we shared heart has twins loving you and missing you everyday your Twinkie
Posted by Megan Clark on 7th January 2016
Happy Birthday, Angel. <3
Posted by Christina Collier on 29th December 2015
Missing you
Posted by Christina Collier on 24th September 2015
Hard to believe its been over a year and four months ...time doesn't heal the hurt or stop the tears from flowing...God blessed me with u Tobey ...bc of u I am stronger today I know ur still near bubby....just want a day to say and do all I would've if I had only been given a chance to say goodbye....ur my heart and soul bubby ur my twin...i carry ur heart n my heart everyday....me and ur ray and j bug miss and love u sooo much more than you will ever know.........we love u....i love u TLC....til I see u again...xoxo.....ur twinkie....chrissy....
Posted by Sizzle Collier on 14th May 2015
I miss you tobey.... So much
Posted by Joan Barron on 10th August 2014
Tobey I have sweet fond memories of you as a child I did not really get to know the man you became but always know you hold a special place in my heart ---- I will see you again in our heavenly bodies some day Rest in peace my lovely nephew you will and are missed but hold a place in my heart. I loved you so much--- aunt Joan
Posted by Christina Collier on 2nd August 2014
I miss you so much bubby.....
Posted by Christina Collier on 8th July 2014
God I miss u more today then yesterday thought it would get easier but its not twinkie I miss u miss my twin my only true friend.....only one in this world who loved me for me and knew just what to say and when to say it...my life will never b the same without u bubby u r n my thoughts every few minutes of every day....,please help me find peace....i miss u so much it hurts so bad...so bad......
Posted by Christina Collier on 5th June 2014
Can't believe its almost three weeks since I've known u were gone....i can't put n2words how I feel bubby u were always the twin good at that....i miss all ur jokes hugs loving ways cleaning early mornings our talks....i miss everything about u bubby ...i new I'd always have u so I'd never worry of feeling alone.....i don't know how to go on without u u had such a hard way so often and I always tried to b there for u as u did me.....ill never understand why such a beautiful genuine soul had it so hard here on earth....i just know that I'll think of u everyday every hour every second of my life...knowing I was so blessed to have u ...too short a time bubby...u took my heart with u that day I'll never b the same....a twin without her better half....i love u with all my heart that's left...oh and your ray and j bug miss u so terribly twinkie.....ray wears it shell necklace always now....god help me bubby I want u to walkk threw the door and say I'm here can I stay sis like so many times before.....kills me inside to know I never got a chance to say goodbye....u know I love u twinkie...please send me a sign to let me no ur ok ...i love u.....
Posted by Megan Clark on 30th May 2014
Oh, T. It's hard to face this. So hard. I've see your signs & felt the goosebumps. Our memories: lets see. My twins. Not one without the other & as hard as this is, it still stands true. You had my heart at day one. Through the years, still had ahold of it. You understood me. The late night talks. Walks. And, talks - again. The laughs. The plans to watch the stars (I'm still holding you to that - be there, next trip to the lake). All of our talks about life & love & family & roadtrips & twinkie & memories & hopes for the future. You had such a hold on me, with our friendship. You loved without judgement. You taught me - to be proud of who I am & how I love, because you were no different. What I wouldn't give to hold your face in my hands. I love you, T. Beyond love. Well beyond.
Posted by Christina Collier on 29th May 2014
I will alaways remember all the walks we took together whether just you and me drinking coffee or with the kids...they loved how u always gave in to them ...I truly miss u so bad it hurts.....ur my heart bubby....
Posted by Christina Collier on 28th May 2014
I love and miss u twinkie....i feel like u took my heart with u.....i will always love u....
Posted by Brenda Poston on 28th May 2014
I hear you joking and saying cousin. Lovely talks and having a beer. Always a smile upon your face. It was wonderful getting to see you throughout our childhood visits. Then to see the man you became. I will forever cherish those moments we have shared. I wish we could have had so much more good times together. Forever love you cousin Tobey
Posted by Alivia Luke on 28th May 2014
I will miss him so much cause he always had a smile and I considered him as family. The last time I seen him it was so funny he tried his best to get me to set him up with my youngest daughter and then he even let my twin granddaughters braid his hair. Had me laughing so hard. U will be missed so much but I know u will be there watching over everybody. R I P Tobey.

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