New Years Eve

Shared by Casey Montgomery Foote on December 31, 2014

I can't help but think of New Years Eve thirty-years-ago today in New York City with Todd and me, some of our closest theater friends and our drama teacher and his partner.  We watced the ball drop from our (my friend Misty and I) hotel room window and as people were leaving Time Square Todd yelled "Happy New Year!!"  A couple yelled back and Todd invited them up to OUR room...yes, total strangers up to two teenaged girls room!  Now this was just the first of many crazy/stupid antics of that trip;

Drinking 13 bottles of $2 champagne between 4 non-drinking teenagers...and spending the next day puking!

Going with afore mentioned strangers who were New Yorkers in their car through Harlem and to their apartment.  We also found out that they did live sex shows for their job.  Luckily it was a safer time and we made it back alive! 

Todd and I walking along 42nd St. at 2:00am because Todd just wanted some alone time with him and me; we were dating but we truly were also best friends.  We literally saw people open their raincoats and show us weapons and drugs for sale...just like in the movies! 

Seeing a live play where the actors were completely nude.

Not strange but totally cool...Twisted Stster stayed in our hotel while we were there! 

There were more but this is the jist.  I have so many sweet and fun memories of my time with Todd.  I loved him deeply and always will and still, if I am honest, always knew who he truly was; even before he was ready to be true to himself.  My only regret is that I did not stay close to him throughout the rest of his life. 

Happy New Year everyone...


Shared by Casey Montgomery Foote on December 6, 2014

I will always remember Todd with an almost constant smile on his face!  We went to plays almost every Friday and Saturday night during my sophomore (his freshman) through my senior (his junior) year.  We would go all over portland and the surrounding areas to visit various theater companies, but probably the highlght of our time together was spent in New York over New Years in 1984/85.  He seriously contemplated ditching the plane ride home to stay there.  We would race to see who could name a song and artist on the radio in twenty seconds or less.  He and I would get HOT chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven every morning at Madison for breakfast and eat them while they burned our hands as we strolled the schools halls!  He even went to our family reunion, twice!  Once he was included in our family picture!  Almost all of my happy high school memories include Todd.
We were in many plays together but our favorite was Wizard of Oz.  He was the Tin Man and I was Auntie Em.  We were in both Concert and Swing Choirs together and he was the first love of my life.  We could talk all night long and still laugh and laugh even though we were horse and exhausted!  We loved to go to Yachats on the Oregon Coast.  I lost touch with Todd after I graduated and we went our seperate ways.  I have missed him for many years and tried to find him for almost as long.  I am sad to hear of his passing (and Dianne's as well, she was like my second mom) but he will forever live in my heart and memories.

Break through call

Shared by CRAIG CONNORS on August 14, 2012

Dear Todd
  In the early part of 2000 , I had a confrontation with you, I wanted to get in touch with you and clean up my part and sincerely apologize for my words and actions. I am sorry,-I have learned a valuable lesson :what I say and how i treat others really does matter, sometimes it really is too late to take back what I say  i am sorry -


Shared by Karen Barker on April 22, 2012

Todd and I were grade school friends., but I lost touch with him after high school. Today I decide to look him up on FB and discover he is gone. =(

Thinking of Todd makes me smile. In 8th grade we went on a field trip to Beverly Beach. There is where I recieced my first kiss (shhh don't tell know Todd and I stopped on the little bridge going to the beach and kissed. I must say, for us only bieng 12/13 years old...he was a damn good smoocher. =) After that we remained friends but did not smooch again.

Todd had so much to give the world.He will always be with us in thoughts and our hearts.Todd has earned his wings. Bless you!

Remembering Todd

Shared by Tom Yates on February 6, 2012

He was such a  free spirit.  The year I spent at his side in Ashland in the late 80's was full of life, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes harrowing, but always full of life.  I ran into him a few more times in PDX in the early 90's and even was in cotnact with him up through the early 2000's via email.  My last 20 years that I have been in Asia has kept me from keeping in touch with many people, but every once in  a while, a song, a movie, or just the colors of the sky will bring back memories for me of this wonderful being.  Our relationship was tumultous, but we always had a kinship of sorts and shared many likenesses.  I am sure to those that kept him in their lives he was a charm to cherish.

going to a play

Shared by James Lillis on February 6, 2012

todd called me up one nite asking if i wanted to goto a play with him, i said (of course) yes i would love to go. so we made plans he shows up at my house and says to me he has nothing to wear so off to the store we went i told him i would buy him a shirt for the show and pants if both were on sale so off we went trying on stuff  we found what we wanted and when we were checking out we found out the stuff todd had got was on sale for 75% off of the sale price so both his shirt and pants cost under $4 when he saw the price he danced a little jig right there at the regester he was so happy to have got some thing for so little! its one of my fondest memorys of todd shopping will never be the same with out him it just seems hollow tho i still look for the sales as he did. 

love you todd and miss you always


american idol

Shared by James Lillis on September 28, 2011

todd loved watching american idol we would call each other thru out the show about who was good and who should go home he taught me what it was to be a star and what to look for

thanks pook 

Shared by Kayte CookWatts on September 9, 2011

am broken hearted. I just googled Todd's name with the hope of finding him on Facebook and came upon this. We went to school together at Mt Hood. Todd always made me laugh and we always pushed each other to do better and study harder in class.His sense of humor was wicked and he was so much fun to watch on stage. I had no idea that he & Jeff had divorced- I think the last time we saw each other was shortly after their wedding.I have missed him and thought about him often since then. Thanks for your friendship Todd- I will  treasure the memories.

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