Let the memory of Todd be with us forever
  • 22 years old
  • Born on June 1, 1991 .
  • Passed away on November 7, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Todd Mount Jr. 22 years old , born on June 1, 1991 and passed away on November 7, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Rhonda Spears Watson on 21st August 2016
To Todd's family and friends, I am so sorry for you're loss. May you find peace and comfort.
Posted by Nikki Porcaro on 10th June 2015
I don't know Todd personally, but I have a young cousin that is struggling with the same addiction. My little brother as well. It can't be swept under the carpet. God bless Todd and his family. Please pray for Todd and his family, my brother Mark, my cousin Samantha, and anyone else struggling with the disease of addiction.
Posted by Tonia Decker on 10th February 2015
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal.
Posted by Lori Chambers on 2nd August 2014
To The Family of Todd, I'm so sorry for your loss! Thank You for being brave enough and open and loving enough to share Todd's story. We lost my very special nephew last July 9th 2013 because he struggled from the same evil. I would never judge! I am positive that Todd was bright loving caring and a million other things as was my loving nephew Justin... They are now not struggling but happy with our loving God. My heart is with you all. R. I. P. Todd... ❤️
Posted by Lora Vanover on 1st August 2014
I just saw the post of Todd. Just wanted to say I am so sorry for your loss. Rest in Paradise Todd. I will share he story.
Posted by Kimberly Stone on 1st August 2014
Wow , I Don`t Know Him Nor His Family But I Just Wanna Say Rest In Peace ! I Read Your Story Through A Friend On Facebook & I Had To Share It . I Lost My Cousin Tony For An Overdose On Heroin . Drugs Are Overruling Our Loved Ones . Moms , Dads , Brothers , Sisters , Sons , Daughters , God Children , Cousins , Aunts , Uncles , Nieces , Nephews , Etc. I Will Continue To Share Your Story . You Were Young , You Were Loved By Many As I Can See . This Should Be The Biggest Wake Up Call For Addicts To Read & Get Help . But When You`re " In The Moment " , You Don`t Think About That , You Think About Your Next High . I`m Very Sorry For The Families Lost & I Will Keep You Guys In My Prayers ! Todd`s Mom Was Very Brave By Posting His Pictures & She`s A Very Strong Woman . She Lost Her Son , She Shares His Story To HELP Others ! Most People Wouldn`t Care . Well REST EASY Todd , & My Condolences Go Out To His Family , Friends , & Loved Ones <3
Posted by Monika Arnett on 1st August 2014
Embracing in prayer for peace, strength among loved ones, faith in our Heavenly Creator, Jehovah that all may be encouraged to open their hearts to those in need, inspire with truth and enlighten those who seek.
Posted by Bonnie Crawford on 30th July 2014
Im so sorry for your loss it is very sad May he rest in piece
Posted by Valerie Bonett on 29th July 2014
My mind is spinning..my heart is breaking..I am a addict..pain pills the evil that darkens my life..I recently lost the love of my life..my best friend and soul mate..Darren Travis Ellard 6/28/2014 34yrs old..Im still lost..confused terrified..etc..And I cant help but wonder if seeing Todds story all of a sudden is a chance happening or if it is a plot put together by angels in Heaven sending out messages in any way possible..I too admire Todds mom..too often wishing that I myself could bring attention to this disease that controls..ruins and ultimately takes soo many lifes.I struggle daily..I fail..I pray..and I find myself wanting to just give up because the fight is neverending..I wish at times that Travis had just taken me with him..yet I have children who need and deserve a good clean strong mother and I cant bring myself to hurt them any more than I already have therefore I cannot give up and just lie down to die..I need help guidence and prayer because I too want to make a difference someday..Im seeking my sucess story and zby reading Todds story..I believe Ive gained a little more strength..a lot more hope..Thank you for having the strength so many of us wish we had..God Bless you and yours..Rip Todd..and ofcourse you too Travis..save a spot for me on that cloud..I cant wait to be your arms again...wish me luck
Posted by Jenny Lubben on 29th July 2014
Todd & Family, thank you for sharing your struggle and heartbreak on Facebook in a blunt and stark manner. As a registered nurse in Phoenix, Arizona, I meet too many wonderful people strangled by addiction every day. Your life and legacy are touching many. I pray for all those who love and miss you. ~ Jenny
Posted by Leann Grippando on 29th July 2014
I have never met you. I read your story on FB. My Pastor shared it online. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Brought back so many memories of my addiction. My addiction was meth, for 21yrs. Today I have been clean and sober for almost 13yrs.. Thank you Jesus!! I couldn't do it by myself. To your mother, I am so sorry that you lost your son to addiction (SATAN) . I shared this story in hopes that someone somewhere will read this and get clean. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. May God Bless You All <3 You are an inspiration.
Posted by Christa Carter on 29th July 2014
You where too young to die. I'm 19 years old and got addicted to heroin at 18. It scares the hell out of me to even do it once a month. But being scared doesnt stop being an addict. I shared your story on facebook. Its going to change lives!!! Youre life was cut short but maybe god knew itd save many many more! Rest in peace sweetie!!
Posted by Katie Elkington on 28th July 2014
Sweet sweet boy!!! I have never met u a day in my life , but from this day on your story will forever b in my heart and your family in my prayers!!! Bless your momma who loves you soooo deeply. Ive shared your story... this demon that held your young life in its grasp has become an aweful epedemic in this country and has taken young lives in my own home town.... whatever it was that kept ahold of you can no longer keep you!!! Rest in sweet peace and walk with your mom as she spreads your story and makes a difference in your name!!♥♥♡♡
Posted by Felicia Moore on 28th April 2014
dear todd,i have lived the life of addiction,it sucks,i am thankful for having your mother to make all of us open our eyes.i am in sober since sept 7 2012 and believe me it is a struggle everyday.all I do is open my eyes and it starts .now that I do not get high my life time partner and I have nothing in commen,we been together for 16 yrs,it really has made life so much better waking up sober instead of waking up to go searching for the day..lol I spent a lot of yrs on narcotics..never tryd herion,but the pain pills was the end of the road for me..i hope all of ur friends take this site with pride..i see you are a very loved young man by many...now that I am in the rite state of mind I set and look at my girls,and nephews and think 3 out of 4 is on that stuff.i wake every morning waiting o that call that I know we will one day receive if these youg kids in my family open their eys hopefully once I share this to my page they may listen..prayers to ur momma buddy....r.i.p thanks for sharing this TODDS MOTHER..you are a very strong women...
Posted by Quicia Taleya on 24th April 2014
I saw a post on a friends page that was shared on your page. A pic of u in ur final hours. I didn't kno u but after reading all the comments left about u I can tell u were a great man. U have left behind a lot of ppl who love you and also helped start a movement. Your mother is a very strong woman to share your most intimate story in hopes 2 help someone. Help change their life so that maybe one person didn't have 2 go through the pain and sorrow she is enduring. I never met u in person may have never got the chance 2 meet u even if u didn't leave this place. But wat I do kno is that ur up there smiling down on ur friends and family, that u r glad that even if it's jus through ur Spirit that u have touched someone's life. I kno you're up there saving a spot 4 all the ones you love. Save a spot 4 me & my babies who look forward 2 meeting u in the next life. U have overcome the worst now let the good times roll nd until we finally have a chance 2 meet rest easy baby boy!
Posted by Donna Howard on 23rd April 2014
I didnt no you but I have 3 sons close to your age all who have tried drug or alcohol and scared me your story made me cry and think of how can I make. A difference and I want to keep posting and talking about this I lost a dear friend this year and my sons couple of them your family and friends truly love and miss you this is a nice memorial
Posted by Tracy Stanley on 18th April 2014
I seen the message posted by a friend, read and in tears. I've been dealing with my son having the same addition but as far as I know he is off of the stuff and goes to a clinic. When I seen the photo of him it looked like my son at first. I am so sorry for the lost of your son, brother, and grand son. I just made him look at your son from the photo and hope he wants to live. He tells me he wants to get totally clean and I hope and pray every day he does. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Greg Justice on 17th April 2014
Todd I didnt know you, but the post on FB brought you to my attention, I'm so sorry that your life on earth was cut short due to the evilness, My son will be gone 1 year on May 13 2014. He left this world the same way. You Two had so much in common, Cars, Friend of brotherhood, Zac had a baby boy also he left behind. To Todds Family I pray this evilness will one day be gone, My Thoughts are with you all. God Bless each one of you. Greg & Linda Justice
Posted by Eva Holland on 1st April 2014
You were a great person. I'll always remember you guys playing ball in the circle or just hanging out watching tv or playing video games. You were always mine and Mikes favorite out of the group. Our kids loved you too. You will forever be loved and missed by everyone who ever got to know you!
Posted by Jane Mcdonald on 28th March 2014
Todd, I miss you so much it hurts but I know you are safe and away from the demon that got ahold of you. You will always be in my heart, never forgotten. Please keep your Mom and Amanda safe. They are working so hard for you. Love you, my super, wonderful Grandson.
Posted by Emily Pahner on 28th March 2014
I miss you Todd. This sucks, I remember that day you sent me a friend request on myspace. I was like Oooooo he is sexyyyyyyy , so ii messaged you like ii do I know you , & you said no , I just wanted to see if you were hot lolol, (: Then we started talking like allll night into the wee hours of the morning . I would tell you all about my panic attacks & then you would tell me all about the shananigans you were getting into that night lol, I remember when I first met you in person, even tho we were already so close to eachother from talking hours on end everynight , we sat on your front porched and just clowned . I felt like such a bad ass because I was smoking cigs haha I was only 15 but iii was already sprung over you . we would lose contact then pick right back up like we never stopped talking, I miss coming over & just cuddling up with you an spending the night . I remember when epic shit happened to me you were the first person I ran too , & then you just smoked a blunt with me & comforted me . I told you everything my deepest secrets & all. I really wish I could have married you todd. you were my bestfirend , my partner in crime , my shoulder to lean on , you were my whole world . you were that missing piece to my puzzle . God I wish you were here right now , I need a hug a kiss an just to here you say everything is gonna be all right . I wanna see you laugh & smile again . I miss your smell & your touvh. I miss your voice . I miss that lil sly laugh you would do when you were lying & you knew we all knew It . imiss arguing with you , I miss everything todd, I want you back here so bad . Its not fucking fair . It realllly fucking isn't it. You were to young w/ sucha big heart . you were capable of doing such big things & ii know if you were here that's exactly what you would be doing but since you aren't we are down here doing big fucking things for you nya sayin baby ! curb side gang punta . South side lokos 4 lyfe (; C.W.B <3 ilobeyou todd Anthony mount forever & day . its not good bye its just see ya later . xoxoxoxo babyboy
Posted by Todd Mount Jr. on 28th March 2014
Todd I hope you see we are doing big things in your honor . God I miss you terribly every day. You were the best son I could ever have had . I hope I make you proud as your mom . Sending you love !!!! Mom
Posted by Brianna Mount on 14th March 2014
i loved him very much i wish he still here very much and so does every body he knew so if your reading this up in heaven i love you very much and so does every one else little sis bri
Posted by Diana McEvoy on 9th November 2013
Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free. I’m following the path God laid for me. I took His hand when I heard Him call. I turned my back and left it all. I could not stay another day To laugh, to love, to work or play. Tasks left undone must stay that way. I found that peace at the close of day. If my parting has left a void, Then fill it with remembered joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss, Ah

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