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March 30, 2022
Stopping by on your birthday to say Happy Heavenly Birthday, Todd. We’ve been friends since what seems like forever ago. I have so many stories and I really don’t know where to start. For today I’ll just say that you are missed so much. You were my saxophone buddy. Not everyone has one of them. But I did. And you were right..none of them were truly my friends. I remember the time we made a hospital trip into a field trip in the ole Lincoln. Foxx was going in for surgery and so was Jamie so we packed up the Lincoln and got everyone admitted and spent the week together at the hospital. Even drove home together on New Year’s Eve. Thank you for coming to visit me and bringing Kevin Mitchell back when I had lost my way. Y’all’s visits truly meant something to me. Thanks for all the laughs cause you always had something funny to say. All jokes aside you were actually one of the smartest people I knew when it came to building something, fixing something or creating something. (That fan ) I’ll be back again to show some love on your tribute page. We miss you, Todd. Love, Cami

My Bestfriend

October 21, 2019
Todd was an amazing person. He had the biggest heart. He wuld help anybdy he culd. Todd Miller was 1 of my very bestfriend. If I was goin through sumtn he was always there. His way of helping was with 1 of his famous talks. I can remember one time i was upset & talkn crazy. I had a knife was gon hurt sumbdy. He walkd up to me & took the knife. Told me to go into grannies & we wuld talk about it. He saved me from the biggest mistake I could've ever made. I thank u Todd for saving me & 4 always being there for me. 
U will forever b n my heart. Fly high my friend.

My Brother my friend

February 5, 2019

Anyone who knew Todd, loved him. He was so much fun to be around. He could always bring me out of any bad mood and put a smile on my face. The funny phrases and the way he talked will forever be missed.  

My brother and I had a bond like mother and child. My everyday routine involved him in some way. I was my brothers keeper. Todd was my protector.  My heart and soul. The air in my lungs. He depended on me and I always had him covered. And he never ever turned his back on me. Always my #1 go to for absolutely anything. 

The day he went away half my heart went with him. He is missed so very much. 

His best friend

February 9, 2019

Todd had many friends and many who called him friend.  But he had one friend. A true friend. His best buddy. His name is Bert. 

Bert was always there when Todd needed him. No matter what it was, Bert ALWAYS had his back. Good times and bad. And visa versa.  

Theres never been a truer friendship than these 2 guys shared. 

Ive come to love Bert as a brother for the simple fact that he was there when we needed him and loved Todd as much as I did. 

The long talk.

February 5, 2019

When I was thirteen my uncle Todd took me out on a ride at the time I didnt realize it would be about what makes you a man and knowing the difference in wrong and right. Alot of our time together was spent mostly doing things we shouldn't been doing but man were they fun. I miss my uncle Todd more than anything in this world he was the person I talked to when I needed hope that its gonna get better. By the end of our conversation that day I had a little different outlook on what I wanted to be and who i wanted to be when i was older. Those memories will be cherished for the rest of my life. R.i.p uncle Todd I'll take you with me where ever I go. I still wear you necklace and your hat hangs high above my bed at night i know your always there with me. 

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