Let the memory of Todd M. be with us forever
  • 55 years old
  • Born on April 9, 1955 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
  • Passed away on June 4, 2010 in Cathedral City, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Todd M. Sand 55 years old , born on April 9, 1955 and passed away on June 4, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on June 4, 2019
It's been 9 years my dearest Todd and I think of you being with my dear Robert in Heaven. I'm glad you are together watching over me and your dear Ralph.  I hold you in my Heart.
Posted by Irene Wingfield on April 9, 2019
Happy Heavenly birthday, dear Todd. You are still--- and always will be--in my heart, as you are in the hearts of so many others. Forever young.... forever missed. Aloha, dear, dear friend...
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on April 9, 2019
Dearest Todd! Happy Birthday dear friend. I think of you often and I am comforted knowing my dear Robert is with you. Continue to be our Angels in Heaven watching over us.
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on April 9, 2018
Happy Birthday dearest Todd!
Posted by Marina JONES on June 5, 2017
Todd, I still think of you so often. I know you are in a better place. The World is a crazy place now. So much violence. I know you and I would have many talks about it.
Many sites I pass remind me of you and can still hear your voice welcoming me when I would come for our lunch dates. Love you and always will.
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on June 5, 2017
I still miss you Todd and think of you often especially on the 7th Anniversary of your passing. Love and hugs and give same to Robert for me too.
Posted by Irene Wingfield on June 4, 2017
Sweet Todd, I can still see your gorgeous smile and hear your beautiful voice. How I wish we could have one more happy hour in Hawaii together. Love you and miss you always....
Posted by Donald Trisdale on April 10, 2017
Without you there has never been a birthday since you left us. 
I love and miss u you like yesterday as you know the way I miss Barry. How two of you fade from my life at the same time I can't , nor ever accept or u derstand.

However I can accept as I share with you in the darkest of your days, how many of us loved you for who you were and what you gave to us. U fought me all the way with our love. Now you know. I will always love you as so many did and still do. FOREVER
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on April 9, 2017
Happy Birthday dearest Todd. I think of you often and miss you always,. Please give Robert a kiss and hug for me. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Lisa Kennedy on April 9, 2017
hallafappy birllafirthday my dear brother! I miss you
Posted by Charlie Ciali on April 9, 2017
Its hard to believe you have been gone for seven years. Think of you often. Miss your friendship.
Posted by Leigh Beck on April 9, 2017
Happy Birthday Todd, it's been 7 years and I still miss our funny, interesting and heartfelt talks as we rode up the 5 freeway (always in the carpool lane) on our way to and from work... I knew it was going to be a good day at the office whenever I saw your name on the crew orders. Keep the angels entertained... Your earth bound friends miss you...
Posted by Judy Duncan on June 8, 2016
Dearest Todd...Miss your smiling face each and every day. Was always happy to see you and especially happy to fly with you!! You are so missed. But will never be forgotten. Miss you my dear friend. May you rest in peace. Love, Judy
Posted by Vicki Coles on June 5, 2016
Dear Todd, You are truly one of my most admired colleagues at NWA. When I saw your face at check-in, I knew it was going to be a wonderful trip and your SLIC knowledge was unmatched (except maybe by Donald's). You are treasured. I hope you are at peace.
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on June 5, 2016
My dear Todd, it's been 6 six years since you left us. I think of you often and miss your spirit very much. You and my Robert are now together and I know that you look down at us and protect us with the other Angels.
Posted by Irene Wingfield on June 5, 2016
What I wouldn't give for one more sunset cocktail with you in HNL, Todd. Always a gentlemen with a twinkle in your eye, ready to cause some mischief. You can see from these memories we all have of you, that you are stil missed---that you will ALWAYS be missed. Aloha, my darling friend...❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Gary Haven on June 4, 2016
Thinking of you Todd. I miss seeing your smiling face around the desert when I would see you somewhere as I did this exact day 6 years ago. I feel fortunate that I saw you that day. Just know that you touched many peoples lives including mine.
Posted by Charlie Ciali on June 4, 2016
You are so missed. In this wold of chaos you always seemed to bring hope. Think of you often Todd and miss your friendship.
Posted by Kevin Feagans on June 4, 2016
Hey Todd, I trust you are enjoying eternal peace and happiness. I lost my partner of 15yrs, Jim, you enjoyed his humor. Track him down and enjoy a good laugh. We miss you both...... big hug Todd.
Posted by Donald Trisdale on June 4, 2016
A chill in this morning air brings loving thoughts of my lovely and dearest friend. This day is remembered because we had to say words that we never want to hear, "goodbye". Always in my heart and thoughts, and rembered this day as the day I truly lost my best friend.
Love, Donald
Posted by Jean Boak on April 11, 2016
Oh my gosh my Door Todd, I still think of you so often.  Each time I see Van Johnson my heart smiles.  He always reminds me of you, and when I go to the dermatologist and get all the "too much sun cut out" I think.... Door Todd does not have to do this crummy stuff.  But I miss you and wish I could have known you longer.   I had so much fun each time we were together and we were always laughing even about CCC class.   So many people miss you, and you brightened all of our hearts.
Posted by Donald Trisdale on April 11, 2016
A day does not go by without a beautiful thought of you. Your birthday was another special day in ever lasting memories. Missing you as much as on the first day. Love you, Donald
Posted by Jeannie Holmes on April 11, 2016
Dear Todd, another year and another birthday! The time goes by so quickly. I hope you know what a lasting impression you had on so many. May many blessings be bestowed on you today.
Posted by Marina JONES on April 10, 2016
I miss you each day. Sometimes I wish we could just talk about life and being in our 60';s. But I know you are at peace. Miss you sweet Todd
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on April 10, 2016
Happy birthday dear Todd! I know you are with my Robert so I ask that you give him a hug for me and ask him to hug you from me. I hope you are celebrating your Birthday with the Angels! I will always miss you!
Posted by Stan Daugherty on April 10, 2016
~ Happy Birthday Blessings To You My Friend , May Gods Blessings and Peace Be with you on your special day ~
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on April 9, 2016
Happy birthday, my darling son. Yes, you are forever missed!, so many people loved you dearly and you will never be forgotten. I wish I could hold that little red haired babe again. Love you forever and always. Your Mom.
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on June 6, 2015
Todd, I thought of you all day on June 4 along with my dear Robert. I know you are both in Heaven as Angels watching over Ralph and me. I miss you both and the pain of loss is still there but the love continues in my heart. Rest in peace dear Todd.
Posted by Irene Wingfield on June 6, 2015
Happy Birthday, darling Todd. You have left a huge hole in so many hearts. I hope you know how much you are loved and missed....XOXO
Posted by Donald Trisdale on June 5, 2015
I Try not to think in years anymore. Miss you everyday like all who loves you. I know you and Barry are near especially when the hummingbirds are near in my hot treeless desert and no wind whatsoever and the U.S. FLAG is waving while trees are still. The chimes let me know and how I love knowing. My week visit last year with a medium in upstate NY has really spirited my thoughts that you two walk with me a lot. Love you, Donald
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on June 4, 2015
It's been five years since you left us. The ache just doesn't go away. I love you so much now and forever. Your mother.
Posted by Jean Boak on June 4, 2015
Hi My Wonderful Door-Todd, this is just as sad for me as it was 5 years ago.  It does not get any easier.   I know you are at peace, but we all miss you so much, and I still think of us talking about ANTS.  What a crazy coo coo time that was.  xxxoo lucy-jean
Posted by Stan Daugherty on June 4, 2015
Dear Todd ~ Sending Love , Blessings and Peace To You Dear Friend ~
Posted by Jeannie Holmes on June 4, 2015
Dear Todd, just remembering your sweet smile always puts one on my face. Miss you today, as always.
Posted by Marina JONES on June 4, 2015
Hey sweetie, Miss you and think of you often. Peace to you always,
Posted by Corinda Gamboa on April 12, 2015
Todd you are forever missed but always in our hearts.
Posted by Richard Baldizon on April 12, 2015
Today I find myself in Narita, where I would often run into you. And we would talk about some funny Romanian words and we would laugh about them. I misses you today the most.
Posted by Irene Wingfield on April 10, 2015
See how you are still missed, Todd? I know you are having a lovely Birthday party in Heaven, but we all wish you were still with us on this earth. Happy Birthday, dear Todd...with much Aloha always, Irene
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on April 9, 2015
Happy birthday, my dear son. Sixty years ago I held a darling red-haired baby boy. How I wish I could hug a red-haired man. I would love to hear "hey Mom". Miss you every day!
Posted by Marina JONES on April 9, 2015
Still missing you. You would have been 60 years old today and I would have had the Best Party Ever for you. I love you and think of you often. Love you, Grace :)
Posted by Lisa Kennedy on November 2, 2014
no special holiday....or event....just a place that i can see you and remember you....i miss you so much.....so very much....lillafeces...your biggest fan....i miss you my big brother
Posted by Irene Wingfield on June 5, 2014
My Sweet Todd,

We just got back from a Maui vacation, and you were on my mind so many times while there. We always shared a love of Hawaii and its history. Just cannot believe are gone, my darling friend. With much Aloha to you and your wonderful spirit. Mahalo for the joy you brought into so many lives...
Posted by Donald Trisdale on June 5, 2014
Losing Barry and you in the same year was too much. I miss you both so much, and think of you both daily. I pray you two are together enjoying a free and no pain spirit of after life. My heart so ever broken over all of these events in my journey. Loving you both.
Posted by Marina JONES on June 4, 2014
Hi Todd, I can not believe it has been 4 years, Right around this time you left us and went to a happier place. I love you and miss you. I will never have a BFF like you ever again.
Posted by Lisa Kennedy on June 4, 2014
I miss you, Todd. I really really miss you......
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on June 4, 2014
Four years since you left us.
The family will be together this week- end for the wedding of Jordan and Buck. It should be a great time together but there are just too many empty spaces.
Love you forever and always    Your mother
Posted by Anne Toombs on April 10, 2014
Happy Birthday Todd. We all miss your bright smile and your laugh.
Posted by Jordan Kennedy on April 10, 2014
Happiest of birthdays to my dear uncle stalker! We love and miss you so much! Thinking of you very often- giggling thinking about that time in New York when you slammed in front of me on your bike and I fell over. So many fun memories!
Posted by Marina JONES on April 9, 2014
Hey Will, I miss you still. I think of you often. I know you knew my Uncle and he just arrived in heaven. So give him welcome hug. I wish you could be here to we could do a birthday get together like we use to. But I know you are at peace and celebrating it with Cynthia and others. I love you . Love, Grace
Posted by Jean Boak on April 9, 2014
Hi Dear Door Todd, Now it is almost Easter, and I wish you were at Door 2 again where I met you, and we were flying to NRT today.  Think of my little “ANT” buddy often, and know you are at peace. xxoo jean

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