Todd M.'s Stories
Shared by Phyllis Moorey on April 9, 2011

My beloved son--How I wish I could tell you Happy Birthday.  I so clearly recall the day you were born.  It was Easter season and the weather was lovely.  You were this dear little bundle with definitely red hair.  You were an easy baby--no sleepless nights.  Little did we know then that your beautiful personality would touch so many lives all over the world.  You are surely not forgotten and your family and Ralph ache with missing you.  I remember so many excursions with you--your delightful smile and the way you said "Hey Mom"  There is an empty spot in many hearts--especially mine.  I was blessed to be your mother and I am looking forward to the time when I will join you, your dad and Joel in that Place where there is no pain and only love.   Mom

My Darling Son......

Shared by Phyllis Moorey on June 17, 2010

What WORDS can I say to you that even begin to tell you how much I and your siblings love you?  There is no 'ed' on that word.  We do and will always love you.  There are so many people expressing that love.  Did you EVER have any idea?  I believe God sent you here to show us what that word really means.  It is my great blessing to be your mother.

If there will be anything that I will need in Heaven, will you take me shopping?  No need for a wheelchair there!

NWA Retirement Get Together 10/2008

Shared by Donald Trisdale on June 17, 2010

Todd loved to party and have guest over at his and Ralph's beautiful home. Todd would never miss an opportunity to see his co-workers/friends.  He traveled from Palm Springs to Manhatten Beach to the  NWA LAX Retired Flight Attendant Party to wish us all the best even when he did not feel well. He loved to party and socialize. He always had such kind words for each of us. His stories and wit kept us laughing and smiling. Parties just won't be the same without you my dear friend.


Shared by Janis Ahern on June 16, 2010

 I travel in and out of SEA to see my daughter.  He was always helpful and friendly in the lounge, on the AC and anywhere else that I ran into him.  His smile could light up the room and his humor was priceless.

Love is never divided, but multiplied and even though he isn't here anymore we will always remember him.  


Jan ahern

SLIC Coordinator for Enternity

Shared by Donald Trisdale on June 12, 2010

If they have an Angel computer bidding program I know all the other angels are so blessed and happy to have the best SLIC Coordinator. You spent endless hours helping so many, taking each bid like it was your personal own to make sure the flight attendant received the best line of flying at their seniority each month. The laughs and discussions about some of those bids were priceless. These memories each month with you were the best at work. I was so lucky  to be able to share more time with you outside of work and to laugh and tell stories about you with the other SLIC Coordinators and with Ralph. I know we will see each other again, and until then, I shall miss you so deeply. I know you are the best "Flying Angel" as you continue to watch over us. Looking for the sign we talked about.

The Crew Lounge in the Sky

Shared by Irene Wingfield on June 12, 2010

Darling Todd,

I'm sure you are waiting for the rest of us in that "Crew Lounge in the Sky", along  with so many of our dear friends who have left us too soon.

Seeing that picture with you in your Lei brings back so many wonderful memories of our Honolulu trips. How can you be gone?

Promise you'll meet us in Heaven with Leis, pu pu's, and chardonnay?

Love forever, and ever, and ever,


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