his Life

1964 - Fullerton

Todd was born in Fullerton, California on June 21st 1964. Todd's connection to Fullerton was so great that he often would point out landmarks of his childhood is you were driving through the city on any random day.

1988- Meeting Deirdre

This was the year Todd met Deirdre. She got a job at the Spaghetti Factory in Fullerton and Todd trained her. There are many stories to tell of this time, but it enough to say that this was a pivitol year in Todd's life.

1994 - Getting Married

On January 4th, 1994, Todd married the love of his life, Deirdre McCormack. He gained a large extended family and his life would never be the same (in a good way).

1998 - Moving to Placentia and Growing the Family

1998 was an important year. Todd and Deirdre welcomed there first nephew, Owen, into the world, unaware that they were about to enlarge their own family. In late March or early April, they decided to buy a house in Placentia. On the day they started escrow, they found out they were pregnant. Shocked is not a strong enough word for the emotions they felt that day. Aislinn was born on December 17th of that year.