This tribute was added by Jennifer Engel on October 20, 2020
I can't remember the first time I met Todd. But I'm not surprised. Todd is the kind of person who once you meet him, it's like you've known him forever. Over the years that I've known him, he's encouraged me to take risks and inspired me to be a better human being. He was so excited when I got married because he couldn't wait to see my new email and refer to me as "jengel".  He liked to participate in staff events. He would hunt me and a couple of others down before an event to plan what we were going to eat. He always had ideas and wanted to share whatever he was going to bring. 

Todd was kind, so kind. He listened and remembered details that others wouldn't. He cared about people and wanted to make real connections every chance he got. I know so many of us were blessed to have had Todd as a mentor, a collaborator, and a friend. Thank you, Deirdre and Aislinn, for sharing him with us. I pray that all of us keep Todd alive in our hearts by doing what he would do and making real connections with others. 
This tribute was added by Greg Herr on October 16, 2020
I hesitated--and am still hesitant--to write about my friendship with Todd.  Aislinn said something at the memorial that struck a nerve, a similar nerve in me, but of course it couldn't have the intensity as Aislinn's.  Thank you Aislinn for speaking your heart. 

It doesn't fit that Todd is no longer among us.  There are only a few people that we have the privilege to know and befriend in this life who, even if we did not see them often, we know they are there, and we know that they add so much significance to our lives on this planet, that it's sort of impossible to imagine them not being there, for us and for others. Todd was one of these people.

After I retired in 2016 I started a walking club.  On one of our usual trails we bumped into my longtime friend Todd and he joined us. His schedule depended on work and health. But the treat was when he was able to walk with our little group.  I so looked forward to the times he could make it. People who'd never met him, but were introduced through this small group, came to know him as someone particularly unique.

Along with all of those who have lovingly remembered him and spoken of their loss, I too will treasure, deeply, the time I was honored to know Todd as friend.
This tribute was added by Gaby May Peloquin on October 16, 2020
I met Todd at the Old Spaghetti Factory, where he wore many hats: server, bartender, cook. Everyone respected Todd at work, but that didn’t deter him from having fun. He was into SKA and had his fun group of buddies. Most of all, I remember he absolutely adored Deirdre! Let us all take comfort in knowing Todd is at peace in paradise with our Lord. Deirdre, Aislinn, Toby, family & friends: my deepest condolences to you. ♥️
This tribute was added by Christy Darden on October 14, 2020
Todd was one of the first people I met when I came to GUSD 16 years ago.  There was an ease about him from the beginning. Parents trusted him, colleagues respected him and his presence was grounding. Working alongside him in IEP meetings, I valued Todd's even temper, subtle humor and ability to put problems into perspective. He went on to handle his illness with a similar grace.

Todd spoke of his family often. He loved you openly and deeply and I know he would be proud of the beautiful tribute made to him tonight. 

Todd, I am honored to have known and worked alongside you all these years. I know you are in a better place.  Rest In Peace, friend.
This tribute was added by Rebecca Pryor on October 14, 2020
To a beautiful soul whose smile would light up a room and whose patience would put our students at ease. May Gods peace and love continue to keep you and the beautiful memories created fill your empty void with joy.
Adult Transition
This tribute was added by Mary Bornhop on October 14, 2020
I have experienced the gift of Todd'presence first as my brother Danny's brother in spirit as well as his quiet strength and generous soul. Todd went to Coachella w Dan and my son Brian, encouraged Patrick at his high school graduation party and was always kind asking my spouse Rodney and I how we were doing raising our special son Rory. Ever the calm , gently smiling pillar we could rely on to be genuine. May God embrace Todd and his beautiful family now and always.

This tribute was added by Jamie Norell on October 14, 2020
I have had the joy of working with Todd for virtually my whole career at GHS. From lunch table laughs, to work gatherings, to conversations about family and those oh so powerful quick conversations in the hall. Every interaction with Todd was met with his sly, but oh so genuine smile. I never left a conversation without thinking of what a fun and kind man Todd was. His smile made everyone feel a part of his inner circle, a spot we all cherished. Todd's ability to work with students and staff and make them all feel valued made him great at his job and a wonderful friend. Shortly after Todd's health battles began, I had a health issue myself. Throughout my journey, Todd sent me constant emails and found me when I was on campus to check on me. Even when he was the one needing checking in on he was there for me. I will miss my friend and colleague and send Deirdre, Aislinn and the whole Hill/McCormack family my love and support. Thank you for sharing Todd with us, he will be forever missed.
This tribute was added by Gwen Swire on October 14, 2020
I worked with Todd at Williams Educational Center when he was a Program Specialist. He was a wonderful man. He had such a calm and reassuring presence. Although I know he must have attended many meetings every week, he was always completely invested in the process. He truly listened to families. He problem solved with them. Above all, he always showed that he cared about them and their student. I loved hearing your family's mission statement at the memorial because I see how Todd strove to live that every day. He will be greatly missed. My sincere condolences to your family. Holding you up in prayer.
This tribute was added by Kelly Reed on October 14, 2020
I met Todd at GHS when he had just started as a psych, not a counselor anymore. I know a lot of students would tell me they were sad he wasn't their counselor but I was happy because I worked with the psych's more often. Todd was such a great listener, kind and loyal but he was really funny! Such a quick wit! I loved sitting next to him in a meeting or at a retirement get together because, his wit! I honestly do not remember how, or why I agreed, but he and I started talking about a movie we liked, Animal House, and he started calling himself Pinto and I was Flounder.
I look back on all the great lunches we had at GHS, all the times he'd make me feel better about whatever. God, I hope I made him feel a bit better too. Although, he was SO HAPPY whenever he talked about his family!
We talked about everything and anything. We both had gone to the Palace back in the day for music, we both watched Austin City Limits.
I can not imagine how you are doing. I was shocked and stunned and so angry at the news; how could this be true? Todd was so positive and brave.
At different moments, from here on I will think of Todd and I will think of you all as well.

This tribute was added by Stephanie Shark on October 14, 2020
Todd and I haven't been in touch for a while, but he was a very dear friend to me back in the day. I remember the first time I met Todd when he was making mudslides for everyone at his house. Todd was also in my wedding and I have video of him saying, "Look...chicks! Oh, wait...that's Steph's mom..." I am deeply saddened by his loss and send my deepest condolences to his family and friends. --Stephanie (Carlin) Shark
This tribute was added by Jen Riley on October 14, 2020
Todd was an inspiration to many of us, but especially to me. Almost 10 years ago, Todd helped me so much as a new teacher. Todd truly took me under his wing and taught me how to be a special education teacher. His mentorship lasted beyond that first year but through every year of my entire career. That is just who Todd was and how I know many of us felt. Todd was always there with an open ear for us at GHS whether it be professionally or personally. I am grateful to have known Todd, mentored by Todd, and to be able to call him a friend. 

Thank you for sharing an amazing person with us!
This tribute was added by Tom Evans on October 14, 2020
Todd had such a positive influence on others that it is difficult to describe it in a few words. However, I when I saw the feather icon, it reminded me of the great times I used to have with Todd and Opus the cat. Back in the mid 90's Todd and I used to go for an afternoon mountain bike ride, get take out Mexican food (without telling Deirdre as she was usually making something healthy for dinner) and eat the food while watching TV with Opus. Opus had a feather thing he used to chase while we would watch reruns of ER. It is some of my favorite memories of that era and I will always remember those times. We (Jessica, Doug, Heidi and Wendy) also had a lot of fun with Todd camping, meeting for holiday dinners and seeing the family. I really can't believe he is gone and I am very sorry that we won't have the opportunity to do more things together. But I am very grateful for time we did spend together and the friendship with him, Deirdre, Irene and Ryne. If the measure of one's life is defined by the impact we have on others, then Todd is definitely one of the best.

Our hearts go out to Deirdre, Aislinn, Irene, Ryne and the family. Todd will be deeply missed, but I am very fortunate to have been his friend.


This tribute was added by Liliana Lynn on October 14, 2020
I met Todd last year at GHS - (9/2019) - Todd was kind and made me feel welcomed at GHS; he helped me to get adjusted to the school environment and answered my questions when I asked him. I am fortunate to have worked alongside Todd at GHS. My heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends.
This tribute was added by Jessica Evans on October 13, 2020
I think I was introduced to Todd and the family shortly after I started dating my now husband, Tom, which was 21 years ago. He was instantly easy to talk to and we all laughed together constantly....they were probably sharing old memories that I was not part of, but Todd ALWAYS made me feel welcomed. 

As the years went on, we had a traditional Holiday Christmas dinner out with the Hill and Pearson adults. We always loved catching up and sharing stories about our children (we have one daughter as well), work, etc.... With life and activities getting in the way, those dinners faded some....but, we always re-connected where we left off without a hitch. We so loved our time with Todd....we always laughed together no matter what, he was a gentle soul with a HUGE heart. I always gravitated towards talking with him at larger gatherings, he will be greatly missed....which is an understatement.  

Our hearts are broken for Dierdre, Aislinn and the whole family. I would so love to celebrate his life all together, I hope we can do that at some point. Life is not fair, but we will forever love Todd and cherish our memories and laughter. I already miss our times together and hold the memories close to my heart. 

Much Love, Jessica
This tribute was added by Wendy Evans on October 13, 2020
A candle is lovely metaphor for the way Todd lived his life. He was a steady, comforting presence to all who knew him. I loved how his eyes lit up with pride for Deirdre and Aislinn. I loved how he was always in the moment, enjoying whatever adventures came his way, whether it was fishing with Ryne and my brother, or heading to Vegas with Myra and their additional partners-in-crime. I loved knowing that he worked with high school students, helping them find their way in the world. Todd's memory will always be a light to brighten the darkness around us.
I am not resigned to the shutting away of loving hearts in the hard ground.
So it is, and so it will be, for so it has been, time out of mind:

Gently they go, the beautiful, the tender, the kind;
Quietly they go, the intelligent, the witty, the brave.
I know. But I do not approve. And I am not resigned.
                     ---Edna St. Vincent Millay
This tribute was added by Paige Payne on October 13, 2020
Deirdre, Aislinn and the entire Hill and McCormack families, our deepest sympathies are extended to all of you. Todd was such a special human being and we are so saddened by his passing. Last night our family spent some time reflecting on all of the great characteristics Todd possessed. Todd was a gentle and enormously kind person. He was open and accepting and always made everyone feel included. Authentic and genuine are some other words that come to mind when thinking about Todd.

While he was soft spoken, his boisterous laugh would erupt out of his chest when something tickled his fancy. And, he loved to laugh. His goofy side and eagerness to tease and engage the kids is something we all thought of as we were remembering him. He had a great positive attitude and was generous with his time and willingness to give to others. And, he was a thoughtful friend. Always one to inquire how you were doing and honestly want to know the answer.

We will always remember Todd and think of his athleticism. When we first met the Hills, we were all impressed that he was playing soccer on many weekends. He was a fearless and skilled mountain biker. Both Kevin and Chris have such fond memories of mountain bike rides with Todd, especially up in Mammoth.

Todd was a caring husband and devoted father. He loved his family! Whether it was helping with the girl scout troop or attending Aislinn’s volleyball games, Todd was there to support and encourage. And, I always thought it was so sweet that Deirdre and Todd still had theater date nights at SCR. You could just feel the love they all shared when you were with the three of them.

We will miss him greatly.
This tribute was added by Sam Bouman on October 13, 2020
Usually there is work life and home life. With Todd, they overlapped. Todd was my friend and "partner in crime" and joked that he was the rookie counselor and then rookie school psychologist as he followed my footsteps. That could not be further from the truth. Todd was amazing at his work, the students and staff all loved him. I learned so much from him. I could never figure out how he managed to keep such a neat office! He would tell me that he had a lot of hidden places to stash stuff. Todd LOVED his family and would relay to me many stories about how he did this and that with Deirdre, extended family and... especially his daughter Aislinn! While fighting the huge health battles, Todd maintained his usual calm and peaceful demeanor. You would never know it! I am a better man because of Todds amazing example of living life to the fullest.  So many great memories that I will cherish forever. I know that Todd has a great faith and is in a better place. I miss you Tman! God Bless and amazing grace, Love Sam
This tribute was added by Tim Cullen on October 13, 2020
I met Todd when our daughters became friends back in 1st grade. They are both in their early 20s now. Todd meant a lot to me. He was a friend, mentor and in some ways a big brother. We shared the love of cycling and hitting local breweries. The world was truly a better place with him in it and I know someday I will see him again. My heartfelt condolences go out to, Deirdre, Aislinn, Toby, Lisa, Irene , Ryne and all of the family members and close friends in his life.
This tribute was added by Jeffery Jones on October 12, 2020
Deirdre and Aislinn, Harold and I were so heartbroken when we heard. Todd was a good man and as much as you both loved him, I cannot imagine the void he is leaving behind. Just know that you have many arms about you and we are holding you in our hearts. I honestly believe Todd left this world a very devoted husband and a very proud father, because you both gave him every reason to be. Aislinn, although his left us too soon, I know he left as fulfilled as any man can be, because he knew he left this world a little bit better place than he found it, because he brought you into it. I don't believe he is gone. I believe he is right beside you, watching, laughing, and crying along with you, and although you cannot touch him, you need only look into your heart and he will be right there. 
This tribute was added by Katy Bayless on October 12, 2020
What a kind hearted man with a warm smile. The thing I admired most about Todd was his loving way of talking about his wife and daughter. His example of being of service to others, stays with me. My deepest condolences to those that loved him. He will be missed.
This tribute was added by Melissa Germann on October 12, 2020
What an incredible man was Todd. When you were with Todd, he was truly present in the conversation. He listened, he remembered, he laughed and he made you laugh. He was kind, always had time to talk, and was incredibly proud of his family. Ed services won't be the same without him.
This tribute was added by George Guthery on October 12, 2020
Todd was special. When he came to GHS he was able to connect with the students and staff immediately. He was one of the most genuine, supportive and empathetic guys I've ever met. I will forever remember our times together at the "jock table" in the faculty room discussing novelists, mountain biking, kids and an upbeat take on life in general. I am so sorry for your loss!
This tribute was added by Debra Clune on October 12, 2020
Todd was a light at work, his quiet and constant kind demeanor was a hallmark on our campus. He was quick with a smile and witty comment. Working with Todd for 21 years means that I knew he was proud of his daughter and wife's accomplishments, he spoke of them both often. His heart for others will be missed, my deepest sympathies to your whole family. I will be praying for you all as you journey through this sorrowful loss.
This tribute was added by Michelle Hunter on October 12, 2020
My sincere and deepest condolences on the passing of Todd. I had the pleasure of working with Todd over his many years at GUSD. He was a man of high ethics, a true advocate for kids. Todd will be deeply missed. He always had a warm hello and how are you with everyone he met. He was so genuine. What was so evident with Todd was how much he loved his family. He spoke of both Deirdre and Aislinn with such pride. He loved to share stories of what Aislinn was up to and just what a special young lady she is. I have no doubt you both have a guardian angel watching over you! Know that there are many praying for you during this difficult time. Todd was one of a kind!
This tribute was added by Lor Riihimaki on October 11, 2020
Todd was my friend. He taught me what a friend should be, encouraging, kind, non-judgmental, thoughtful, fun, how to laugh, how to navigate tough situations, and was genuine. He displayed his faith and character each day and was interested in me and my family. We shared many hours working, hiking, biking, and more. My deepest condolences to Diedre and Aisling. I am a better person for knowing Todd and strive to be more like him.
God Bless, Lor
This tribute was added by Laurie Heronemus on October 11, 2020
My deepest sadness for your loss. While I have not been a part of your lives for many many years, I remember Todd well. He always had a reserved grace, maturity and sincere friendliness. Upon walking in to Spaghetti Factory, he would smile quietly, give a nod. It was reassuring to know he was there, and I would get my tables’ drinks or food quickly with Todd at the bar, or in the kitchen. Many times, with a wry smile, no matter how busy he was, Todd would find fun with various reiterations of my long last name. May peace be with Todd on his next journey.
Laurie Klockgether Heronemus
This tribute was added by Declan McCormack on October 11, 2020
Deirdre, our thoughts are with you and all your family at this very sad time. Your amazing photos reflect a wonderful life lived together. Deepest sympathies, Declan and Judy McCormack (Dublin, Ire)
This tribute was added by Milton Reid on October 11, 2020
Deirdre and Ainslinn, we are so sorry to hear of your loss. We share in your grief. Betsy and Milton
This tribute was added by Denise McCormack on October 11, 2020
Deirdre, Aislinn and all the family, our sincere condolences and our deepest thoughts are with you all at this extremely sad and difficult time. Todd, like all the good ones, was taken far too soon and had so much to live for, there’s always a Why?
Rest In Peace Todd. We have no doubt you will forever be surrounding your two gorgeous girls and keeping them safe.

Love Frances, Yvonne, Declan, Denise, Celine and extended McCormack Family ❤️
This tribute was added by Celine McCormack on October 10, 2020
Deirdre, Aisling, Irene, Ryne and all the family! So heart broken to learn of the passing of someone who was so young and so loved! I love all the pictures and all your words of an extraordinary man “TODD”! He will carry you all through the tough days and will give you each the strength to carry on when you feel like you cannot! Stay strong and we are all sending our love and care at this very sad time! We will remember you all especially Todd in our prayers! All our love your Irish cousins Céline, Glen, ZB, Hugo and of course Aunt Fran “Todd, May the road rise to meet you”!

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